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Northerntruthseeker MIA For A Few Days

I will be out of action for a few days while I fight off a wicked case of either a cold or the flu, and to take care of some personal business…

In the meantime, I do hope that everyone takes the time as usual to check out the great work by other bloggers that I have listed in the left hand column of this blog… It is indeed worth your while…

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: BOMBSHELL! - RCMP Forces At Parliament Hill And In Place BEFORE Shooter Arrives

It is surprising that now a full 5 days after the "shooting" on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Ontario Canada that the Jew spew media up here in Jewish occupied Canada is still going hog wild with reports about that shooting and the alleged "Muslim Extremist ISIS Supporting" gunman..... I find it disturbing that the Jew spew media and all media outlets, especially the Talmudvision, continues to ram this constant message into Canadian brains that our country is now "under attack" by the FRAUD "ISIS" group, and that we as Canadians must now support the criminal Harper regime in their fraud war on terror....

I always knew there was something wrong with the shooting on Parliament Hill last Wednesday, October 22nd, at approximately 955am in the morning EDT..... There are just too many holes in the "official" report and I and others have smelled a rat from the very beginning....

Well, brace yourselves, for here comes some definitive proof that this "shooting" was a set up from the word go... For according to the following very important report that comes from the Max Resistance website, at, apparently the RCMP was ALREADY IN PLACE a full 15-20 minutes before the shooter arrived at Parliament Hill.... First, here is the link to that Max Resistance report, that I want everyone to read fully... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What we have here, readers, is the smoking gun that shows that this shooting was indeed a set up.... There can be no excuse for the amount of RCMP personnel on the scene before the shooter even arrives on the scene other than to be in place for the operation that was about to unfold...

All we have to do is look at the pictures taken by the Parliament Legislative Assistance at the link above to see that something was definitely up... There can be no other logical conclusion...

I have long said that the criminal Harper regime would be working nefariously in a drawn up plan to not only commit Canada to the fraud war on the fraud group "ISIS", but they would also be planning such an operation to use the propaganda of fear to have Canadians surrender some of their freedoms for the illusion of security... Apparently the operation of October 22nd on Parliament Hill was part of the plan!

Pass this important information around for everyone to see for themselves... We are all being led astray by evil criminal governments that absolutely want to suppress our freedoms... They must be stopped or we will all be soon put into permanent tyranny...

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 26th, 2014


Yes, it is indeed time for my weekly rant.... It has been a week full of very interesting and troubling situations across the planet over the last week, especially right here in Canada, and I will do my best to cover them in summary with my own thoughts about exactly what is happening in our sick world...

OK, First the so called "shooting" in Ottawa.... What I see is indeed a false flag operation, folks, with the Jew spew media just going hog wild with information overload for the general public... It is so remarkable that the day after the shooting, the local Jew spew newspaper had a full 11 pages of "coverage" of this shooting including blazing headlines of "TERRORIST attack in Ottawa" on every single page.. To me, this type of propaganda is done purposely to brainwash the public and to instill fear into their minds....  To call it going overboard is an understatement.  Hell, even here in Canada there are shootings in our cities at an almost daily basis and yet this action in Ottawa has superseded all of them.  

There is so much wrong with this "shooting" on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, that I do not even know where to start with the inconsistencies... Many commentators to this blog have given me some of their own perceptions and many great articles from other real truth seekers.  It is obvious that those who have actually applied their own critical thinking skills can see that there is everything wrong with this "shooting".... A few points of contention are of course (a) How the hell this lone gunman was able to gain access to the Parliament Building with a hunting rifle considering the amount of security detail around that building at any given time... More so when Parliament is actually in session!  (b) What is with the car that he supposedly pulled up to the front of the building with NO plates?  Ummm.. Nobody in the lying media seems to be covering that detail at all.... (c) What is with the media camera crews that were CONVENIENTLY around every pillar along the hallway that this gunman was firing in?  This smells of pre-positioning of these to cover this event which automatically says that this was indeed a set up!  (d) If this guy was hell bent on creating havoc, then why the hell did he not go into the inner chamber of Parliament and actually shoot any of the Members of Parliament? Yes, I know I am reaching with this one, but I do have to ask the question because there has to be a motive for this guy.. Isn't there one?  (e) The quickness of the Jew spew media to label this guy as a "Muslim extremists with links to ISIS" is to me the dead giveaway of a set up above everything else.  This was done to not only vilify Muslims but to claim falsely that "ISIS" is now in Canada!  (f) The fact that there were so called security war games that were conducted just before this "shooting" to cover this exact "terrorist' scenario should have everyone pointing to this indeed being a false flag..... This same type of situation happened before EVERY major "shooting" across the United States after and including the Israeli attacks of 9-11, and now we see the same thing happening here  in Canada as well.   Set up, anyone????

