Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Taking A Short Break

I regret to inform my readers that I once again will be taking a short break from this blog to get some much needed business taken care of and then to take a week's vacation starting next week...

I have had one hell of a hectic work schedule, and with so many pressing family matters over the last few months, it has indeed stressed me out and I do need a break...

I will try to post my weekend rant this Sunday (hopefully) and will then be taking off for a week to get some rest and relaxation...

In the meantime, I again do request that readers take a good look at some of the work put out by those who I call the "finest bloggers that I know" and are listed in the right hand column of this blog...

Thank you again for your patience... I will return and hopefully be fully recharged and doing what I usually do, which is writing articles to both inform those who want the truth as well as articles to piss off those who want us all enslaved...

And as usual...

More to come


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 19th, 2017


Well, Sunday again... And again time for my weekly rant...

As I did expect, I got some interesting "hate comments" (That I never publish anyways..) from some people that are now aghast by my stand against President Donald Drumpf... One person in particular commented, in between the name calling and colourful language, that I was a "traitor" for I had been supporting Drumpf from the very beginning.... I flat out asked that person then WHY do I call this criminal "Drumpf" then?  And I again must clear the air that I saw the mess and debacle that the US Presidential race had become thanks to that monster Killary the mass murdering freak of nature Clinton running.  I saw NO hope for America's future with Killary in control and I honestly crossed my fingers that I could actually be wrong about Drumpf in that he could actually be looking out for America's best interests... And I did say that we all had to give him the so called first 100 days before we could truly assess what he was all about...  Well, it did not take 100 days for us to see his true colours and I now have no reservations that he is almost as evil and sick as his predecessor....

Must I really list off here all of the problems with Donald Drumpf?  And especially how he has indeed shown his true colours now as not only another Jew butt kisser, but a man that has actually escalated American involvement in foreign wars to destroy innocent nations?  Look at what he has been doing in Syria as the prime example, for Christ sake!  The man came in with all of this fanfare that he would end America's involvement in foreign wars and bring the troops home, and instead he has now upped the stakes by sending in more and more ground troops into that nation illegally... And yes, those American forces in Syria are there illegally and their presence is indeed an INVASION... Wake the fuck up, America and see what is happening here!

And do not get me started about what he is doing in the innocent nation of Yemen... Barry Soetoro was bad enough with his illegal and criminal drone strikes against innocent  people in that nation during his administration, and here we have Drumpf upping the stakes by increasing those strikes at least 4 fold!   And to top that off, he has been increasing the so called "military aid" to the criminal Saudis so that brutal regime can continue its criminal operations in Yemen and kill many more innocent civilians as well.....  Drumpf has also refused to look at the real humanitarian crisis that has taken hold in that nation as thousands of people have indeed died of starvation due to the prevention of aid packages reaching them... The US government under Drumpf has been working with the Saudis to cut off all aid!   Therefor again, the reality is that Drumpf is indeed showing himself to be a war monger and rather than help to stop the bloodshed and death in Yemen, he has increased that nation's misery... Again, wake the fuck up America and see what your "President" truly is all about!

Well, on top of Drumpf's massive increasing of America's brutality against nations around the planet, what has he really done to fix America's ailing economy?  I have seen all of the reports about him "bringing jobs home", and yet I could not help to notice how many MORE retail outlets and stores across America (and even up here in Canada as well..) are closing their doors by an ever increasing pace.... But instead of turning attention to these pressing needs to fix America's ailing economy, instead Mr. Drumpf went and increased America's horrific military budget and has refused to stop or at least scale back the bullshit "aid" that America hands over to that psychotic state of Israel... All of those billions of dollars should be spent at home to fix America rather than be spent on wars of aggression and the very nation that creates most of those wars!

Therefore in regards to those who say that I am suddenly "anti Drumpf", I say to them to wake up and see what is happening here.. You guys have been lied to and are fools to believe that this man is some type of saviour... He has already shown what he is really all about, and as I said before, America you are stuck with this ass clown for the next four years at least... If I am wrong here in any way, then show where I am wrong!

OK, I am like everyone else and not liking what I am watching unfold in Asia.... North Korea was already an economic basket case run by a leader that spent his time with his tirades against anything American... But now the US is of course trying to scare the crap out of people with all of this bullshit coming out of the Jew spew media that North Korea is suddenly this big bad threat with nuclear weapons.. So what?  If the North Koreans were foolish enough to even launch one nuclear armed missile against anyone in the region, the American response would be swift and the entire nation of North Korea would be turned into a smooth plate of glowing hot radioactive glass.....  And yet we are being led to believe by the liars in the Jew spew media that the North Korean leader is this insane? I doubt it, and there is more here than meets the eye....

