Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ottawa Parliamentary False Flag Shooting: Even More Evidence Of This Being A Set Up!

I am continuing to pour over material today concerning that "shooting" that took place in Ottawa yesterday, and the more I read and sift through all the articles, coming both from the liars over at the Jew spew media as well as the alternative media, the more I smell a rat... Everything about this shooting does not make any sense, and we now have the Canadian criminal Harper government using this shooting as a major weapon to convince the skeptical Canuckleheads here in Jewish occupied Canada to support his fraud war on the fraud "ISIS" in the Middle East!

I want to share with everyone the following very important article that comes from 21st Century Wire, at It is entitled: "Canada Shooter Media Hoax: FOX News Says "Its Terrorism, Its ISIS", and even from the title, anyone with common sense will also start calling this thing a set up!  I have the link to that 21st Century Wire article right here:

OK, for anyone with at least 1/2 a brain, they should know by now how much truth comes out of "FOX news" and for them to run that type of reporting should be a dead giveaway that we are dealing with another false flag operation...

Then we see from the evidence presented by 21st Century that many of the so called security forces were ALREADY IN PLACE when this "shooting" took place which alone means this was indeed a set up from the beginning...

Then we have the following from the Reactor Breach forum at, that is entitled: "Mossad Does Ottawa" that also calls this shooting a hoax and a set up, and even questions the need for a guard at a War Memorial! (Yes, why do we need a guard at a stone memorial at all?)... I have that link here:

NTS Notes:  The more I look into this shooting, the more I see an operation for the goal of scaring the Canuckleheads here that they must run to support the criminal Harper regime's fraud war on that fraud and "evil ISIS" in the Middle East... 

The Canadian Jew run media has again also conveniently labeled this "lone gunman" as a "crazed and evil Muslim" supporter as well as a follower of "ISIS"........Considering the fact that "ISIS" is indeed a fraud and nothing more than a Mossad/CIA front, how much more convincing do people need that we are again being played as suckers?

There is still much much more about this "shooting" that I have not covered, and I will try to bring as many interesting and truthful reports forward here in the coming days... Stay tuned...

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Turbulent Times Put Into Limbo For The Near Future...

I do have some sad news to report today... Both Whitewraithe and I are sad to report that our show, "Turbulent Times" is off the air for the near future...

Delcroix, who runs Outside Radio ( has pulled the plug on our show and many others citing his need to concentrate on personal and family needs... It appears that Outside Radio itself has been put into limbo for the time being as well....

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to our broadcasts... Both of us are now searching for a new network to carry on our shows, and I will let everyone know when we are back on the air!

In the meantime... Here is the link to our last show from Monday, October 21st:


We will be back...

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Ottawa Parliamentary False Flag Shooting: Making Sense Of Ottawa Shooting

I have been busy the last few days with a grueling work schedule and only now have I been able to pour over some of the so called Jew spew "media reports" about this shooting that just took place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada yesterday, October 22nd, 2014..... What I have been seeing just absolutely does not make sense and I smell a rat..... The media up here in Canuckleheadistan (what I sometimes call Canada these days) has been going absolutely overboard with their ridiculous reports about this shooting... One man, supposedly now what these liars in the media are calling a "crazed Islamic extremist" shot to death an honor guard at the Canadian War Memorial (ok, why the heck there of all places?) and then supposedly entered the Parliament building in Ottawa with a rifle (And nobody noticed he was carrying a rifle?  Where the hell is the security detail?) and then fired off a few shots in the halls before being gunned down by one of the security personnel (An old guy with a hand gun?... Again where the heck is the building's security personnel with their high powered weapons?)... Since this tragic event, the Jew run media has been going nuts with pages and pages of reports in the Jew run so called "newspapers" as well as the Jew controlled Talmudvision here.... I for one see this as a set up and a way for the criminal government that controls Ottawa to say to the Canadian people that they must support the fraud "war on terror" as well as commit to the fight against Mossad/CIA controlled and operated ISIS in the Middle East!  Again, this "shooting" stinks to high heaven.....

I have been pouring through material for this article from other writers as well, and I came across a great one from a fellow Canadian, Henry Makow, through his website: Henry at, that calls into question this shooting and sees this "shooting" as a false flag operation as well... His article is entitled: "Making Sense Of Ottawa Shooting" and I have the link to that important article right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Many people would question why I have Henry Makow's article here, considering he is Jewish and at many times in his other works never ever mentions the criminality of the so called "chosen ones"... But this report is absolutely spot on, and again states exactly what I have been thinking... That this is absolutely a false flag operation to strike fear into the gullible Canadian sheep... The propaganda effect of this fear will be used to convince skeptical Canadians that they must support the fraud "war on terror" and against "radical Islam" and of course the laughably fraudulent "ISIS" in the Middle East...

