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Turbulent Times Show TONIGHT At 7PM CST On Blogtalk Radio

Yes, Whitewraithe and I are indeed having a special Turbulent Times show tonight at 7PM CST... That is of course 8PM EST for those on the American snowy east coast and Midnight for those in the UK....

The show will discuss not only current events, but also a most important article that was just released by Lasha Darkmoon ( concerning one of the most important articles ever written by Paul Craig Roberts.....  It gives damning evidence of exactly what kind of psychosis the United States and other Jewish controlled nations are doing in regards to their insane push for war with Russia...

The article link is as follows:

We will also have our chat room open at I hope that some people will come into that chat with myself to ask any questions...

The link to the live show will be posted shortly.... We have had concerns that few people are actually able to listen to the show live because the link at does not even link listeners directly to the live show!  


Please take the time to at least read Lasha's article...It fully vindicates absolutely EVERYTHING that I and others have been talking about for the last decade at least... Our very world is at stake now, because the ultra Jewish controlled criminals in our governments are indeed pushing for a global war where many of us will not survive... For the future of our children and other future generations, we must all act now...

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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 1st, 2015


Sunday again... A new month and of course time again for my weekly rant...

It has been very cold here in central Canada, but it is nothing compared to what is happening across the United States right now.... Temperatures everywhere across the states are near record lows, and even with this being March and the prospects of spring coming soon, there seems to be no relief in sight..... I have long said that this cooling trend would happen due to the diminished solar radiation output from our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, and now we are seeing that result with a massive cooling trend that I do predict will continue for the next decade at least...

I am seeing new reports coming out saying that we are now entering a "new ice age", but to me this is as bad the fear mongering of the other psycho extremists behind the "Global Warming" fraud... Sol goes through very natural cycles and at certain times in our history has had the right conditions to reach what is called a "solar minimum"... The last solar minimum was during the mid 17th century which was called the "Maunder Minimum" and that resulted in what was called the "mini ice age" that caused extreme cold conditions across much of the planet for close to a century... We are indeed entering one of these extreme minimums, BUT it will not cause another "ice age".... The solar radiation output from Sol will increase naturally increase sometime in the next decade, and we will enter a cycle of warm temperatures across the planet.....Again, these cycles are natural and "ice age" fear mongering and "Global Warming" fear mongering be damned....

Yesterday, I was in a local store picking up a few items and I ran into one young lady employee that I have known for some time now... We started into a conversation about different subjects, and she asked me about what I thought of this "ISIS/ISIL terrorism" fear..... I flat out told her that ISIS was of course a fraud and that the "terrorism" fear mongering being promoted by our government and media was part of a sick game to use the psychological effect of fear on people to make them gullible enough to surrender their personal freedoms for the fraud concept of more "security".... Her reaction was priceless... She had NO IDEA that the "ISIS terrorist" threat was a scam and that our own governments and media would lie to everyone... She told me that she got her news from of all places "CNN" and I told her to be careful, because those liars are part of the game and are only out there to promote falsehoods and whip everyone into so much fear that they will gladly go off to fight against these fraud terrorist groups unwittingly!...... That opened the floodgates of inquiries from this young lady and I gave her as much information that I could within the 10 minutes that we were able to talk.... I showed her this website via my smartphone and I gave her a list of links to different sites and articles to her to read..... She also gave me her email address and I said I would send as much information that I can to get her up to speed on the real truths about our sick world.... THIS shows that we all have some small victories once in a while, and I am glad that I can help someone to awaken to what is really happening around us.....I do feel that there may be hope for the younger generation yet in that they may be able to wake up in time to stop our criminal governments in their pursuit of wars based on frauds and lies...

The phoney ISIS/ISIL "terrorist" group is still making headlines I see..... Again last week we found clear evidence of the fraudulence of that group with videos and reports of American/NATO/Israeli supplies clearly being airdropped to the "ISIS" forces in Syria and northern Iraq.... It is so ridiculous that most people still do not see this as clear evidence that "ISIS" itself is a complete hoax and scam... But of course the liars in the Jew spew media are still going absolute hog wild with report after report about the "ISIS threat" and all kinds of new ways that "ISIS is going to get you!"..... Lets be clear here once and for all that "ISIS" is of course the rebranding of the equally phoney and fraudulent "Al Qaeda" and that their goal is to create havoc in the Middle East and to lay the ground work for the expected US/NATO/ Israeli assault on the innocent nation of Syria.... It is also a fact that the Jew spew media is doing their part in constantly ramming "ISIS" into weak minded peoples' brains in the hope that with enough brainwashing and propaganda, these fools will believe it to be real!