Yes, there is indeed strong evidence that one Canadian soldier was indeed shot and killed in front of the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa.... But again to whip up a frenzy in the public, someone usually has to die in these operations.... I do feel for the family of that soldier that lost his life, but they themselves should be asking hard questions of the criminal Harper regime as to why and how that young man was killed.  The real truths would also reveal that his death was part of this operation...

The purpose of this operation should  be clear to everyone.. Harper's support for his fraudulent "war on ISIS" had reached rock bottom, with many people demanding answers as to why Canada has committed itself to a war against a "terrorist" group that in actually is a phantom... The big question behind any crime for people with common sense is obvious... "Who benefits?"..... It  is obvious that the real winners behind this false flag in Ottawa is indeed the criminal Harper government that now and predictably, and "magically" has supposedly the support of the Canadian public for his "war on ISIS"... In other words, this operation by this "Muslim extremist Lone gunman ISIS SUPPORTER"  could not have happened at a more convenient time.....Fear is a powerful weapon, readers, and the spin doctors and propaganda experts in our criminal governments and media are masters are using it against the masses....

The real losers in this Ottawa false flag will be the Canadian people.   Right after this operation took place, we have seen the Jewish liars on the Jewish controlled mainstream media start asking the question:  "Should Canadians surrender some freedoms for more security?" .... Of course the Jew spew talking head liars that filled the Talmudvision for the last few days have been harping the same answer, which is "YES"....  The real troubling part to me is of course the fact that people up here may be gullible and stupid enough to fall for this trap, and actually give up their freedoms for non-existent security.... As I stated in one of my last articles, there is an old saying that rings true here... "If a society ever surrenders their freedoms for more security, then they will wake up one day with neither freedoms nor security".... That statement is absolutely fact, for we only need to look at the United States itself that since the Israeli Mossad operations of 9-11, the government has stripped the American public of their freedoms for the LIE of more security!   It could happen here in Canada as well, unless the people here stop acting like gullible sheep and stop the criminal Harper regime in its tracks.....

While this "shooting" took place in Ottawa that consumed so much of the media here for the last 4 days at least, we still have so much going on elsewhere... The "Ebola" scare is still making news across the world, and I am sticking to my guns in stating that this has been carefully conceived and planned out as part of a program of getting gullible people to line up and roll up their arms to take mandatory vaccinations when our governments officially declare "Ebola" to be a pandemic.... This is indeed a repeat of the infamous "swine flu" pandemic of a few years back, and this time these criminals may have learned by their mistakes and are pushing the propaganda of Ebola fear mongering to new levels against the general public... This is obviously being slowly and carefully planned out to bring the idea of forced vaccinations into everyones' minds...

And what about this "Ebola" itself?  I have already stated that what ever this thing is, it definitely is not even "Ebola".... If this actually is a virus, then it has been genetically modified and weaponized as a super virus that no longer even resembles the original Ebola virus that it is based upon....  I have already repeated again and again in previous rants about how the criminals in our governments worked for the last few decades in "research" facilities across Africa on methods of delivery and weaponization of this and other so called viruses, and I do believe that they have finally succeeded with this so called "Ebola" virus...For example, where the heck is the public outcry for the reports about how the "Ebola" virus was spliced with the common cold virus to make it easier for delivery to unsuspecting patients?.......Yes, I did read the articles that have come out where some of the countries in Africa affected by this "Ebola" have come out and have been fingering these "research" facilities as the culprits behind the outbreak and demanding action from world leaders to stop that criminality... But of course we find nothing being stated by the American government that will show their guilt and their work at these phoney "research" facilities will continue......