The timing of this "attack" in Ottawa could not have been more perfect for the criminal Harper regime... They had just committed over the last few weeks Canada's involvement in the direct war against the phoney "ISIS" in Iraq, with his approval ratings at rock bottom... Then we have the skeptics and critics demanding reasons for Canada to get directly involved in a conflict that they have no business to be involved in... And voila, we have this "radicalized" and "crazed" gunman in Ottawa that conveniently is also a supporter of "ISIS" do this attack.... Now the criminal Harper regime can use this "attack" to inflame the Canadian public and have them be stupid enough to support Harper's folly in the Middle East!

And for those critics of me that would suddenly think that I am callous and wrong about this shooting... I say to them that I do feel for the soldier that was shot in front of the National War Memorial in Ottawa, and of course for his family... However, we cannot overlook the facts that this "attack" was so ridiculous and unusual in its aspects (Why that memorial? And considering the gunman carried a rifle into the Parliament Building, where was the Parliamentary security?) and I therefore am calling this exactly what it is... A false flag attack to swing Canadian public opinion into supporting the criminal Harper regime's fraud war on the fraud "ISIS".....

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Canada Is Jewish Occupied Territory: Harper's "Orwellian" Foreign Policy - From Israel To ISIS

As I have stated many times in this blog... Canada is definitely Jewish occupied territory... This nation that used to pride itself as being a true nation of peace and held at one time a very high standard around the world as being a true nation of peacekeepers and one that others would try to emulate, has now fallen fully under criminal Jewish control... It is disgusting these days, as a Canadian, to watch the federal government in Ottawa do their best to appease their Jewish masters and to kiss Israel's ass every chance it gets... Pathetic is putting it mildly...

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from a Canadian writer, Murray Dobbin, through the Counter Punch website, at It is entitled: "Harper's "Orwellian" Foreign Policy: From Israel To ISIS" , and definitely shows some truths about how truly bad the criminal Canadian Prime Minister's foreign policies have been to this date.... I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

October 21, 2014
Harper’s ‘Orwellian’ Foreign Policy

From Israel to ISIS

Powell River, British Columbia.

It’s getting difficult to remember a time when the Canadian Parliament actually tried to make principled decisions regarding foreign policy and our place in the community of nations. But we should try. Perhaps a first step in returning to such a time was the decision of the NDP and Liberal Party to oppose Stephen Harper’s most recent ill-considered and cynical march to war with his decision of join the bombing of Iraq.

Harper’s amoral political calculations about who and when to bomb people has little to do with any genuine consideration of the geo-political situation or what role Canada might usefully play – or even in what Canada’s “interests” are. So long as he is prime minister it will be the same: every calculation will be made with the single-minded goal of staying in power long enough to dismantle the post war activist state. The nurturing of his core constituency includes appeals to a thinly disguised pseudo-crusade against Islamic infidels, a phony appeal to national security (preceded by fear-mongering) and in the case of Ukraine a crude appeal to ethnic votes.

Reinforcing this legacy is a mainstream media that lets him get away with it and in particular refuses to do its homework while the bombing – or posturing – is taking place and then refuses to expose the negative consequences of the reckless adventures. The result is what cultural critic Henry Giroux calls “the fog of historical and social amnesia.” The three most obvious examples are Harper’s extremist policy in support of Israel, his joining with France and the US in the catastrophic destruction of the Libyan state and his infantile posturing on the Ukrainian Russian conflict. And now we have Harper’s mini-crusade (six fighter-bombers for six months) against ISIS or the Islamic State. With rare exceptions the media has gone along with him at every turn, treating Canadians as children incapable of navigating the nuances of foreign policy.

Regarding Israel, Harper, with widespread support in the media, has gone so far as to try to establish criticism of Israel as a kind of Orwellian “thought crime.”  By declaring repeatedly (and even threatening supportive legislation) that criticism of Israel was anti-Semitic Harper hoped to establish what Orwell referred to as “protective stupidity” – a kind of mass denial of the obvious. Freud referred to it as “knowing with not knowing” and when it comes to most of Canada’s military adventures it is epidemic.