We only need to look at where North Korea is situated, bordering China, to see what the American game is here... The Americans want the North Koreans to somehow 'attack' to give them their excuse to wipe them out... Removing North Korea as any threat would put the Americans directly up against China and for some reason the present Drumpf administration is hell bent for a major war against China itself just like the failed Soetoro administration.....  I have said many times before that the US has always had somewhere in its twisted plans a major war with China, and apparently this little debacle with North Korea could be the stepping stone to that bigger conflict... I sure hope the American (and Canadian) people are fully aware of what is at stake here, for I personally do not have the stomach for a war against a nation with 1.4 BILLION people.....

I did see this last week how that laughable "organization" the United Nations, FINALLY came out with a report that states the obvious, that the criminal and psychotic state of Israel is indeed an "Apartheid" nation that carries out brutal suppression and destruction of the rightful people of that state, the Palestinians... And of course we have the Israelis and their faithful minions in the US government trying to downplay and to dismiss that report... And as expected the US and Israel threatened the author of that report and forced her resignation from the UN..... Honestly, what else did people expect?  Of course the psychotic state of Israel is absolutely an Apartheid state, and just like the previous Apartheid regime in South Africa deserves to be placed under deep sanctions.. But will that ever happen?  Never, as long as the criminal Israelis have their whipping boys and suck ups in the US to watch their back..... And about the Palestinians?  I stand firmly behind my statements that there is NO future for these people as long as the Israelis want all of that region for their selfish selves.. The only hope for the Palestinians is absolutely to fight back and to fight back as hard as they can.  The proud Palestinians have two choices for their future, to either fight back, or to eventually be wiped out.  Given those choices, I know which one I would choose in a heartbeat....

We can all see what is happening in Europe, as more nations such as The Netherlands, France, and even potentially Italy and even Germany, may finally have had enough of living under the enslavement of the so called European Union... The truth has always been that the so called "Union" has been only a "Union" in name, and the reality is that it has always been the first attempt by the criminal Rothschilds to have their one world dictatorship (government) put into place... Basically the EU was their first experiment with this one world government notion, and it has indeed failed so miserably...The only option for the Europeans now is to indeed break apart the EU fiasco and go their own way.... Being independent of that union is the first step, and the second step to break the Rothschild control through their evil central banking scheme will be harder to crack.....

Well, it has now been over 6 years now since the criminal Israeli Stuxnet virus did its dirty work at Fukushima Japan, and that disaster is still going as strong as ever... And do we see a peep from the Jew spew media about how bad the situation there really is?  Not a chance....  The liars in the Jew spew media outlets have always tried to avoid this situation like the plague and have constantly been crowing the lie that "everything is under control".... The reality is of course that Fukushima is absolutely not under control at all, and all indications are that the situation can indeed intensify as report after report has come out from the alternative media that the radiation levels from the failed and melted reactor cores has indeed been increasing..... Then I found a report just last week that said that it could take as much as "250000 years" before Fukushima can ever be solved....   The bottom line here is obvious, Fukushima will be around with us for a very long time, and the lies about how truly bad this disaster is have go to end.....

Remember how I said that all of this Political Correctness is nothing but pure bullshit... I noticed the other day several reports where the so called Snowflakes that are nothing more than childish crybabies and retards that occupy our colleges today, are now supposed to answer an aggressor who hurts them or "hurts their feelings" with the simple word "ouch" and the offender should use the word 'oops' as their response? .... This my dear readers is just pure bullshit brainwashing, and I for one hope that our next generation of college graduates are not this stupid..... And once again, I say bullshit and go fuck yourselves to anyone who does not like my stand against "Political Correctness", for I see that garbage for what it is, pure garbage!  And to those so called "snowflakes" out there that have now poisoned so many colleges, grow the fuck up!