I could go on and on about methods of prevention and what to do about this Ebola scare... Lets just say that the Jew spew media will continue its fear mongering just to get people brainwashed into believing that the only method of "prevention" is to take a vaccine.... Again, I will state that vaccines absolutely do not work, and  there is strong evidence that the "vaccines" that are being developed to "fight" this "Ebola" will actually be used to spread the pandemic.....My statement stands that everyone should absolutely refuse any vaccines no matter even if our governments make them mandatory.... The best methods to prevent yourselves from getting sick from this "Ebola" is to take preventative measures.. Vitamin C supplements still work best, and I still am not sold completely on colloidal silver considering that colloidal silver still works best against bacterial infections and there is little evidence it works on these type of viruses.... Other preventative measures such as avoiding contact with anyone that possibly has or has been in contact with an Ebola patient are also logically recommended....

News coming out of Europe about their nations' financial situations is not good... Greece is back into full economic collapse as the IMF's criminal "austerity" measures have of course been a dismal failure..... News from other European nations is equally as bad as many are either in full economic collapse or have actually passed the point of full bankruptcy.... The fact is simple here... The fraud European Union which has always been the criminal Rothschild first attempt at their one world government scheme is not only a dismal failure, but the nations involved in the scam are falling to pieces economically right now... The solution to the problem is obvious in that the member nations of that fraud union should dissolve the "union" immediately and go their own ways... That and to take the Icelandic approach and tell the criminal IMF and their cronies to take their austerity measures and their fraud debts and stick them up their asses!

The fraud "ISIS" terrorist group in the Middle East is still at it... This fraud Mossad/CIA group of operatives have failed in their laughable attempts at not only getting a "no fly zone" over Syria by claiming that they have their own "airforce" (Syria claimed this last week that they shot down the claimed "ISIS" fighter aircraft), but they apparently have indeed been "beaten back" from the gates of Baghdad....And of course we find them releasing laughable videos this last week showing them in possession of "captured" US weaponry.  But this is being obviously done to cover the fact that they have always been armed with American weaponry being CIA/Mossad agents themselves.... The fact is that this "ISIS" fraud is still not working as the Americans and Israelis have planned, but these criminals will probably try something new to get their nice little war for the destruction of Syria itself off and running... Maybe another fraud "chemical attack" is in the works???

Yes, Turbulent Times is off the air for the time being... I have been puzzled by the actions of Outside Radio in regards to our last show, considering that a full 15 minutes of the show was censored out of the program.   I contacted the producer of Outside Radio and asked as to WHY the show was censored, and have not received a straight answer to this date.... Whitewraithe has been more vocal about this travesty, and she is  correct that the censorship was completely uncalled for, and was due to her exposing a friend of the producer of Outside Radio as a possible disinformation agent....  That seems to be the case, simply because the 15 minutes that were censored in that show was EXACTLY when Wraithe talked about that individual!    I personally cannot stand censorship and to me that defeats the purpose of even having these type of shows.....

Whitewraithe and I are absolutely going to continue with the Turbulent Times project... We are still looking for another network to conduct live shows, and in the meantime we are considering doing some podcasts.... Yes, we prefer live shows in most ways because it allows audience participation, but at least the podcasts will have the subjects that we want to touch upon with absolutely NO censorship!  We will be experimenting shortly with new podcasts, and in the meantime Whitewraithe herself wants to continue doing some "solo" projects with her primary focus on the fraud of religion....

I got into an interesting conversation just the other night with another real truth seeker named Lonnie... I had received some emails from this fellow Canadian, and Whitewraithe herself not only vouched for him but strongly recommended that I get in contact with him.... The subjects that we talked about for over an hour and a half amazed even me... Lonnie is one heck of a brilliant man and absolutely very "Jew wise"... He talked openly about his perceptions of what he sees wrong with our world,  his concepts of religion, and especially the "Jewish problem"....I found his thoughts,  ideas, and concepts are almost exactly the same as mine!   It is good to find such critical thinking fellow Canadians out there, and I guarantee we will be staying in touch.....