OK, I put out an article just yesterday covering what I believed has happened with that assassination of Russia's opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, just late last week.... That shooting was most clearly a false flag attack done by either US CIA agents or the Israeli Mossad with the goal being to vilify both Vladimir Putin and Russia itself..... Common sense should enter everyone's minds right here... What would Putin gain by killing the leader of Russia's main opposition party?   The answer is simple.. NONE!.... Putin is absolutely no fool and fully understands that the Americans and the EU are in trouble in Ukraine for the mess they created there, and that these criminals fully believe that the only way out of the Ukrainian debacle is to escalate the war by having excuses to attack Russia itself.... Having the leader of Russia's opposition party assassinated and putting the blame on Putin is exactly what these fools believe will cause the general public to suddenly vilify Russia.... The key here is again how suddenly the liars in the Jew spew media have been all over this assassination and have all been very quick to blame Putin himself for that murder.... I have also noticed how quickly all of our criminal governments, including the one running this formerly free nation of Canada, have been quick to the draw with this obvious false flag attack and have also been openly blaming Putin right on cue.... That quickness to blame Putin clearly should signal to everyone that this assassination is not as the media claims, and we indeed are seeing another false flag attempt to get a nice little war with Russia going.... As the saying always goes when it comes to these incidents...If you figure out exactly who benefits from these attacks, then you have your culprits!

I really had hoped that I need not have to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the truth about that US created debacle..... The Ukrainian puppet regime in Kiev is an absolute mess with reports coming out just this last week about the horrendous condition that these criminals have turned the Ukrainian economy into... The value of the Ukrainian currency itself has collapsed, and the entire nation would also have already collapsed  if not for the "bail outs" given to the criminal government by the IMF and the United States.... The Ukrainian people are now reawakening and may yet take to the streets in another revolution, and this time attempting to overthrow the horrendous US controlled puppet regime...

The fight in the eastern provinces of Ukraine against innocent civilians by the criminal Ukrainian army is at a lull at the moment... It does appear that the main terms of the agreed upon ceasefire last month in Minsk are being upheld for the moment.... However, I have seen some disturbing reports over the last week that the criminal Ukrainian government is indeed using this "lull" to purchase US and NATO heavy armaments and equipment and may launch an all out offensive against the civilian population of the eastern provinces as early as later this month.... I for the life of me cannot understand what the psychos that run Ukraine have to gain by wanting the genocide of the innocent people of the eastern provinces?  It does appear that the criminal Ukraine leadership is doing exactly what their American and EU bosses have dictated and are going to escalate this conflict to force Russia's hand... The Russians will definitely not sit idly by while innocent Russian speaking civilians are to be slaughtered, and they be forced to intervene to stop the slaughter by the Ukrainian army... If and when that happens, the criminal psychos that run our governments will have their nice little war going against Russia itself... It does not bode well for the entire planet when that happens....

OK, what the heck happened to the "measles pandemic" scare that was constantly being bombarded by the liars in our Jew spew media for the last month?  Very quietly we find almost zero reports about this "deadly  outbreak" that was absolutely nothing of the kind... I and others in the real news media did our best for the last month to let everyone know that this "measles scare" was absolute bull shit.... The fact again is that Measles itself is absolutely NOT this "dreaded" disease that these liars were harping about.... Measles has always been a common childhood ailment, and nobody died when they contracted the disease... Common sense for decades would be to send anyone that contracted Measles home until the disease passed.... AND it is a fact as I have shown in previous articles that contracting diseases such as Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, and even Rubella, as examples actually worked to strengthen our bodies' natural defense systems....  

But again our media has worked hand in foot with our criminal governments in promoting the usage of vaccines to fight these diseases, and again I must reiterate that vaccines themselves absolutely do NOT work.... Vaccines that are being put into our children's bodies these days contain horrific and very deadly chemicals including of course Mercury that has been linked to the rapid increase in Autism in our modern society....It is also a fact that "vaccinated" people actually are more prone to contracting and spreading disease than unvaccinated people!   I recently read several reports where an American destroyer in the US Navy that was out to sea and not in contact with any disease carrying people, had its personnel inoculated for one such disease, and suddenly several persons on board that destroyer actually contracted the disease that they were supposedly vaccinated against... This proved conclusively that the vaccines themselves gave the patients the disease..... The bottom line here is obvious... Never, ever, allow anyone to roll up your sleeves and inject your body with their so called "vaccines"... The vaccines are proving to be more deadly than the diseases they are supposed to fight...