Well, enough of once again pissing off so many people with my ramblings in here. I honestly do not give a shit what people think, and if they do not like it, then they can go and bite me.... I will once again close this rant with more ramblings in what I usually call my 'last minute tidbits'.........More reports came out this week showing that President Drumpf was indeed right about Sweden all along. These reports clearly show that the illegal migrant workers that have flooded into Sweden have indeed destroyed Swedish society as they go on rampages of destruction and mass raping of Swedish women.  I am still hoping that other nations in Europe see what is happening in Sweden, and say enough is enough and ship these pricks back to the hell holes they came from........And of course up here in Jew occupied Canada, we have that SOB in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, going all out to allow every criminal migrant into this nation claiming fraudulently to be "refugees".  And these migrants have been put on welfare in this nation with more money annually than most hard working Canadians earn! It is a travesty and I for one want to see these pricks sent back to those hell holes they came from for there is no place for the majority of them here.......OK, it is bad enough that George Soros is not in jail for his crimes against humanity and what he has done to destroy Europe through his financing of the illegal migrant flood into that continent, but I want to know why the US criminal John McCain is NOT in jail yet for what he recently did in Ukraine and even in Syria to continue to interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations?  The man is a raving lunatic and should be locked up for his acts of treason.  And yet the American government is refusing to act against this criminal?.......I have been trying to find out why the US government is insane enough to consider a war against both Russia and China, and the reason may apparently lie with the reality that these two nations are now about to say goodbye to the US dollar all together and trade with their own currencies.  Yes, the US is indeed insane enough to consider a world war to keep the failing US dollar supreme.........Ukraine is still a basket case, so what else is new?  And apparently the Kiev regime is holding off now once again on their all out assault on the eastern breakaway republics.  But that lull will be short lived, for every indication is for the Ukrainian army to move against these "rebels" and start slaughtering civilians once more.  I still wonder what Russia will do when they see that bloodbath unfold?.........And another thing to bash President Drumpf about is how apparently he is not only sending troops into both Syria and Iraq, but he is saber rattling against Iran as well.  And we can see who is driving this push for war against Iran, which is none other than the psychotic state of Israel once more........I see that the government in theformerly free nation of Australia is now wanting to make it mandatory that everyone in that nation must be "vaccinated".  Refusal will mean a fine and even jail time! I do wonder what ever happened to freedom of choice?  And I do wonder what kickbacks the criminal government in Canberra got for pushing this lunacy.........I cringed as I watched the Arsenal Gunners lose to the West Bromwich Albion Baggies by the score of 3-1 yesterday morning, and sadly I agree with all of the critics that coach Arsene Wenger has got to go.  He has no support from the players any more, and his time is now over.  Arsenal needs a new kick in the butt to get them going again and a new coach with fresh new ideas is sadly needed now more than ever.......And finally, I will again take a shot at the idiots and fools in the so called "Flat Earth Society" and their ridiculously stupid idea that this planet is flat.  I recently got into a discussion with a flat earth believer about his ideas that there is no southern celestial pole, and only the northern one that right now points very close to the star Polaris.  I stated to him that there is indeed a southern celestial pole even though it is presently not pointed towards any particular star, and that its rotation is directly opposite to what we see in the northern hemisphere due to this planet being a rotating sphere.  I even told him how the celestial pole moves and actually rotates in a circle that takes some 23500 years to complete. He of course told me that I was a liar, and I said that anyone living in the southern hemisphere observes this to be fact by looking at their night sky as well.  He actually then said that those people living south of the Equator are liars as well (!) and that the people south of the Equator can see only one celestial star Polaris as well.  I honestly had to raise my arms in disbelief, and again it shows how truly sad our education system is.  I found an article a while back that stated thanks to our failed education system that this newest generation will be the first in a long time to actually be dumber than the last, and from witnessing these flat earth idiots in action, I agree with that assertion...

More to come


Saturday, March 18, 2017

This Is Not A Joke: Insane Israeli Media Blames Putin For Syria's Decision To Defend Itself Against Illegal Israeli Airstrikes!

Just the other day I put up an article where I showed that with the US and Israel now losing their nice little war in Syria, these criminals are now trying to raise the stakes once more with their attacks on civilians as in the Mosque attack outside of Aleppo city, as well as the Israelis attacking Syrian government forces along the corridor to the regained city of Palmyra....  These attacks were indeed brutal and acts of unmitigated aggression... And especially since the attack on the Syrian government forces near Palmyra by the criminal Israelis, the Russians as well as the Syrians have been seeking a serious explanation for that attack directly from the psychotic Israeli government...

Well, lo and behold, but the psychos in Israel have been trying since that air strike yesterday to find excuses for that act of war and of course to try to blame others for their act of aggression... And according to the following article from the Russia Insider website, at www.russia-insider.com, apparently the equally psychotic Jew spew media in Israel itself has had the gall to blame Russia and especially Vladimir Putin for their attack on the Syrian government forces... Yes, here is the link to THAT article here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  I had to read this several times over myself before I realized that this is NO joke.. Yes, the Israelis are truly this sick and mentally retarded that they have had the nerve to try to blame the Russians, and especially Vladimir Putin, for their attack on Russia's ally, Syria!