Well, I guess that is enough for right now... I have had requests in comments that I do future rants covering some of the subjects that are very dear to me, such as the frauds of religion (especially evil Judaism) and the lies of NASA... I will indeed cover those in detail very soon.... In the meantime, time to close this with my usual last minute tidbits.....   Reports this last week show this year to be one of the coldest on record with very low summertime "highs" across most of North America.  A very cold winter is fast approaching this part of Canada as well  which obviously flies in the face of the false belief that this planet is "warming".  Honestly, I still cannot fathom how the liars behind the Global Warming scam can continue to spew their nonsense and how so many people are still falling for their lies.........Yes, I saw the report where some German investigators had the gall to accuse Russia for the downing of MH17 (MH370) back in early July.  And then I saw the report where they "rescinded" their accusations.  Seems the Americans and their cronies are still trying to cover for their failed false flag attack to blame on Russia, but try as they may their vain attempts are not only failing miserably but shows how both the United States and Ukraine were actually responsible for that atrocity.........Reports coming out from some of the Jew spew media outlets just the last few days that show that the leader of the fraud Mossad/CIA group, "ISIS", named "Baghdadi" (Love the name by the way...) is actually Jewish.   Gee, it took them this long to figure that out????  I wonder how long before they come out with reports that show ISIS is indeed a massive fraud?  Don't hold your breath on that one..........And one last kick at the laughable ISIS fraud.  A report came out that asks the same question that I have been asking, which is WHY has this "ISIS" not attacked Israel?  You really have to laugh when the media has no answer for that one as well!......President Soetoro/Davis/Obama is about to "pardon" all those illegal immigrants that have been flooding the southern border of the United States while public attention is diverted elsewhere?   Wow, supposedly some 30+ million (just an estimate) "illegals" will suddenly have green cards and be allowed to live permanently in the United States?   OK, where the hell is the American outrage about this horrendous act by their criminal President???........The criminal state of Israel is still building even more illegal settlements in occupied Palestine, I see.  When will people finally get it through their heads that these inbred Tay-Sachs syndrome suffering lunatics do not want "peace" with the Palestinians, when all they want is all of Palestine for their greedy selfish selves?...... Fukushima nuclear disaster going as strong as ever, and barely makes the news these days.  Hey, nothing to see there, move along, move along.......Arsenal FINALLY wins a game just yesterday beating Sunderland 2-0 in Barkley's Premiere League action.   Its about time for the Gunners, and I still have my fingers crossed that they can turn the corner and still make a run for the top of the table.  Hey, I can dream, can't I?........Happy Halloween to everyone, with that holiday coming up this Friday.   I wonder if I could go out and buy an Ebola victim mask and scare the crap out of people (OK, that may be a bit harsh...) But even better, how about putting on a Kim Kardashian mask and really scare the living daylights out of everyone?  Hey, that family of trollops, skanks, and misfits scare the crap out of sane people every week with their ridiculous antics, so why the heck not?

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: A Great Summary (So Far) Of Facts Surrounding This "Shooting" From Aangirfan

I have received a fabulous amount of information from commentators to my articles pertaining to this false flag operation in Ottawa, and I want to thank them all for bringing forward some interesting (and very puzzling) facts that show clear evidence that this indeed is a set up.   I personally see this as a clear operation for the Canuckleheads here in Jewish occupied Canada to not only now support the criminal Harper regime in its fraudulent "fight" against the Mossad/CIA entity known as "ISIS" but also to scare Canadians into accepting more loss of their personal freedoms here in Canada!

There have been so many questions about this shooting, and the evidence of the fraud is still coming forward... For now, I want to present one of the best articles out there that gives a full summary of exactly what happened on October 22nd in Ottawa... It comes from a true fellow truth seeker, Aangirfan, through his website: "Aangirfan", at  It is rightfully entitled: "Ottawa False Flag" and I have the article that has been updated to this point of time on a daily basis right here for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:


What we have here, readers is definitive evidence that this was indeed a setup! Look closely at these images of the Parliament Building grounds BEFORE the gunman made his appearance...

Sunday, 26 October 2014


"I’m a legislative assistant. Here is the view outside my office at 9:30a.m, (about 15 minutes before the 'crazed' gunman)."

Anonymous Witness Working At Parliament Fears For His Life | Max ...

"Here is the view outside my office."

Anonymous Witness Working At Parliament Fears For His Life | Max ...

SO, apparently there were plenty of police at the parliament building in Ottawa, before the attack took place.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


A youngster, reportedly Corporal Nathan Cirillo's son Marcus, being carried into a funeral home in Hamilton, Ontario, by a tearful relative.

How did American intelligence know the name Michael Joseph Hall as the Ottawa mayhem was still unfolding?

"How did Americans know when Canadians did not."

And how did American media and Google know the name, but domestic reporters on the scene did not.

Government Passes Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law ...

One of the people here is Barbara Winters who served as a medic during her 17 years in the Naval Reserve. She recalls that in the Lee Rigby incident in London a woman sat beside Rigby and held him.