One last major issue before I get onto my usual last minute tidbits... It does appear that the psychotic and murderous Prime Minister of that shithole called Israel will absolutely be appearing in front of the US Congress this coming Tuesday, the 3rd of March.... This psychotic murderous freak of nature will definitely go in front of his bought and paid for slave minions and demand that they follow Israel's "lead" and attack and destroy the innocent nation of Iran... This psycho is pushing for this attack based upon fraudulent evidence that Iran is about to build an atomic weapon..... But what has not been told, and was revealed again last week, is that the Israeli Mossad themselves released countless reports that clearly show that Iran is absolutely NOT building any nuclear devices.... The real sad part in this psychotic attempt to have another innocent nation destroyed is the fact that the psychotic and insane state of Israel itself is most definitely a nuclear power, with a massive arsenal of some 300 nuclear weapons including hydrogen bombs..... It was even leaked by the US government recently that the United States itself assisted Israel in the development of hydrogen bombs, and again flies in the face of the US's own Symington/Glenn agreements that call for the ending of all funding to Israel due to its nuclear arsenal and its refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreements... Therefore for the psychotic Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Miliekowksy (Netanyahu) to go to Washington and demand that his US slaves attack Iran at once is beyond hypocrisy!   It also shows again exactly who controls the US government......

Time for my last minute tidbits... I know that I have not covered some other issues above, and hopefully I can touch on many of them here......I saw the report last week that China itself will side with Russia if the US and NATO attempt to escalate the Ukrainian crisis into a full blown war with Russia.  With China now siding with Russia, any attack by the US and NATO will definitely be a crushing defeat for these criminals......US Government rams through their "Internet Neutrality" bill this last week, and to me there is no "neutrality" in that bill at all.  This is clearly a plan to have the Internet controlled so that the people can no longer get the truth from the last bastion of true freedom of information.  I smell the Jews behind this "net neutrality" bill of course, and the stench is overwhelming......Are the Greek people about to throw out the Syriza government for their unwillingness to tell the IMF and their "austerity measures" to shove it up their asses?  In my opinion, they should!  Again, Greece should leave the EU and NATO and seek economic partnership with nations such as the BRICS members including Russia.....Lo and behold, we have reports of 'ISIS' and their associates now in Libya.  This figures, because the Libyan people have had enough of the criminal US puppet regime that has ruined their nation, and want them out.  Therefore the US/NATO are going to use their CIA run "ISIS" as an excuse to reinvade Libya........And again, we have the other fraud "terrorist" group called "Boko Harum" (I still get a laugh out of this ridiculous name...) causing more trouble in Nigeria.  Yes, another fraud terrorist group invented and placed into Nigeria to eventually be used as the excuse to have Nigeria invaded.  Notice too that these fraud terrorist groups always appear in nations that are mineral and petroleum rich?  This is not a "coincidence".....And of course the US is busy destroying Venezuela as well.  Bad enough that the criminal Harper government here in Canada was part of that attempted coup to overthrow the Venezuelan government......... I found out just the other day that Sylvia Stolz was rearrested in Germany for her "crime" of "Holocaust Denial". What Sylvia was rearrested for was for appearing in a conference a while back where she talked openly about freedom in general. Nowhere in her speech at that conference did she even mention the "Holocaust".  This arrest is of course a travesty of justice, and again shows the firm iron grip the damn Jews have attained over the once proud nation of Germany.......Whitewraithe informed me that she has been suffering from major lower body pain these last few days and has had to see a chiropractor in an attempt to alleviate the agony.  I am crossing my fingers that she will get better soon.  And we are still planning on a "Turbulent Times" show for tonight! I hope that I did not jinx it again....... Arsenal won an important game earlier today against Everton by the score of 2-0.  The Gunners are now back in 3rd place in the table and it looks good for them to eventually secure a Champions League spot......And finally, my weekly look at America's sweethearts, the skanks in the Kardashian clan.  Shockingly, I read a report just last week that E! Network in the United States has picked up that brain dead show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" for another 4 full seasons at get this: $100 Million for the full 4 seasons!   It is no wonder these skanks and trollops have it so good.  It also shows how brain dead and zombified American society has truly become.....