So... Apparently the Israelis have NO excuses for their attack what so ever, and they are trying this twisted ploy of blaming those who they attack for their attack?  This is so bent and so sickening...

And notice the 'word play' by the sick Israeli Haaretz publication that these monsters claim that Syria has "changed the rules of the game" and thus has "allowed" the Israelis to conduct murderous strikes against their forces.... How sick and mentally bent are these people???

And let me get this straight then... In the topsy turvy sicko world of Israeli thinking, it is ok for THEM to go ahead and bomb anyone that they want, and if the people being attacked actually defend themselves then they are showing a "lack of restraint"?    I for one wonder what planet these monsters are on, for they are NOT on planet Earth with this type of twisted logic...

Therefore it should be obvious.. The Israelis have no excuses for their attacks in Syria, and will probably continue these attacks for the foreseeable future... And they will probably continue to scream that somehow Putin has "betrayed Israel" as well while they conduct these attacks....   Pathetic is putting it mildly here...

This reminds me of what someone told me a while ago, about how "An Israeli cries in pain as he is hitting you with a bat!"

It is my hope that the Russians do indeed put an end to Israel's aggression and take action against these monsters.....And the Syrians have every right to continue shooting down these bastards over their own sovereign territory...

More to come


The Russians Are Coming? While The US Has Passed The Biggest Military Budget In History, The Russians Are Going To Massively Slash Theirs!

I was looking just the other day at the local trash Jew spew newspaper that of course pushes lies and propaganda to the gullible people in this town... But one article did catch my eye in the so called "editorial" section and it showed how very badly the sheep do NOT know the truth about both Russia and the Crimea.....

The article stated that 'Russia invaded (?) Crimea, and  they must give it back to Ukraine for Canada to "once again open up trade" with that nation.... I was so appalled and I could not believe that anyone in this nation could actually believe the slop that was written in this hit piece.. The author of this gibberish has absolutely NO clue about the reality of Crimea, and how the people of that peninsula decided and very legally to split from Ukraine through a referendum, and then to begin the process of reunification with the Russian Federation!  Then this piece of garbage had the nerve to say that Vladimir Putin was an "aggressor" and that he is a "danger to the planet"... What an absolute load of hogwash and garbage, and I again had to ask myself.."Who reads this slop?" and "Are Canadians truly this misinformed?"...

Well, I came across the following article that absolutely had me laughing about all of this Russia bashing, and "the Russians are evil" and of course the traditional "The Russians are coming"...For according to the following article from the Russia Insider website, at www.russia-insider.com, apparently the 'EVIL' Russians are preparing for an invasion of Europe by actually cutting their military spending for the coming year!  First here is the link to that article here, and more thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  Yes, this article does indeed take a shot at all of the Russia "bashing" and how truly "evil" the Russians are by showing that Vladimir Putin is indeed preparing for this "invasion" of Europe by slashing Russia's defence budget!

I wish that people would get it... Russia is NOT this "evil empire" that the Jew spew media and other pieces of bullshit propaganda (including the local trash newspaper) are always trying to portray... It is indeed nothing but brainwashing to convince the gullible sheep out there that we must destroy Russia or the "evil" Russians will conquer the world!!!

Lets also again get the truth out to the masses about what really happened in regards to Crimea.. The Crimean people saw that they had NO future with the US puppet ruled Ukraine back in 2014 and they rightfully and legally voted OVERWHELMINGLY to separate from that fiasco and then voted afterwards OVERWHELMINGLY to rejoin the Russian Federation which they had always every right to do.... All of this bullshit that we see about how "Russia invaded Crimea" is that.. Bullshit, and again pure lies and falsehoods... People must be informed of the truth....

And again, as Russia has now been retracting their military budget, we find the criminal Drumpf regime in Washington going hog wild with spending the world's largest military budget on weapons of war and for invasion and destruction of innocent nations.... It again leads to the question then: Who exactly is the world's biggest aggressor and which nation is the one wanting to conquer the world?

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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Are The US And Israel Trying To Escalate The Syrian War? US Bombs Syrian Mosque, While Israel Bombs Syrian Troops!

First, Happy Saint Patrick's Day to any reader of Irish descent...I myself am 1/8th Irish from my mother's side, and knowing about that part of my heritage does make me proud.....