"Canadian parliamentary bureau chiefs didn’t posses the same information as their U.S. counterparts.

"Many have questioned how a gunman could enter parliament with a rifle unnoticed, in spite of the massive security."

Government Passes Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law ...

Michael Joseph Hall (above) is being blamed for the 22 October 2014 attack in Canada's capital of Ottawa.

Michael Joseph Hall was a senior at Ecole Secondaire Saint Maxime in Laval, Quebec.
According to his friends writing in his yearbook:
'He loves to laugh and his smile wins over the girls - he will go far in life'.
'Mike is a sociable and intelligent guy,'
CBC (video above) has reported that in the weeks leading up to the Ottawa attack, the Canadian authorities were running 'exercises' depicting such attacks.

When there is a false flag attack, there is usually a practice drill by the security services.

According to CBC: "Within the last month we know that the CSIS, the RCMP and the National Security Task Force … ran a scenario that’s akin to a war games exercise if you will where they actually imagined literally an attack in Quebec, followed by an attack in another city."


CBC reported:

First shots fired at 9:52 am at the War Memorial

At 9:52 a.m. on Oct. 22, two soldiers were on guard at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa when one was shot.

(What was the reaction of the second soldier?)
According to Jan Lugtenborg, a Dutch tourist: "The guy who shot, he was a small man..."

Another witness described the shooter as five feet nine inches tall and overweight...
(Was he small or around average height?)
Lugtenborg said that the shooter "suddenly crossed the street with his long rifle ... running like hell" towards Parliament Hill.

Other witnesses told CBC News the gunman got into a car.

Some eyewitnesses say a grey Toyota Corolla without front or back licence plates was parked on Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill. 
Some witnesses said they saw two shooters emerge from the vehicle.

(Were there two shooters?)

Alain Merisier, a cafeteria worker on Parliament Hill, said he saw a man drive up to the Hill in a black Chrysler and enter Parliament armed with a hunting rifle. 
(Did the gunman use a Toyota or a Chrysler?)

Another witness said the RCMP (police) were in pursuit of the man with the rifle.

Witnesses said a shooter entered the Centre Block through the main door, which usually has two guards. 
(How come the gunman was not stopped?)
One of the witnesses is NDP press secretary Greta Levy. 
She said the gunman was two or three metres away when he passed her "just walking," and with "his face uncovered" on his way to the Centre Block doors.
(Was the gunman walking or running?)

The video taken inside the Canadian Parliament shows that cameramen were apparently pre-positioned at multiple locations.
And the cameramen did not appear to be worried about being shot.

Continued here: Canada Parliament Shooting False Flag ...

Michael Joseph Hall (above) is being blamed for the 22 October 2014 attack in Canada's capital of Ottawa.

Reportedly, Hall shot dead Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

The shooting took place at the War Memorial, shown below.

Reportedly, Hall was later killed inside the Canadian parliament by 'Sergeant-At-Arms' Kevin Vickers, who worked for the Canadian police for 29 years.

Of course, no member of parliament was hit.

Michael Hall.

How easy is it to enter parliament with a gun, after a soldier has been shot?

The gunman about to enter parliament.

What we don't know:

"Why the security agencies at the Parliament did not tighten security after Ottawa police received a 911 call at the nearby National War Memorial.

"We also don't know how the gunman slipped past the metal detectors and into the building."

Canadian shooting: What we don't know

Reportedly, this is Corporal Nathan Cirillo being tended to. The people in the background look totally relaxed.

Hall's mother, Susan Bibeau, has a top job as a federal public servant at the Immigrant and Refugee board.

Hall's biological father is a Canadian.

At one time Susan Bibeau was married to Bulgasem Zehaf who reportedly was part of the CIA force which fought Gaddafi in Libya in 2011.

Suspected killer in Ottawa shootings

Michael Adebowale, the second Woolwich 'terrorist', is suspected of having been brainwashed by MI5 while in Feltham Young Offender prison. Other people mind-controlled by MI5 in the Feltham young offender institution are thought to include Richard Reid and Jermaine Grant. WOOLWICH: FALSE FLAG

It seems likely that Hall was mind-controlled while in prison?

Hall has a long criminal career and was given a two year jail sentence for robbery in 2003.
The authorities appear to have been protecting Hall. 
In 2011, he was charged with robbery, but served only one day in prison

Hall reportedly converted to Islam and was renamed Zehaf-Bibeau.