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

If You Squeeze It, You Get Lemon Juice: A New Report On The POS F35 Lightning II Fighter - Israel "Needs US "Stealth" Fighters To Attack Iran"

I have put up many reports over the last few months about the absolutely atrocious Lougheed Martin F35 Lightning II "stealth" fighter that is an absolute piece of garbage... This aircraft is a flying death trap that cannot fly at night, cannot fly in the rain, is hopelessly underpowered for a "fighter aircraft", has a pathetic weapons load, and even its so called "stealth" capabilities are an absolute joke.... It is a sad fact that in spite of this aircraft's horrible problems, our governments have committed to purchasing these flying albatrosses to replace their present fighter forces and in doing so will make them seriously weaker than any enemy aircraft.....

I was asked just the other day about what I thought of the fact that the United States had committed itself to selling these POS F35's to the criminal and psychotic state of Israel, and I figured it was time to give my opinion here for everyone to see for themselves... First, I want to present an interesting article that comes from the Iran Daily news site, at, that shows that the US is indeed giving the Israelis these "advanced" (joke) fighters for the sole purpose of using their "stealth" capabilities to attack targets in Iran itself..... I want to present that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

News ID:112415
Publish Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 10:42:26 GMT
Service: U.S.

Israel ‘needs US stealth fighters to attack Iran’

Israel ‘needs US stealth fighters to attack Iran’

The US provision of stealth fighters to Israel does not serve any defensive purposes, but it enhances Tel Aviv’s abilities to strike countries like Iran, said political commentator Edward Corrigan.

The US is set to arm Israel with more fighter jets in a $3 billion agreement signed between Washington and Tel Aviv over the weekend.

The deal includes 14 F-35 stealth fighters made by the US company, Lockheed Martin, at a cost of about $110 million each, Israeli officials announced on Sunday.

Other technological and training elements were also included in the military package.

“The United States has been Israel’s major supplier for arms and weapons. We just know that stealth fighter really is not a defensive weapon,” Corrigan, an international lawyer, told Press TV on Monday.

He said this is “a dangerous escalation in arms race” and “I don’t think it serves any defensive purposes but enhances Israel’s airstrike capabilities against any of its neighbors” and makes it “possible for Israel to watch an attack on Iran or some other countries.”

He went on to say that “one part of this whole program is that the United States’ taxpayers (are) funding it, but the money is actually being spent in the United States and districts of certain congressmen and senators and that’s a big part of this continuous funding.”

The United States provides Israel with some $8.5 million in military aid per day, adding up to over $3 billion annually.

In November, the Department of Defense announced plans to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs as part of Washington’s military aid to Tel Aviv.

In December, American lawmakers passed a bill to deepen Washington's bonds with Tel Aviv, making Israel a "major strategic partner" of the United States.

NTS Notes:  What is not being told in this report is exactly who is paying for this $3 billion armament "deal" with Israel.... The fact is that the US taxpayers will be footing the bill entirely!

OK, for those who might worry that the criminal Israelis would use these hunks of junks to attack Iran, I can safely say that they have nothing to worry about.... The Iranians will easily be able to see them coming and will blow them out of the sky....

I previously put up several articles that laid out the truth about "stealth" and I will repeat those findings again here... "STEALTH" DOES NOT WORK, PERIOD!..... There it is in a nutshell....

The fact is that the original ideas behind stealth was to give aircraft some measure of invisibility... However, it has been proven again and again that stealth simply does not work, and that the aircraft manufacturers that are selling our governments on the idea are making out like bandits and probably knowing full well that the aircraft are absolutely not invisible...

The Russians themselves with their advanced radar technology have for decades been able to see all so called "stealth" aircraft..... The technology for "seeing" so called "stealth" aircraft was proven most effective in the Balkan Kosovo/Serbian war of the late 1990's where the Serbian forces on the ground were able to easily see so called 'stealth' F117A fighters incoming on their bomb runs and blew many of them out of the sky as a result....However the fact that Russian built radar was able to easily see these so called "stealth" aircraft has been conveniently hidden from the public, and we are still being sold to this day on the lie that "stealth" works!

Again, I do hope that the Americans do give the Israelis these POS aircraft... If the Israelis actually do consider attacking Iran with these slow flying and fully visible clunkers, I do hope that the Iranians easily see them coming and blow them out of the sky....

More to come


The Shooting Of Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov Was A False Flag: Did The US Murder Boris Nemtsov? The Imminent Threat

I have been tied up again the last few days with personal business... It does seem that just when I have to not write at this blog for a few days, everything seems to go to hell and something major does happen around the world!   Such is the case with this latest shooting in Russia, which of course was that of Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov....