In Afghanistan the war went for so long that the facts eventually broke through the protective stupidity but only partially. Even with the total failure of the mission to accomplish a single worthwhile goal it is likely that most Canadians still see it as having been a “good war.”

Everyone who reads the news or watches it on television “knows” that Libya is now a failed state, swarming with literally scores of heavily armed and murderous Islamist militias, and facing an almost total collapse of central government authority and public services (formerly the best in Africa). Life in Libya is ten times more insecure and dangerous now than it ever was under the “madman” Gadhafi. Yet we choose not to know what we know.

This was supposed to be a humanitarian mission – the much-touted “duty to protect” principle in action. The catastrophe of the failure soon spread of course to Mali and elsewhere as Gadhafi’s carefully constructed balancing of competing tribal interests collapsed. In the ensuing chaos massive supplies of weapons seized by the “democratic forces” were distributed to lunatic militias (including ISIS) across the Middle East. But still there are no mea culpas, no accountability, and no price to pay for the misery created. The cheerleading pundits have gone silent as if they had never written a word in support of the war. Planned amnesia.

As Giroux puts it: “Neoliberal authoritarianism has changed the language of politics and everyday life through a poisonous public pedagogy that turns reason on its head and normalizes a culture of fear, war and exploitation.”

Harper’s response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been similar: a maximum of infantile, simplistic sabre rattling rhetoric with an absolute minimum of reflection on the historical context or even the immediate facts of the situation. This is foreign policy for the willingly – if not willfully – ignorant. We are encouraged – or perhaps enlisted is a better word – to treat facts and history with a disdain bordering on contempt. Facts, context, history and thoughtful anticipation of the consequences of our actions – all of this is for sissies and Putin apologists. The nay-sayers are all Neville Chamberlain clones.

The fact that the boys with their military toys in NATO have been provoking Russia for twenty years, encircling it with hostile regimes aligned with or members of this military alliance, promising to put missiles on its border, breaking promise after promise made in agreements with Russia – it’s all irrelevant. So is the fact that the “revolution” in Kiev – don’t dare call it a coup, the thought police will knock on your door – was promoted with millions of American “democracy” dollars.

And the fact that the movement was hijacked by neo-Nazis? Just an inconvenient detail to be assigned to the amnesia machine. And the consequences? Just how is driving Russia away from integration with Europe (which it had been seeking throughout Putin’s rein) and into the arms of the imperial Chinese in Canada’s interests? The $400 billion natural gas deal Putin signed with China – accelerated and made a certainty by NATO’s aggression – will likely kill BC’s dream of billions in LNG investment (a silver lining in my view but hardly a smart move for an “energy super-power”).

All of this is swept aside when foreign policy is decided in a kindergarten class instead of a graduate class. But there will be no lasting consequences for governments – Harper’s or anyone else’s. The structure of protective stupidity is in place and without a radical change in consciousness the current political consensus will prevail. All will be forgotten.

Which brings us to the Islamic State. Here, too, the conventional approach to making intelligent foreign policy is cast aside on the basis of reacting to a handful of Westerners being beheaded (as happens on a regular basis already to citizens of Saudi Arabia). Can it be possible that our policy-making has been reduced to this level of drunken barroom reaction? We know that ISIS did this precisely to provoke a Western military response. But “we don’t know.” We prefer denial and the simplistic – the notion that we can correct twenty-five years of imperial hubris, ignorance and gross incompetence by Western powers by bombing our own creation.

Ooops, sorry for introducing a fact here – a bad habit. The West created these murderous madmen decades ago when the US funded, armed and advised the nascent Mujahedeen to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. They are now a permanent feature of the Middle East and beyond, an evolving monster the US Defence Department and CIA lost control of a long time ago. Yet politicians like Obama and Harper think we can correct it with bombs. Ironically after decades of treating their citizens like children, our governments are reduced to behaving like them.

MURRAY DOBBIN, now living in Powell River, BC has been a journalist, broadcaster, author and social activist for over forty years.  He now writes a bi-weekly column for the on-line journals the Tyee and He can be reached at

NTS Notes:  I can understand the usage of the word "Orwellian" to describe Canada's very puzzling foreign policies, but to me they are absolutely driven by the Canadian governments subservience to the criminal state of Israel...

This article does not reveal some bitter truths, such as the fact that Gadaffi was not the villain as our government and media made him out to be.   And of course it does not lay out the fact that the only reason why Canada went into Afghanistan was because our slave government was ordered to do so to make sure the Opium fields went into full production and their poisons were being shipped off to markets world wide...