OK, onto a more serious issue... Recently we have seen some major reports coming across the alternative media (and of course not from the Jew spew media) about the changing situation in Syria where the Syrian government forces are now making great strides in finally wiping out he US/Israel controlled and operated scourge called "ISIS"... We have seen the reports of how since the Syrian government forces liberated Palmyra, the good guys have been putting "ISIS" on the defensive as they have been working at further widening the corridor to Palmyra and have been taking back control of both oil and gas fields around that city from these mercenaries and operatives....  And further north, with the isolation of Turkish forces north of Al Bub, the Syrian government forces have launched attacks along the Euphrates River and may be in the process of moving towards the "ISIS stronghold" of Al Raqqa.... Everything has been pointing towards the collapse of "ISIS" in Syria, and with that collapse the sick US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal's dream of having Syria destroyed will have indeed ended.... Therefore I and others knew that these scoundrels would attempt something very soon to try to change that outlook and apparently they have begun to do so.....

Just earlier today, I saw the startling report where the US did indeed use several drones to launch HELLFIRE missiles into a mosque just outside the city of Aleppo, and apparently that strike killed some 42 people while leaving hundreds injured... First here is the link to a report about this brutal massacre by the US military from the Common Dreams website, at www.commondreams.org, for everyone to see for themselves here:


Was this attack deliberate?  Absolutely!

I have been absolutely appalled by this attack, and again it points out to the brutal fact that President Drumpf, rather than try to 'work with the Syrians and Russians' to eliminate their own created fraud terrorist groups, has indeed escalated the situation and made matters so much worse....

And I came across another most interesting report from the Al Jazeera online website, at www.aljazeera.com, where the criminal and psychotic Israelis just conducted a major air strike against Syrian government forces west of Palmyra along the Palmyra corridor.... Here is that Al Jazeera report here for everyone to see for themselves show truly dastardly these bastards are:


Yes, this attack on Syrian government forces was indeed deliberate, for the fraud "ISIS" forces around Palmyra are now on the run, and the Syrian government forces are now ready to use Palmyra as a springboard for operations aimed towards both Deir Ezzor and even north towards Al Raqqa... Therefore the criminal Israelis launched that strike to try to stop those offensives....

Lets not fool ourselves here.. The US and Israel are now desperate.. Their fraud "ISIS terrorist" group has turned into a shambles and their entire Syrian plans have been turned into a debacle and a failure.. Therefore they have indeed now turned to their "Plan B" action which is to not only directly intervene into Syria itself (as I reported earlier with US troops on the ground outside of Al Raqqa) but have indeed now launched attacks directly at both the Syrian government forces and Syrian civilians as well...

But what was equally shocking was how today when I actually turned on the Jew spew media outlets for just a short while to find out if there were ANY reports about these atrocities, and I found NONE....  Therefore once again it appears that these evil criminals are conducting these attacks and wanting to keep the general public in the dark as usual...

And again, I must ask my American readers what they think of their hero President now?  The man has not done anything to stop the carnage that his own government and military has unleashed on the innocent nation of Syria, and instead has indeed escalated the situation....  These attacks may be only the beginning and I do fear that the worse is yet to come...

More to come


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sadly, 14 Years Ago Today, Rachel Corrie Was Murdered By The Israelis!

Today marks a solemn occasion for myself and so many others.. On this day, 14 years ago, a brave young woman who stood up for the rights of the so many innocent people living in Israeli occupied Palestine, Rachel Corrie, had her life taken away from her by the hands of the criminal and murderous Israeli "Defense Forces".... It has now been a full 14 years since that senseless tragedy and murder,and there still is NO justice for Rachel, and her family that has suffered so much...

To again honor the memory of Rachel, I want to once again bring forward as a tribute for her unselfish efforts in trying to bring justice to the Palestinian people by presenting the following video that absolutely tells the sad story of Rachel's senseless death at the hands of the murderous Israelis... This video is entitled "The Girl With Dreams" and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have looked over so much material over the last few years about Rachel's death, and especially about the results of the lawsuits that her family brought forward against the Israelis... And sadly, most of those suits were dismissed a few years ago and the damn psychotic Israelis have continued to classify Rachel's death as "accidental" and "her own fault"... Those who know the truth know otherwise and can clearly see that it was a blatant act of cold blooded murder....

I have never forgotten Rachel's efforts, and have always made it a point to present her murder as evidence and one of the best examples of how truly evil and psychotic the Israelis are, and how they have indeed been destroying the lives of so many innocent Palestinians....