When I first saw all the reports about this assassination of Boris Nemtsov that was all the rage in both the Jew spew mainstream media and the alternative media, I instantly smelled a rat..... This shooting could not have happened at a more convenient time for the criminal US government considering that their nice little war in Ukraine has turned into a debacle and one that they cannot win.... It has long been noted that the US has been searching for something in their vain attempts to destabilize Russia itself and at the same time to vilify Vladmir Putin, and voila here we have this shooting of the opposition leader take place!  

For this article, I want to present a most interesting report that comes from the Fort Russ website, at that is entitled: "Did The US Murder Boris Nemtsov? The Imminent Threat".... In this report, that I have in its entirety for everyone to read, you will see exactly what I see in that this shooting was indeed a set up and a "false flag" operation conducted by the United States and/or the Israeli Mossad to absolutely destabilize Russia itself and again to vilify Putin to lay the groundwork for the US's push for a war against Russia itself.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Did the US Murder Boris Nemtsov? The Imminent Threat

By: Joaquin Flores

Headlines around the world have carried some variation of the story: the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Each of these includes some retelling of the pertinent facts: what, who, where, how ... but the real question is 'why'. The answer to this question, or rather, what the west insists is the answer, will tell us a lot about the US's plans to escalate the tensions in Russia over Ukraine, and beyond.

It would be foolish to set aside any hypothesis about this being motivated by people close to him, in the realm of business, politics, or romance. In anything related to business dealings, we might recall that any number of people probably want him dead after his criminality and corruption while serving as director of the now liquidated Neftyanoi Bank, and as chairman of its parent company Neftyanoi Concern.

Much controversy surrounded this back in 2006. Of course in the realm of romantic problems, we have significantly those surrounding the woman he was last seen with. This woman, Anna Duritskaya, was also present during the shooting. Rumors are floating around that this could do with her recent abortion and surrounding points of melodrama.

An obvious link in general with this case is to the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine, but in one variation, this killing may have been motivated by an internal dispute between those pro-US factions there: Nemtsov was connected with the US backed Orange Revolution and Victor Yuschenko, was appointed as an economic advisor then, but left under suspicious circumstances and more enemies than friends.

Among any of these could very well be the motive of the killer or those behind him, but the timing of this shooting and other pertinent facts should lead us to consider that this was politically motivated.

These plots can actually be somewhat complex, it is often the case that two birds are killed with one stone. A personal rival can be given a green light settle a score, and also accomplish something of larger geostrategic significance such as this.

But to the point, here we are looking at whether this was carried out on the orders of one of the major involved players in the present world turmoil. Concretely, the question is whether this was carried about the Russians and its friends, or by the US and its friends.

Whether the actual shooting was done by contract or not, is also not very important except when looking at forensics of the crime scene, and the immediate circumstances themselves. These might tell us certain things, except that in cases such as this we must always be mindful that looking like an unprofessional job - such as in this case - would be something a professional would do to throw the scent.

For example, we are likely to hear from friends of Russia that this killing does not have the telltale signs of a professional type of hit, the sort a government would carry out. They will point out, of course, that Boris Nemtsov would have died in a car crash, or from a heart attack. It is considered far too sloppy for anyone in the Kremlin to think of shooting him in public, with witnesses.

This is not too compelling, because such clean methods would actually seem to implicate the Russian state, whereas the rather sloppy way Nemtsov was actually killed even compels us to rule this out. If a hit were to be carried out of this sort, then it would make perfect sense of the state to use an amateur method. Because anything is possible, it is not entirely useful to follow this line of reasoning with one exception: if the US was behind this, that it was a murder would have to be obvious, with no doubts.

This is because if the Russians wanted him dead, the value of killing him would be in his absence. If the Americans killed him, the value is in the spectacle of the killing itself. This killing is loaded with spectacle.

While one can argue that Russia could have employed someone to use sloppy methods in order to throw the scent, it is more likely that given the method, that the US is behind it. This could have been arranged through Ukrainian assets, and would not involve actual US agents on the ground in Moscow.

This was very obviously a murder which was wanted to be known as a murder. This does not fit into either a Russian motive or modus operandi.

What complicates things, however, is when we ask the real questions.

The first question to ask is 'cui bono', in this case we know that Russia, in particular Putin, has nothing to gain. The killing of Nemtsov under any of the circumstances does not make any sense from the view of Russian interest. Politically he did not pose a real threat, alive. With less than 5%, his ticket and the Republican Party failed to garner enough support to be sat in the Duma. With approval ratings above 85%, Putin is not in the position to need to resort to these kinds of tactics.