This article also does not tell the truth that the Canadian media is under full control of Jewish interests, and right now is doing everything possible to make the corrupt and most evil Harper regime look good while they do their Jewish masters' bidding...

Murray misses the key points about the Ukrainian situation, especially the fact that the so called "revolution" was nothing more than a US led coup that overthrew a democratically elected government and put in a US puppet regime that has since destroyed that nation and led it to financial ruination.  Harper's strange support for that regime is indeed "Orwellian" and for him to poke the Russian bear the way he has for the last few months is deplorable and to me very puzzling indeed....

And of course this article does not even touch on the fact that this "ISIS" so called "terrorist" group is nothing but a complete sham, and nothing more than CIA/Mossad agents who are stirring up trouble for one goal only which is the eventual destruction of Syria... Harper is again answering his Jewish masters demands by committing Canada to Syria's destruction for the good of Israel only!  Murray's assessment of those beheadings is also a bit laughable considering that they have all been proven as frauds and have been created promoted by that fraud Mossad run SITE group for nothing more than pure propaganda...

Overall, not a bad assessment, even though many of the real underlying facts are missing.. Especially the way that Jewish interests in Canada have been the criminals driving Canada's "Orwellian" foreign policies....

I for one am disgusted these days to call myself a Canadian, and can understand how the world now sees Canada as nothing more than an Israeli puppet state.   Stephen Harper has proven himself to be nothing more than a shill for Jewish interests and should be ashamed to even call himself a Canadian.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Turbulent Times Show Today At 6PM CDT (7PM For Those On The American East Coast)

Whitewraithe and I are going to do a Turbulent Times show tonight at 6PM Central Daylight Time…

The subject for tonight's show will be a discussion on this so called 'Truth Movement".  We will discuss who the real seekers of truth are in this so called "Truth Movement", and who exactly the shills and agents that have been out to ruin our efforts are...

It will be a LIVE broadcast, and is of course available over at Outside Radio at  

We will of course have our chat room open for those who want to discuss this topic and to ask questions… It is available at   Wraithe and I will be monitoring that room during our broadcast…Trolls will of course be booted!

You can also call in via Skype… Just follow the link at Outside Radio, or Skype "Delcroix2012" during the broadcast…..

Hope to see you there!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Important New Article By Lasha Darkmoon: Tel Aviv, City Of A Thousand Thrills

I am sick and tired of all the "Ebola pandemic" hype that is all over the Jew spew media these days...Therefore I want to continue to present very interesting and important articles here that are not related to this "Ebola crisis" which to me is very suspect and could indeed be a very elaborate hoax.....

For this article, I want to present a very interesting article that was just released by Lasha Darkmoon through her website "Darkmoon" at  It is entitled: "Tel Aviv, City Of A Thousand Thrills" and shows exactly what Tel Aviv is truly all about... It paints a picture of a city full of filth, corruption, and prostitution.... I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills

. . . by Petra Scandali

According to a new report, if you are single and looking for sex thrills, Tel Aviv is the second best place to go.  But if you are looking for gay sex and illicit sex with underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe and Russia, Tel Aviv is top of the list.


Meet Israel’s daylight prostitutes!

“It’s just turned 10 A.M. and escort parlors, strip joints and discreet apartments have already opened their doors for business. Many of the women who work in them are mothers.”  (Haaretz, here)
If you are single and looking for sex thrills,Tel Aviv is the second best place to go! So says Jewish writer Erica Morris. Though she does not tell you this, here you will find more strip clubs and brothels and underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe who will be prepared to give you a blow job for only a few shekels.

So why not put your moral scruples aside and forget for a moment the dead and maimed in Palestine? Head for the Promised Land where you will find the hottest hotties you are ever likely to see anywhere on earth, including the most goloptious same-sex partners for those who are drawn to “the love that dare not speak its name”.
. . . by Erica Morris
Managing Editor of jspacenews
Erica Morris, sexy Jewish author of this sexy article about sexy Tel Aviv
Erica Morris,
author of this article 
Tel Aviv is the second sexiest city on Earth, at least according to a new ranking released earlier this month.
Gan Hahashmal, an area of the White City, was given the spot on Thrillist’s Top Ten Sexiest Neighborhoods on Earth. Tel Aviv fell behind only Rio de Janiero’s Ipanema neighborhood, which took first in the ranking.
“Israel’s renowned for its gorgeous citizenry, having produced the wonders that are Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot but Tel Aviv in particular serves as a crossroads of international and domestic hotties,” writes Thrillist

Israelis are prouder of the Beautaceous Bar
than they are of their military prowess in Gaza. 
When not busy shooting fish in a barrel in Gaza,
Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar
with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth!  