I also want to point out how the Palestinians have kept the memory of Rachel alive by their monuments to her efforts in their worthy cause.. It is again the Jew spew media here in Canada and over in the United States that refuses to even acknowledge Rachel and her tragic death today... Therefore it is again up to us in the alternative media to keep her memories alive..

Thank you, Rachel, you will not be forgotten..

More to come


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Exposing The Criminality Of Donald Drumpf: Important Article Shows How Drumpf Is Going To Escalate This Fraudulent War On Terror!

OK, the Drumpf supporters will not like this article, but tough shit on that... Their "hero" was selected last November on the fraudulent platform of "Making America Great Again" and to STOP all of the wars in foreign nations that his predecessor, Barry Soetoro, had created or extended.... Sadly, these people have been so badly misled and the facts are that Drumpf is not only NOT stopping these wars, but he is indeed escalating them and making things so much worse for so many nations.....

I came across the following very important article from a fellow Canadian truth seeker, "Penny" who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com, that indeed shows clear evidence that Drumpf is indeed escalating rather than putting an end to this fraudulent "war on terror"..... This article is entitled: "Trump To "Supersize President Obama's Strategy To Defeat Islamic State", and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump To "Supersize President Obama's Strategy to Defeat Islamic State"

Yesterday, while viewing various news sites, I happened across an article from Arutz Sheva, but was unsure what to make of it.... After searching using different terms,  reading at different sites,  the picture became a bit more clear- Not fully because I can't get a full article from Wall Street Journal- However, I can piece together enough to make the necessary point. President Trump is going to expand the war machine in the region of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Most probably greatly expanded it- globally as is reported below!

We've already had clues to that being in the works with Trump claiming "he's going to absolutely do safe zones in Syria"Updated! Trump to Order Plan for Syria "Safe Zones": Document Then the additional movement of thousands of troops. 400 Marines. A contingent of Army Rangers and then 2,500 additional troops to Kuwait, ready to fight in Syria and Iraq.  I was surprised at how quietly this news came and went..... Is it because so many want to believe Trump is different? The US Military Dives Deeper into Syria, Hunkering Down for the Long Haul

 Let's start at Arutz Sheva first- Retrace my path from yesterday, ok?

Defense Secretary Mattis is Cutting the Syrian Gordian Knot

excerpt written by Mark Langfan

 Today, the US Secretary of Defense under the command of President Trump is on his way to cutting the Gordian Knot of Syria.  The vague outlines of SecDef Mattis’ strategy are apparent.

Critically, it is clear SecDef Mattis is not only on his way to solving the Syrian conundrum, but is setting the structural foundation for a Pan-Sunni/Israeli/ (Sunni) Kurdish regional mutual defense against Iran.

  Trump really wants Iran defeated, and understands Syria is where their dreams of absolute Persian hegemony over the Arabs and their oil can be defeated. AKA, with Trump, the gloves are off when it comes to defeating Iran, and defeating it badly.  Militarily, ISIS is really the easy problem.  It’s Iran that’s the more difficult strategic puzzle to solve.

 It’s clear Turkey has to come to grips with the reality that the United States is not going to betray the Kurds.

An aside that comment reads much like the comment made here last week
 And as candidate Trump has admonished, President Trump is not going to publicly announce his strategy.  Trump is going to execute it, and destroy ISIS, and Iran first, and then talk about it later.  So, you’re not going to see me remotely explain what SecDef Mattis is doing.  All I’ll say is I believe SecDef Mattis is unfolding a brilliantly planned strategy.

Secretary of Defence Mattis is "unfolding a brilliantly planned strategy" 

Let's talk about that very briefly. 

Late February/early March  Mattis unfolded his brilliantly planned strategy while everyone was focused on eitherTrump's distraction of the day-  (Donald Trump's Major Policy Shift Regarding Undocumented Immigrants?? or  the Oscar "flub" that wasn't a flub. La La Land Starring Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton  we missed the unfolding of the brilliant plan, However, In early March it was the Manbij situation, mostly ignored, and the movement of all those troops- you can find all posts from that time frame embedded in one post  Manbij Dead Lock: Russia, Turkey, U.S. Hold "Surprise" Military Talks)  that clued us in to the brilliant plan in action.

Mattis presented the White House with an ENTIRELY classified plan to defeat ISIS 

 "Defense Secretary Jim Mattis presented a classified plan to the White House Monday for the rapid defeat of ISIS that was reportedly an updated version of the Obama administration's strategy of relying on local forces to carry the brunt of the fight"

Recall my post regarding the continuity and expansion of the US foreign policy from Obama to Trump? Did Trump Really Pull The Trigger on Obama’s Raqqa Plan?
 "This Washing Post article is working hard to present an idea that there is some change between Obama and Trump in the remake the Middle East/North Africa agenda.
So far I only see continuation of policy. Same as occurred when Bush changed to Obama.