On 22 October 2014, Hall's picture was tweeted by an ISIS-connected account, 'Islamic Media.'
As ISIS is run by the CIA and its friends, we can assume that the events in Ottawa have been organised by the CIA and its friends?
An Ottawa Citizen reporter inside the Parliament building, Jordan Press, wrote on Twitter that the suspect was overweight.

Some witnesses said the suspect looked South American.


As with similar 'false flag' operations, there were lots of photographers on hand to take lots of 'staged' photos?

On the other hand, Ottawa Police tactical officers pointed guns at certain journalists and ordered them to the ground. 
"Journalists were put into lockdown at the foyer in front of the House of Commons," reports the Globe and Mail's Josh Wingrove.

"Most terrorist plots in the US are orchestrated by the FBI, as extensive Mother Jones research showed.

"We should also remember that NATO has a history of false flag terrorism. 
"Operation Gladio, NATO’s secret army, was a clandestine operation ... used to commit terrorist attacks against the population..."

Canadian Fear Campaign: “Islamic Extremists” and the Dubious Role of Intelligence Agencies

The Ottawa shooting follows an incident in Quebec in which two Canadian soldiers were hit by a car by an attacker who officials say had recently converted to radical Islam.

One of the victims later died, reportedly.

Trying not to smile, the boss of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Richard Fadden (second from right) leaves the area after the shooting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Oct. 22, 2014. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS) 

As with previous 'false flags', there were conflicting reports of the event.

Early reports indicated that there may have been more than one active shooter. 
One of the shooter locations was said to be Rideau Centre Mall, a shopping center near Parliament Hill.

Initially a Rideau Centre shooter was confirmed by police, but this was later recanted. 
According to The Epoch Times

"People also reported gunfire near the Chateau Laurier Hotel and then from the Rideau Centre shopping mall."

Ottawa attack: 5 questions

Canada's prime Minister Stephen Harper is suspected of being an asset of Israel.

Had there been a drill carried out by the authorities before the attack?

The security staff at Parliament Hill had been trained for the scenario that unfolded on 22 October 2014.

"They even have rehearsed how to hide behind the marble pillars you see at the top of the stairs and return fire," said CTV’s Craig Oliver.
Here we see the 'child-abusing' Israeli police detaining a young boy in Jerusalem, which is Palestinian territory.

Meanwhile, another American teenager has been shot dead by Israel's 'Nazi' troops.

The Israelis are mainly 'criminals' from the USA and Eastern Europe.


PetroDollar War – French Energy Giant Total CEO Assassinated ...

Child torturers/killers arrested in Montreal

Who fakes the news? We're living in an illusion. Gore Vidal.

Aangirfan is a fan of the TAP blog.


NTS Notes:  Yes, the more we look into this "shooting" the more we see set up and false flag all over it... I said that this stunk to high heaven from the very beginning, and I have not seen any evidence to the contrary...

And as Aangirfan and I have already pointed out, this does appear to be the catalyst for the criminal Harper regime to pass new "laws" that will curtail Canadian freedoms here at home... That alone should have every Canadian up in arms, but the propaganda effect from this "shooting" has of course numbed many of the brains of critical thinking Canadians, and many will accept these new "laws" without understanding their horrific consequences...

I again want to thank everyone for staying on top of this apparent false flag operation, and I do want the comments to keep coming in.... People everywhere, especially the Canuckleheads here in this Jewish occupied nation, do indeed deserve the truth....

More to come


Whitewraithe's New Solo Turbulent Times Show.....

I have been busy the last few days with work and trying to catch up on some much needed sleep... But my partner in this fight against the Jewish criminal monsters out for our enslavement, Whitewraithe, has been busy the last few days with some excellent articles over at her website: Pragmatic Witness, at I do strongly recommend that everyone take a look at her material.  It is worth your while...

Whitewraithe decided the other day to do a solo "Turbulent Times" show to talk about the dangers and problems with religion, based upon a recent report put out by a great writer, John Kaminski, over at "The Rebel" ( It is a great listen, and I have the Youtube video of that show right here for everyone to watch and listen:

NTS Notes: A great report, and I want to thank Whitewraithe for putting this out for everyone to listen to...

Yes, we are both wanting to continue our Turbulent Times project and try to get our shows going again.... Until we are able to find a network to broadcast our shows live, we have decided to attempt again to do some podcasts... I will have those here at this site when they are made available, so stay tuned...