“Add in the fact that Tel Aviv’s population is overwhelmingly single, and you’ll start to see how a hip neighborhood like Gan Hahashmal — with its public garden, late-Ottoman-era houses, and cutting-edge boutiques — can be a hotbed of sexy people doing sexy things.”
“The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance,
and a man loveth nothing better.”
— Ecclesiasticus, 36:22
Tel Aviv also beat out New York’s SoHo, Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda, and Montreal’s Le Plateau-Mont Royal, which ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Other areas to make the top ten list include neighborhoods in Sydney, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris and Tokyo.

It’s been a good month for Tel Aviv!
(pictures  and captions added)


Tel Aviv.jpg 000


“There are more bars than synagogues in Tel Aviv, God is a DJ and everyone’s body is a temple. Called the ‘city that never sleeps’ Tel Aviv offers a fantastic vacation destination for those whose purses tinkle with pink pounds.
Voted as one of the 10 sexiest cities in the world by the New York Times, some say the city rivals New York and London for its non stop action!”  (See HERE)


“Forget women and save your seed!
Here you’ll find all the men you need!”
— Petra Scandali, Banned Poems

“An American Airlines survey published in the Gay Cities website hailed Tel Aviv as the best gay tourism city in the world. Adir Steiner, coordinator of gay pride events for the Tel Aviv Municipality, said that the survey reflects the warm welcome gay tourists receive in Tel Aviv.” (See HERE)
“Tired of men? Never mind!
In Tel Aviv you will find
Long slim legs and lovely tits
And a thousand juicy clits!”
— Petra Scandali, Banned Poems



PETRA SCANDALI (age 25) is an unpublished poet and freelance writer whose children’s novel, Autobiography of a Goldfish, has received 36 rejections. “If I get 40 rejections,” she says, “I will give up writing and become a Buddhist nun.”

Update by Petra Scandali

“When not busy shooting fish in a barrel in Gaza,
Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar Refaeli
with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth!”  

“Not lately,” poster SPQR says in a comment below. “Lately they’ve been probably drooling over that leaked photo of her jamming a vibrator up her asshole.”

I find this comment very revealing.

Here is Israel’s most beautiful woman, lusted after by almost every single male in Israel. She can snap her fingers any time she wants and get millions of horny Israeli men to fuck her. What does she do? She chooses a vibrator instead.

A sad reflection indeed on Israeli men: that an inanimate object like a vibrator should be preferred to an erect Israeli penis.
Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman  humping a dog
Sarah Silverman humping a dog
Another astute observer of the Jewish psyche, one “Brownhawk” by name, comments dryly: “Sarah Silverman probably inspired her.”

I asked my boyfriend who Sarah Silverman was. I’d never heard of her.

He replied: “Oh, she’s a Jewish American whore masquerading as a comedian. She likes humping dogs and licking dog’s anuses.”

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this. So I decided to check out this Silverman woman.
Sure enough, I was soon to learn that this sluttish American Jewess, adored by millions of degenerate American losers, had made a couple of videos in which bestiality was normalized in that typically Jewish fashion—by making it a subject for comedy.

Get a few cheap laughs by licking a dog’s anus and lying on a sofa with a dog between your legs—and bingo!—suddenly bestiality becomes the rage of the moment, the perversion du jour!

I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again  — in a second.

That’s your Sarah Silverman again, attempting to make blasphemy and Christ hatred fashionable. All this with the full backing of American Jewry. With the help of the media, which they own, these American Jews have managed to canonize Sarah Silverman: a coarse and vulgar piece of human trash.
Note well, my friends, the double standards implicit here: you are allowed by the Jews of America, who monopolize and control  its media, to vilify the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, but you are not allowed to say a single bad word against that Jewish icon, Anne Frank. You can make fun of the Crucifixion as much as you want, but you dare not make fun of the Holocaust.
Enough of these slimy little Jews, both American and Israeli,  who give the good Jews elsewhere a bad name.

If I were a Jew, I would hate to be associated with the likes of Sarah Silverman and with the blood-spattered child killers of Gaza.

I would be thoroughly ashamed to be a Jew.

NTS Notes:  What we have here, readers, is nothing short of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.   I found the findings presented by Lasha to be beyond disgusting...