Russia is also at a different juncture politically, where such methods are not likely to be necessary even if there was an opposition figure to be concerned about. Every other form of virtual-media assassination is possible, that actual ones are not necessary. There are also other methods to delegitimize these characters which invariably revolve around their business dealings, underage girls, and so forth.

These other methods are much cleaner, as assassinations make a government look more desperate, create an unnecessary martyr out of a marginal character, and give fuel to other opposition at home and abroad.

While he held an important position in the 1990's under Yeltsin as First Deputy Prime Minister for about a year until 1998, his political career since the early 00's has been of little significance and has not inspired mass support.

It is the US that has the most to gain from this. Western press has painted him for years as the likely person to replace Putin in a serious change of political stability in Russia. This follows a western narrative, where western liberal values are superimposed as natural and universal values around the world.

While Nemtsov was one of the US's favorites, he is not a favorite with the Russian people. The actual 'runner up' party in Russia, which is projected to surpass Putin's ruling party in the event of a serious change, is the Communist Party of Zyuganov. But this narrative cuts against western interests, and is at odds with the west's narratives about the Cold War and its results.

That western press and the leadership of the US and Ukraine are exploiting this is another clue that they had a hand in it.

We can see already statements made by Obama and Poroshenko, Canadian Foreign Ministerand also deputy general secretary of NATO happened very quickly, uniformly, and seem to be following a procedure.

These statements from NATO and foreign governments are outrageous, but not surprising, because they imply that the Russian government is behind them. Why would the murder be 'condemned'? Besides that all murders are condemned, generally, by the societies in which they occur (hence there are laws against them), why would this particular murder be 'condemned' politically without knowing if there was a political motive at all?

As we know, on March 1st, tomorrow, there will be another attempt by the pro-US forces and their liberal allies to launch a Russian "Spring", also called the 'Anti-Crisis March'. With this fresh murder just 36 hours before the March, we might expect to see the martyrdom of Nemtsov highlighted.

Just ten days ago, Alexei Navalny another western backed figure, was arrested for trying to organize for the march, which backers hope will attract as many as 100,000 against Putin.

When Putin was last elected, the same group organized a similar march. The loyal opposition Communists joined this march, and drowned the liberal banners with communist ones.
This was an excellent test run and message sent to US handlers, that Russia is ready with its own loyal opposition to frustrate and redirect the aims of any 5th column efforts on the part of the US.

Likewise, on the propaganda front, the patriotic scene has co-opted the term 'Russian Spring' to mean the opposite of what the US has branded it in places like Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Now it means a movement to push back the US's hegemonic schemes, including its use of the Color/Spring tactic.

The biggest concern now for this Sunday's march is not the turnout, or how it will be spun in the west. The problem on the propaganda side of this action so far is that it is quite useless and incomplete.

Russia's present political stability and the popularity of Putin is not in the hands of western media. This represents a monumental change from the last days of old media during the collapse of the USSR, when BBC and CNN presented the spectacle of objective and neutral reporting.

For Russian audiences, and Russian media, this investigation will follow the form of a standard murder investigation. Given the status of the victim and the political implications, it will be given significant coverage. Eventually investigators will make an arrest, and some story will be told. The story may or may not be true, but by and large it will be accepted.

Russians are not losing sleep over this murder, and the outcome of the investigation is not related in any way to their general support for the present government and its policies. Russians have other things to do, places to go, work to get done, and lives to live. Most didn't like him, and only see it as a tragedy, perhaps even a US plot. Those who like him will blame the state, as they hold the state and Putin responsible for much of everything else. All of this is true also of Sunday's planned march.

For western audiences, Russia is already now a totalitarian regime in which opposition is silenced, and its leaders imprisoned and killed in cold blood. This is already the narrative which requires no further reiteration. Putin is Hitler. Appeasement will not work. This is already the line.

All of this means that we haven't heard the end of this yet. It is difficult to see how increased sanctions can be pulled out of this murder, but if there are, that should be no surprise. Past sanctions were based on less. Still, Europe has grown wary of sanctions and any further sanctions are likely to be symbolic, as were the last round.

The biggest concern now is if there are more killings planned for Sunday. The US seems to be going ahead with all of its plans even if the necessary successes at each step before are not met. We have seen this in Syria and Ukraine.

In such an event, it is obvious how the US will spin this, and the call will begin openly for Putin to step down. While this last part may be an eventuality at any rate, the events tomorrow will tell us whether we should expect a serious escalation in this process.