More to come


Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: I Knew This Was Coming! Canadian And American Politicians Use Ottawa Shootings As Excuses To Demand More Surveillance, Greater Policing Powers!

The media frenzy here in Canada continues thanks to that "shooting" in Ottawa now 3 days ago... It does trouble me that the Jew spew media here continues to try to whip the Canuckleheads here in Jew occupied Canada into such a state of fear thanks to this supposed "Crazed Muslim Extremist Lone Gunman", and from what I have watched so far, I do believe this is being done on purpose... The criminal Harper regime in Ottawa is definitely going to use this false flag as a means of not only getting public support for his fraud war against "ISIS", but will also use it as a means of suppressing Canadian freedoms at home. 

Well, I knew this was coming.. For according to this article that I just came across today, from the "Tech Dirt" website, at, it appears that the criminal Canadian federal government is indeed about to push for the destruction of Canadian freedoms at home... This article is entitled: "Canadian And American Politicians Use Ottawa Shootings As Excuses To Demand More Surveillance, Greater Policing Powers", and I have it in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves right here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canadian And American Politicians Use Ottawa Shootings As Excuses To Demand More Surveillance, Greater Policing Powers

from the more-arrests dept

As you may have heard, an apparently mentally unstable guy shot up the Canadian Parliament earlier this week, killing a soldier, before being shot dead himself. The attack certainly raises some questions -- about dealing with mental health, about security at the Parliament and probably a few other things as well.
However, police state/surveillance state apologists have seen the window to expand their own powers and are taking it. It starts with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who wasn't shy about using this one-off incident as an excuse to massively expand the surveillance and police state:
“Our laws and police powers need to be strengthened in the area of surveillance, detention and arrest,” the Prime Minister told the House of Commons. “They need to be much strengthened. I assure members that work which is already under way will be expedited.”
So, not only will they expand the police and surveillance state, but they'll do it in an "expedited" fashion as a kneejerk response to one guy shooting up the Parliament. That seems like a recipe for bad decision making and the erosion of the rights of the public.

Oh, and some other Canadian politicians are already looking for ways to use this as an excuse to attack free speech online, because obviously that's the real problem here:
There is frustration in government, and among law enforcement agencies, that the authorities can’t detain or arrest people who express sympathy for atrocities committed overseas and who may pose a threat to public safety, one Conservative MP said. “Do we need new offences? If so which?”

Sources suggest the government is likely to bring in new hate speech legislation that would make it illegal to claim terrorist acts are justified online.
Down here in the US, at least it's not the President saying this kind of crap, just well-known terrorist appeaser Rep. Peter King who has declared that the Ottawa shootings mean that the US needs to start spying on all the Muslims to find out which ones are radicalized. I wonder how King would react to someone saying that, based on that, we should also spy on "all the Irish to find out which ones are radicalized." Or, you know, perhaps he wouldn't like that so much, seeing as he has a rather long history supporting Irish terrorists, and such surveillance might turn up something he wouldn't like.

King, by the way, also attacks the "morons" at the NY Times and the ACLU for daring to push back against the NYPD's program of spying on Muslims. That now disbanded program, by the way, cost a ton and generated exactly zero leads. And yet, suddenly King thinks bringing it back is the answer?

This, unfortunately, is the ridiculous cycle of kneejerk defenders of the police and surveillance state. Privileged folks, in power, who use any excuse whatsoever to push for ever increasing power, and ever fewer rights by the public. It's a culture of control, paranoia and fear. These people aren't leaders, they're cowards in leadership positions.

NTS Notes:  Here we go.... These criminals are using this Ottawa false flag operation as indeed a means of taking away the freedoms of Canadian citizens just like what is happening in the United States right now.. It is sickening, and I had hoped that most Canadians are too smart to fall for this criminal act... It appears I could be wrong...

Yes, the propaganda of fear is indeed a powerful weapon and can be used by nefarious individuals to destroy a peaceful society, and these criminals that run our governments are the masters at this game... The problem is of course that most dumb ass Canuckleheads will indeed fall for this trap, and will surrender their freedoms for what the criminals claim is "more security"... However, many just do not get it... There was a famous saying that goes something like this: "If a society ever surrenders its freedom for security, the people will wake up one day with neither freedom nor security".   This statement is very true and we have already witnessed its consequences in the United States with the passage of the fraud Patriot Acts... It appears now that Canada is about to fall for the same trap here as well....