It is so hard to fathom that such a place would exist in today's civilization, but knowing the sick, perverse, and twisted mentality of the "chosen ones", I am not surprised at all...

Yes, such a place exists, readers, and many of our so called "politicians" actually take vacations to that disgusting place to participate in its sicknesses.... One fine example is the Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, who is absolutely homosexual and has been known to 'vacation' to Israel and Tel Aviv in particular to spend time with his many partners and friends there.. It is no wonder that the Canadian government is so subservient to its Jewish masters....

And do not get me started about what I think of that piece of crap known as Sarah Silverman.  Just the sight of that filthy excuse for a human being (if she actually is one) just makes me puke....But again, it shows the sick mental illnesses that this tribe of "chosen ones" suffers from in spades!

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 19th, 2014


Sunday, October 19th, 2014, and time again for my weekly rant…..

I have indeed come under some fire for my stance about this "Ebola Pandemic" that seems to be gripping every nation these days, including right here in Canada…. Lets set the record clear here about where I stand.  I am NOT convinced that we are dealing with a real Ebola viral outbreak, and have been leaning instead towards the ideas that we are being either being deceived and there is absolutely no virus to worry about, or we are dealing not with a real "Ebola virus" as the media and governments continue to promote, but something that is radically different than the original Ebola virus itself…

People must not forget that there is that nice neat little research facility sitting there in Sierra Leone that has been fully financed by criminal scoundrels such as the Gates and Soros foundations…. That facility has not been working on any research for curing Ebola and other diseases but has been used exclusively for the full weaponization of these viruses and other contagions…. This "research facility" has definitely released a multitude of their products into the local region to use the people of the nearby towns in Sierra Leone as the human guinea pigs to see if their monstrosities work… I do believe that if this new "Ebola" is actually a deadly virus, then this facility is fully responsible and is part of an agenda of either full population control or to strike fear around the world to have suckers line up to take just as deadly vaccines into their bodies….

Yes, I have seen the reports about how Formaldehyde and other chemicals have been dumped into water supplies in Liberia to simulate the effects of "Ebola", and I have already shown in a previous article how a CNN camera crew got caught red handed in faking a report about "victims" of this "Ebola outbreak"… Those alone should have had everyone already smelling a rat as they show strong evidence that we are dealing with a massive hoax.   Then there is the lack of real pictures of actual "victims" of this so called "virus" including pictures of any victim having massive blood discharge out of their bodies which is the result of a deadly hemorrhagic fever that should also alert anyone using common sense and true critical thinking skills that we are indeed dealing with a fraud…. This is why again I am not sold on this being a real "pandemic" and I do suspect something more diabolical is at hand…

The real kicker that should have everyone finally realizing that we are indeed dealing with a fraud when it comes to this "Ebola crisis" is of course the further commitment of more US combat troops and now even the National Guard to west Africa to "fight" this Ebola "outbreak".    Common sense should be the case here everyone, because logically you do not send COMBAT troops to fight a disease.  I was serious in Friday's Turbulent Times broadcast when I stated "What are these combat troops supposed to do?  You cannot kill an Ebola virus with an M-16 bullet, can you?".   What I see happening is so obvious in that the US and European Union nations are indeed using this "Ebola outbreak" in west Africa as a smokescreen for the full invasion of west African nations for the purpose of securing vital resources.  That and the fact that the US has been trying to stop west African nations, such as Nigeria, from making trade deals with China is more the reason for the criminal US government to use this "Ebola virus" scare as an excuse to send in the troops….

Is it not also amazing and a "coincidence" that the fraudulent "Boko Haram" laughable 'terrorist' group has suddenly reared its head again in Nigeria?  The fact that this fraud CIA run group suddenly reappears at exactly the same time that American ground forces are now deployed to west Africa is absolutely not by coincidence at all, but to me has been carefully orchestrated as part of the plan for American conquest of the entire region.  Yes, it does appear that the US Government is using this "Ebola scare" as indeed a smokescreen while they move all the important pieces into place…..