Joaquin Flores is an American expat living in Belgrade. He is a full-time analyst at the Center for Syncretic Studies, a public geostrategic think-tank. His expertise encompasses Eastern Europe and Eurasia,

NTS Notes:  For those that still cannot fathom the idea that this is a false flag, they need to look at how quickly the Jew spew media and our criminal governments have climbed all over this shooting and have been so quick to blame Putin for this assassination... The fact is that Putin knows the score when it comes to the criminality of the US and their incessant want for war with Russia and he is no fool... For him and his people to kill the opposition leader at this point in time would give his enemies their excuses to not only vilify him and Russia itself, but can be used by the liars in the western media and the governments a much needed excuse to further the war in Ukraine and target Russia itself...

Again I smelled a rat the moment I heard about this shooting, and the timing is so perfect for a much needed boost for the criminal US government... Therefore I am calling it for what it is...It was indeed a shooting conducted by either the US CIA or the Israeli Mossad....

More to come


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some REAL Truth About The Ukrainian "Civil" War: Ukrainian Troops Shooting Their Own Surrendering Soldiers!

The Ukrainian "civil" war is absolutely nothing of the sort... The liars in the Jew spew media and the liars in our governments are harping constantly with the ABSOLUTE lies that this war is directed against "Separatists", "Russian Insurgents", "Russian Invaders", and "Russian Rebels" in the eastern provinces of Ukraine... The fact is simple here and all readers should understand this fully:  The eastern provinces decided last year in a perfectly legal and binding referendum that they no longer wanted to be part of the Ukrainian nation that the US criminal proxy government in Kiev had turned into a dismal failure.  They did not want to be part of what they saw was a failed state where they would be enslaved to criminal IMF banking scumbags for eternity, and decided and within their rights to go their own way.  The referendum result was overwhelming in favor of separation.  The criminal Kiev US proxy government did not abide by the wishes of these people, and instead have turned the Ukrainian army on these innocent people and have for the last 1/2 year been slaughtering civilians!

One factor that has not been told in the criminal lying media outlets is the fact that the Ukrainian leadership has been brainwashing their soldiers for the last year with the lie that they are going to the eastern provinces to fight both criminal Russian led separatists, and even Russian insurgents themselves... However, when many do get to the eastern provinces and begin fighting, they quickly realize that they are fighting civilians only, and that they are slaughtering innocent and unarmed women and children!   The psychological effect has been enormous on these troops and many become disillusioned by the "war" and many have either refused to fight and kill civilians, OR they have surrendered and/or defected to the "rebel" side.....

Right now, I want to present a startling video that I came across a few days ago... This video is an absolute must see by everyone, because it shows evidence that the criminal leadership of the Ukrainian army has been given orders to shoot their own soldiers that try to stop fighting and surrender to the so called "rebels" in the eastern provinces of Ukraine.... I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves a reality of what this so called "war" is all about, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, this is quite alarming indeed, and shows exactly what is actually happening in the eastern provinces of Ukraine right now... It shows that when the Ukrainian army sees the truth, many definitely question why the hell they are there and others simply stop shooting!!!

The Ukrainian army calls these troops that fire on their own soldiers 'barrier troops', but to me they are cold blooded killers..... I always thought that it was a war crime to shoot POW's????

Is it no wonder that our Jew spew media here does not show this cold reality of exactly what this war in Ukraine is truly all about... They do not want people to see that the Ukrainian army themselves are seeing exactly who they are fighting and have indeed been surrendering rather than slaughter civlians!

It is also a fact that our own criminal governments definitely do not want people to be made aware of this being the reality of what is happening in Ukraine... These criminals are pushing hard for a full blown war with Russia, and if people found out that the Ukrainian army is indeed shooting their own soldiers, there will be so many questions to answer and definitely hell to pay...

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Criminal Canadian Prime Minister Trying To Ram Draconian Rights Stripping Bill C-51 Through Parliament!

"If A Nation's People Ever Sacrifice Their Personal Freedoms And Liberties For The Illusion Of More "Security", That Nation's People Will Wake Up One Day With No Freedoms, No Liberties, And Absolutely No Security!"

I put that in a previous article, and that statement is a variation of the original statement made over 200 years ago by one of the founding fathers of the American republic, Benjamin Franklin.... The above quote is so true and everyone should heed its message...

Right now that criminal scumbag Prime Minister is trying to ram through the horrendous freedom stripping "anti-terrorist" Bill C-51 through the House of Commons in Ottawa... That bill will indeed strip all Canadians of the rights and freedoms that Canadians have enjoyed for well over 100 years!