So we're dealing with a perception change promotion- which the media is happy to deliver. And those that self identify as leftists/liberals/progressives are happy to believe. These same dupes stayed quiet as the Obama administration wantonly bombed and droned, globally  but are now so incensed about Trump- It's the theatre of the absurd with an audience of the dull and dumbed down"

 "The plan called for the involvement of "all elements of national power" in what Davis called a "trans-regional approach" to defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
 McMaster had been at the Pentagon last Friday to be briefed on Mattis' proposals which Davis described in general terms as a "broad plan. It is global. It is not just military. It is not just Iraq-Syria." Davis said Mattis intended the plan to require choices by the president and his team "but it's not a "check-the-block, pick A or B or C kind of a plan."
It's global? So like a one world tyranny kind of global?
"Last week, Army Gen, Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, told reporters traveling with him in the Mideast that the U.S. might provide artillery support to the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces now closing on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.
At the Brookings Institute last weekJoint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford said that the U.S. was looking to the possibility of a long-term presence of U.S. troops in Iraq following the ouster of ISIS from its last remaining stronghold in the northwestern Iraqi city of Mosul"
What Mattis exactly proposed is classified- However Mark Langfan thinks it's great!

 Now we're going to read the Jerusalem Post together:A new strategy against ISIS

" His special forces teams increased their operational tempo to such an extent that they carried out 300 raids per month, dismantling al-Qaida cells one after the other.
 That presence will probably will be reflected in increased activity of special forces, mainly from JSOC. The current commander of JSOC is Gen. Austin Miller, who just like McChrystal began his career as a paratroopers officer (82nd Airborne Division), served in the Rangers and commanded a contingent of Delta Force operators in the Battle of Mogadishu (and was awarded the Bronze Star). The most significant operation so far carried out the during his term as commander of JSOC is the raid carried out by the Navy SEALs on an al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) headquarters in Yemen. The operation, the first commando raid authorized by Trump, turned into a shootout in the midst of the village because the force was compromised before hitting its objective. Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens was killed and three others were wounded. 14 AQAP fighters were killed in the raid, some of whom were also terrorist network leaders and facilitators"
Recall his widow and Trump paying homage to her- Lots of crying and praying involved?
The Jerusalem Post op ed implies that the special forces will increase activity in the area as part of the new strategy- this already seems to be the case.

AEI- America's Way Ahead in Syria 
-To protect American interests, President Trump’s goal cannot be a quick end to the war in Syria
 A global war certainly won't end quickly will it? 
-The US must stop bringing a counterterrorism strategy to a counterinsurgency fight.
-Current US strategy empowers al Qaeda. The US has prioritized defeating ISIS before turning to al Qaeda. This has allowed al Qaeda to strengthen its own insurgency in the background.
This implies a type of bait and switch tactic will be employed to expand and extend the fight- The wagging of AQ harkens back the the creation of Sunni Councils in Iraq after the invasion- which is mentioned in all this planning- I've written about the fraud of these Sunni Councils previously- 
Iran’s strategy in Syria is designed to prevent America from protecting its interests. Iran is doing so with a functioning, interoperable, and deployable coalition of its proxies and with Russia’s help.
 -US leadership is needed to drive a multinational strategy that rallies regional powers capable of building the moderate Sunni Arab resistance essential to defeating the ISIS and al Qaeda insurgencies.
-The US must act soon in Syria if it hopes to destroy ISIS and al Qaeda and prevent their reconstitution.-The first phase of a series of multiphase campaigns should prioritize seizing and securing a base of operations in southeastern Syria to create a de facto safe zone in the region. Success will depend on US forces fighting alongside, recruiting, and training local Sunni Arab forces to conduct an immediate offensive against ISIS and future operations against al Qaeda. Subsequent phases will require establishing a no-fly zone in southern Syria
 Below are the first three paragraphs of the WSJ article hosted at AEI also-Written by the Kagans-Frederick and Kimberley 
The Trump administration is set to supersize President Obama’s strategy to defeat Islamic Statesending more American forces to the region and lifting restraints on direct participation in combat and when to use armed force. Yet any victory under the current approach will be ephemeral. Even if American proxies, backed by U.S. military forces, wrest Raqqa, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq, away from ISIS, success will be fleeting.
The most important error is the near-exclusive focus on Islamic State at the expense of serious efforts against al Qaeda. Destroying ISIS is necessary but not sufficient. As the Obama administration turned its attention toward ISIS, al Qaeda learned from its failures. It has temporarily deprioritized spectacular attacks on the global stage and focused on embedding itself within Sunni communities in Syria, Yemen, North Africa and elsewhere to develop long-term strength and resilience.
Al Qaeda also has become more cautious in imposing its radical version of Shariah. It now indoctrinates populations over years rather than forcing immediate compliance with strict Islamic law. It does not demand that fighters place themselves formally and publicly under its command. Its affiliates in Syria do not even insist that local groups accept its ideology as long as they fight common foes. Al Qaeda today introduces its beliefs slowly and carefully, and the false message that it is more moderate than ISIS resonates around the world.