In Friday's Turbulent Times show with Whitewraithe, I spoke about the fact that the US government and other criminal governments may be indeed be using this "Ebola Pandemic" fear as part of a two fold operation… One part is of course to use this "pandemic" to bring about martial law in a nation affected by this "Ebola virus".   A good example here is of course the United States itself which has the executive order already in place that will see martial law and the stripping of the rights of American citizens put into place if a nationwide state of emergency is declared due to this "Ebola pandemic".  That is bad enough, but part of the executive order also calls for mandatory vaccinations of all citizens if a nationwide pandemic is also declared.  That is part II of the operation, which is to have all citizens forced to report to clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals, to line up like dumb ass sheep to have a "vaccine" put into their bodies that will actually be even deadlier than the "Ebola virus" itself….. I have already explained in previous articles about how the US government along with the criminal Israelis have developed a super-virus that destroys brain cells, and that virus is indeed introduced into its victims by way of vaccines… This is why I do urge that everyone take a stand and absolutely refuse any vaccines, period…

I do seem like a broken record in constantly stating that the best way to be prepared for this "Ebola pandemic" if and when it comes to your neighbourhood is to of course strengthen your body's own immune system through the use of vitamin supplements, especially Vitamin C…. A daily dose of some 1000 IU of Vitamin C is a reasonable start, and if the pandemic is announced then that dosage can easily be upped to around 5000 IU with absolutely no side effects to your body…. Vitamin C has a proven record against other hemorrhagic diseases such as Scurvy, and it should do the trick to help prevent this "Ebola" from taking hold…. Again as I stated before, I am not entirely sold on colloidal silver for preventing this "Ebola virus" from infecting bodies, simply because colloidal silver works best against bacterial infections… There has been little evidence that it works as well against viruses….

Ok, enough of this "Ebola virus" fear mongering for now… I personally am sick of the way the Jew spew media has been whipping everyone into a frenzy about this scare and it definitely reminds me of the previous virus fear which was the infamous "swine flu" pandemic of a  few years back… I am surprised about the gullibility of people in that we may be seeing "swine flu" part II when it comes to this latest scare, but it indeed does show how short the attention spans of people truly are….

Yes, the ISIS/ISIL fraud terrorist group crisis is still going on while the world is so focused on "Ebola".  Just this last week I saw the reports about how "ISIS" forces were so close to conquering Baghdad Iraq, and yet shortly after the reports came out that this fraud "terrorist" group was less than 8 miles from Baghdad itself, the reports suddenly disappeared.   I do believe that this was another scare tactic to try to whip up the public, especially in the United States, into the false belief that "something must be done" about this fraud "terrorist" group.   This may also have been a ploy just to convince the people that more funding, weapons, and soldiers, must be committed to Iraq to stop this phoney "terrorist" group.   It didn't work, apparently, and now the threat to Baghdad itself has suddenly and magically faded away.

Of course while the limited attention spans of people is diverted elsewhere, the US and the nations that have been suckers enough to join in the fraud "coalition" against the phoney "ISIS" threat continue to bomb targets in northern Syria.  Of course none of these reported bombings seem to ever hit any "ISIS" targets and instead have been aimed at infrastructure in Syria itself.   The insane American government is of course targeting Syria's infrastructure on purpose under the fraud excuse of these being legitimate "ISIS targets" because they want to soften up Syria and weaken its defences before they call for an invasion and destruction of Syria itself…. This and the fact that the US continues to look for an excuse to impose a fraudulent "no fly zone" over Syria should have already alerted everyone that the target has always been the removal of Bashar al-Assad as President of Syria, and absolutely not the phoney "ISIS" terrorists…..Sadly, these criminals care not that their want for the destruction of Syria could cost the lives of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians in the process…..Must I remind everyone that this entire upheaval in Syria and the fraud "ISIS crisis" is just for the criminal state of Israel and their want for total hegemony over all of the Middle East?

Yes, we need not forget the sick and very psychotic state of Israel…...With the insane Israeli assault on Gaza concluding well over a month back, it is time to pause and reflect on the outcome of that massacre of innocent lives by the criminal IDF.    Yes, much of Gaza has been destroyed and the northern part of that strip is basically still a wasteland.  But I cannot help but marvel by the steadfastness and the determination of the proud people of Gaza in their ability to survive that terrible onslaught.   In a lot of ways, Gaza won that 'war' in spite of the brutality and genocide of the criminal Israelis, simply because they are still there!  They will indeed attempt to rebuild and continue to be a thorn in the side of the insane state of Israel, as they should be.   The Israeli plan has always been for the wholesale destruction and genocide of the entire Gaza strip, and having failed to destroy the entire populace is actually a defeat for their sick goals……But I can guarantee they will try again sometime in the near future and will use the weapons that are of course bought and paid for by their American slaves……

As I pointed out in a previous article, this "Ebola crisis" may indeed also be a smokescreen to cover up the fact that the US is now in steep decline and the US dollar is now on the verge of losing its status as the world's only "reserve currency".  We have seen the rapid move by other nations away from the US dollar as they replace the mighty greenback with other currencies, especially the Russian Ruble and Chinese Renmandi, in their reserves.   Such a move will indeed cause a horrible ripple effect back in the US, as their dollars are no longer in demand by the rest of the world's nations, in the form of horrible economic upheaval and the possible collapse of the US economy itself.   I stated that this disaster could be just as bad and deadly as any viral "pandemic" as millions of Americans suddenly wake up in a destitute nation…..