To show exactly where that horrendous bill stands as of yesterday, I want to present an article that comes from the Winnipeg Free Press online news service, at, where it seems that the criminal Prime Minister of Canada, that scumbag Stephen Harper is indeed trying to get swift passage and have it become Canadian law... First, I have the link to that Winnipeg Free Press report right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am truly sick to call myself a Canadian these days... Most Canadians are just too stupid now and will sleepwalk while our criminal federal government passes this horrific piece of "legislation" that will indeed end Canada as a free society...

The fact is again that there is absolutely NO TERRORIST THREAT as that scumbag tries to claim in getting this bill passed...The entire "war on terror" is a scam, simply because the so called 'terrorists' are indeed US CIA and Israeli Mossad agents..... The US and Israel have invented the present group called "ISIS" to stir up trouble world wide, push for the invasion of Syria itself, and to get their minions in our governments to pass these horrific "laws" that strip people's rights and make them further enslaved to Jewish interests.... 

This should have been a wake up call for all Canadians that our rights and freedoms are at stake if this criminal group of "elected" representatives gets their way.... Hopefully with enough people alerted to this danger, we may yet be able to stop the criminal Harper in his tracks...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Empire Of Debt: This Is A Sign Of The End

It is so sad to watch what is happening in the world right now... The criminal Kiev government in Ukraine has been thwarted in its attacks at the moment in trying to genocide the innocent people of eastern Ukraine who's only crime was to decide in a legal referendum that they had no future with Ukraine itself and want to be independent.... The good guys, these so called eastern Ukrainian "rebels", have won some major victories over the last few weeks in their battle for their very lives, but it appears that the US controlled proxy government in Kiev is indeed a "sore loser" and is about to up the stakes by moving heavy weapons and more troops into that region to again assault the innocent civilian population there....

I am also troubled by all the complete lies and falsehoods being promoted by the liars in our Jew spew "mainstream media"... I could not help but to open a local newspaper here in Canada and read column after column and report after report of such grotesque misinformation about the so called "war" in Ukraine and about the fraudulent "war on terror".... It just sickens me to see all these pure propaganda bullshit reports that are used to fill the dumb ass Canadians here with pure propaganda lies....

It is also shocking to see all the reports here in Canada about this fraud "ISIS" group and again how we must "do something" to stop these "horrific terrorists".... Again and again the reports were all hammering home the lie that Canadians must back our criminal Federal Government in Ottawa, under that Jew dick sucking Stephen Harper, in its insane want to turn Canada into a police state with its upcoming passage of the horrendous Bill C-51 that will indeed strip away Canadian liberties and freedoms for the illusion of "more security" from these "terrorists".....

I am especially troubled by the economic mess that we all face today... We are being saturated everywhere by the lies coming from our Jew spew media about this fraud "terrorist threat" which to me is a diversion for the collapse of our economies.... Everyone everywhere is saturated by unpayable debt and everywhere I see businesses closing, and rapidly rising unemployment... But again, our governments do nothing to battle this horrendous situation, but keep our minds purposely focused in on this insane rush to war......

I do wonder always about how in the hell we got into this mess and what our future holds with this phoney incessant rush to war.... For a great analysis of exactly where we stand today and what our future holds, I want to turn to the following report that comes from Horse237, who writes the most informative website: Video Rebel's Blog, at The article is entitled: "The Empire Of Debt: This Is A Sign Of The End", and I have the link to that article right here for everyone to read for themselves... I have further comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have said countless times in previous articles that this buildup for war is indeed by design.... The criminal Jewish elite has ruined our planet with their fraud "fractional reserve" Usury debt based monetary system that is about to implode and take much of the world down when it happens... These criminals have decided that the only way out is for a major world war that in their sick thinking they believe will re-energize the world economies.... The problem is that any war now could quickly turn nuclear and kill billions of people as a result....

I have long said that the only hope is for all nations to simply cancel their debts instantly.... The Greek Syriza government just this last week had that choice to make and they instead surrendered to the criminal EU much to the chagrin of their own people.... Debt cancelation and telling these criminals that want us all enslaved till the end of time is the only solution....

It does appear that the only way out now to save all the brainwashed sheeple is to indeed have an overthrow of our own governments and an immediate cancelation of debts as well as imprisonment for the scoundrels responsible for the mess.... The alternative is to accept the status quo and watch the world go to hell...

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