Let this be a warning for all Canadians... The criminals now running our government are now launching on a campaign to strip every Canadian citizen of their freedoms for the illusion (and yes, it is an illusion) of "security"... We here in Canada are heading towards a time when our nation will no longer be free but one of despotism where every citizen is under constant surveillance and subject to horrific policing powers.  This is exactly what is happening in the United States and we as Canadians are doomed to repeat it right here at home!

Wake up, everyone!

More to come


Friday, October 24, 2014

Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: What A Coincidence - Canadian Authorities Ran War Game Drills Depicting "ISIS" Attack Scenarios!

It is amazing indeed.. Now two days since that "shooting" in Ottawa, and the Jew spew media up here in Canada is still running almost round the clock reports about this "shooting", the alleged "lone gunman" , and how this "shooter" was some nut job crazed "Muslim extremist" who was a follower of the fraud Mossad/CIA "ISIS" group.... I am sticking to my contentions that this was an elaborate well planned scenario and I have found nothing yet that can convince me otherwise!

NOW, I want to present a very interesting report that comes from the Aletho News service online, at, that gives some very startling evidence that this "shooting" was indeed a set up and absolutely a false flag operation... The article is entitled: "Canadian Authorities Ran War Game Drills Depicting ISIS Attack Scenarios" and shows that the Canadian Military, CSIS, and the RCMP were indeed conducting drills before this "shooting".   This spells a set up and a well orchestrated operation!   I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canadian authorities ran war game drills depicting ISIS attack scenarios

By Brandon Martinez | Non-Aligned Media | October 23, 2014
Joshua Blakeney has pointed out that Adrienne Arsenault of CBC reported last night that in the weeks leading up to the two so-called ‘terror’ incidents that took place this week in Quebec and Ottawa Canadian authorities had been running war games exercises depicting such attacks.

The relevant commentary starts at 1:52 of the video below:

According to Arsenault,
They [Canadian authorities] may have been surprised by the actual incidents but not by the concepts of them. Within the last month we know that the CSIS, the RCMP and the National Security Task Force … ran a scenario that’s akin to a war games exercise if you will where they actually imagined literally an attack in Quebec, followed by an attack in another city, followed by a tip that that ‘hey some foreign fighters are coming back from Syria.’ So they were imagining a worst case scenario. We’re seeing elements of that happening right now. … [Canadian authorities] may talk today in terms of being surprised but we know that this precise scenario has been keeping them up at night for awhile.
What an amazing coincidence that Canadian intelligence ran a drill envisioning an attack first in Quebec, then another city. On Monday October 20 a man identified as Martin Rouleau supposedly ran over two Candian soldiers with his car in a mall parking lot in the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec. And yesterday, as we know, one soldier was gunned down in Ottawa followed by a siege on the parliament itself. Authorities and media are claiming that both suspects were converts to Islam who had become “radicalized.”

What are the chances that these mock terror drills are just a coincidence? In nearly every instance of a major terrorist occurrence in the West, it has been revealed that intelligence services were conducting war games exercises mimicking the very events that later come to pass. On the day of the London subway bombings in 2005 British authorities ran drills depicting the exact attack scenario that transpired later in the day. On 9/11 multiple US agencies were running drills simulating jet hijackings. And now we have confirmation that Canada’s intelligence services were doing the same thing.

It has also been revealed that both suspects in the two incidents this week were being monitored by both US and Canadian intelligence for some time prior to their alleged attacks.

NTS Notes: Honestly, what are the odds that the Canadian government would have their so called "anti-terrorist" forces in the nation's capital just before this shooting takes place and actually be running 'drills' for a terrorist attack that suddenly becomes real just days after the drills conclude?   Does this not remind everyone of the same scenarios in the United States that took place just before every single so called "terrorist" operation there?

This shows again that this "terrorist" attack in Ottawa stinks to high heaven and I am correct when I stated that I smell a rat.... This operation is absolutely what the criminal Harper regime needs to rally the dumbed down Canadian public behind his fraud "war on ISIS"... It also could see the Canuckleheads here accept the fraud concept of giving up their freedoms for more "security".

One other note.. I have come under some attack by commentators for my stand that I see this as a fraud and a false flag operation... I say to those who want to slur me to please show me the evidence to the contrary, if they dare.... Guaranteed they have none...

More to come