One other note before I get on to my "last minute tidbits"…. Has anyone noticed the very important news, while our attention has been so focused on this Ebola "crisis", which is the fact that the world price of Petroleum has suddenly collapsed?   A few weeks back, the world price of a barrel of crude oil was around $100 a barrel, and suddenly over the last week that price has fallen like a stone to around $80 a barrel.   The primary cause, supposedly, for this rapid fall has been blamed on Saudi Arabia suddenly flooding the world with inexpensive crude oil.   I am still searching for the logical and rational reasoning of such a move by the Saudis, considering the fall could also see the collapse of the Petro-dollar ponzi scheme that has kept the US economy buoyant for decades, and of which the Saudis have had a great business partnership with the US for decades.   The ripple effect of this sudden fall in the price of Petroleum has also caused a drastic fall in US stock markets which could see a drastic "correction" take place this coming week that could see stocks plunge tremendously….

OK, time again to close this rant with my usual last minute "tidbits"…. The super typhoon that I reported last week was heading straight for the crippled nuclear power facility at Fukushima Japan did hit that plant, but luckily the spent fuel chambers did not suffer too much damage to their already weakened structures.   We dodged a bullet this time, but considering Japan's long history of earthquakes and typhoons, I do wonder how much longer this will be the case.  I again have to ask when the hell the world's governments will finally turn their attention to fixing this still ongoing disaster?……. More snow and predictions of a very long cold winter for this part of Canada, and much of the American midwest.  Gosh darn that Global Warming indeed!……..Just found a report that again shows the movement of US forces to west Africa is for an invasion and not to fight Ebola.  It seems that soldiers being sent to that region are only given 4 hours of training on "Ebola" itself.  Yes, more evidence that we are indeed dealing with a massive hoax and fraud…….That so called "Uprising" in Hong Kong to stir up trouble against the Chinese government by the American government through their CIA operatives seems to finally be fading away and shows signs that it has been a dismal failure.  But the US will not stop trying, for the Chinese BRICS implementation is less than 3 months away……..The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has quietly faded (at least for the moment) from the Jew spew media.  The civil war with the so called "separatists" in the Donets basin region is still ongoing, and it seems that the Ukrainian government has to finally give in to Russia's demands about payment for natural gas, much to the chagrin of its American controllers.  Hey, its better to concede to Russia's justifiable demands, than freeze to death with a brutal winter coming……Lets get it straight here; The British Parliament voted in a non-binding resolution to recognize the new Palestinian state.  BUT this is "non-binding" of course, and the British, much like the other slaves to Israel, will continue to actually not recognize nor support the Palestinian state and in fact continue to quietly support Israel's continuing land theft of Palestine instead.  Yes, hypocrisy at its worse!……. Yes, it is so great to be living in Jew controlled Canada.  Here is another example; The Canadian government just gave its spy agency, CSIS, more "powers" to fight "terrorist threats".  In reality it is to give them more powers to spy on Canadian citizens.  I do remember there was a time when I actually thought Canada was a "free" country!  I must have been dreaming, of course……..Yes, Whitewraithe and I will be doing a new Turbulent Times show tomorrow, October 20th, at 6PM Central Daylight Time, and everyone can listen to it LIVE over Outside Radio at   With the change in my work schedule and Whitewraithe's possible new employment, that time may no longer be possible in the near future for our weekly shows.   I will let everyone know when a more permanent time slot becomes available of course…… Yes, Arsenal lost a heartbreaker to Chelsea two weekends ago, and yesterday they barely squeaked out a tie with Hull City 2-2 at Emirites Stadium.   The Gunners are falling down the table and need to get their act together and soon……..And finally to close off this rant, my report on the Kardashians.  Oh, the heck with it, because honestly I am finally sick and tired of those has beens, trollops, and skunks.   Unless they suddenly all come down with this "Ebola virus" (maybe a good thing?), I could not give a damn.  I need a new target and again am open for suggestions.  Maybe Miley Cyrus? Or how about Justin Beiber?

More to come