I did manage to get the article and print it- I can't link to the entire piece at all- However I can share a little more below
 "The U.S. has no meaningful presence among the Sunni Arab tribes in Iraq and Syria (lie) that ISIS, al Qaeda and others are vying to control. This appears to confirm al Qaeda’s claim that it is the only effective armed force dedicated to protecting Sunni populations from a combined assault by all the world’s powers. That message may win out if Washington does not rapidly change its approach America’s backing of Kurdish-led forces to take Raqqa exacerbates these problems and offers little gain. (except for Israel?) Raqqa’s fall will represent only a tactical victory— and al Qaeda, Iran, the Assad regime and the Kurds will compete for the spoils. Sunnis will lose, diminishing the chance of forging a strong Sunni leadership opposed to ISIS and al Qaeda.
The key is finding new Sunni partners and taking the fight to new terrain, specifically, southeastern Syria, where ISIS leaders have refuge. American military forces will be necessary. But the U.S. can recruit new Sunni Arab partners by fighting alongside them in their land. The goal in the beginning must be against ISIS because it controls thelast areas in Syria (this benefits the sunni muslim kurds)where the U.S. can reasonably hope to find Sunni allies (they already have the Sunni Kurds?) not yet under the influence of  al Qaeda. But the aim after evicting ISIS must be to raise a Sunni Arabarmy that can ultimately defeat al Qaeda and help negotiate a settlement to the war.
The U.S. will have to pressure theAssad regime, Iran and Russia to end the conflict on terms that the Sunni Arabs will accept. That will be easier to do with the independence and leverage of a secure base inside Syria. America should also liberate itself from the troublesome reliance on Turkey(As stated here repeatedly- the US has betrayed Turkey) by shifting its base of operations south, where a reliable ally, Jordan, is fully committed to fighting Salafi jihadism.
Both these moves would give Washington access to Sunni partners not heavily infiltrated by al Qaeda. No single military operation can achieve victory in Syria. But an operation against the enemy’s heartland, freed of the constraints imposed by problematic proxies, would change the assumptions of America’s friends and enemies. President Trump should break through the flawed logic and poor planning that he inherited from his predecessor.He can transform this struggle, but only by transforming America’s approach to it.
Nice spin in the article's final paragraphs- The plan continues on unimpeded by whichever President or political party is holding the managerial position in the US

Recall?   Trump's Presidency: A Dangerous Deception
Might be time to revisit that one?

Last time the betrayal/taking down of Turkey was discussed:  West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum


NTS Notes:  Lets not be fooled by what the Jew spew media and the articles that Penny put up here are stating... This entire "war on terror" is of course a SHAM and a FRAUD... Every single so called "terrorist group" from "Al Qaeda" to the more recent "ISIS" are nothing more than US and Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries and operatives.... That sadly readers is fact and absolutely not fiction..

Therefore the reality is that Drumpf is 'supersizing' the entire fraud war against the fraud "Islamic State" for the purpose of seeking regime change in Syria, Yemen, Iran, Lebanon, etc etc..... And sadly this again goes against this criminal's campaign slogans in last year's Presidential race of claiming that he wanted to "work with Russia and Syria" to combat "terrorism".....

I can also guarantee that the sickos in the criminal state of Israel are all applauding this action, for this works well with their own goals of expansion of their psychotic empire in the Middle East at the expense of other nations... They are indeed having their American minions and slaves do all of this fighting for them under the guise of this fraud "war on terror"......

And again, Drumpf is now showing his true colors as not a man of peace as his gullible followers continue to crow, but another mass murdering criminal wanting to use US military power to brutalize and destroy innocent nations... Honestly, how do you like your hero now, Drumpf supporters?

More to come