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Israel ABSOLUTELY Did 9-11: Must See Important Videos - 9-11 Brainwashing Parts I And II

I do feel like a broken record at times having constantly to reiterate the absolute fact that Israel, acting in accordance with its slaves in the US Government, absolutely did the attacks of September 11th, 2001....It does seem that finally after all these years of having our governments lie and our Jew spew media constantly lie and say otherwise, that people are waking up to the fact that Israel is fully responsible for the deaths of some 3000 innocent people on that fateful day.... Sadly, now over 13 years later, these criminals have yet to see a day in court for their acts of cold blooded murder...

I want to present the following two most important videos here for all of my own readers to view for themselves... They come courtesy of Youtube user: "Alfred S" and are entitled: "9-11 Brainwashing, Parts I and II" ..... I have both of these videos right here for everyone to see for themselves some truths about the attacks of 9-11, our sick world today, and the total criminal Jewish control over our own criminal governments... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What sickened me right off the bat when watching these videos is the complete criminal Jewish control over the Canadian government... Yes, that session of Parliament in Ottawa is very well noted, and it clearly shows the criminal Harper regime's total subservience to their Jewish masters in that they absolutely never answered the clear cut question put forward by the leader of the opposition New Democratic Party... Instead those criminals bowed down to their Jewish criminal slimeball masters and repeated.. Israel, Israel, Israel, and how they suck up to that criminal state!  It is revolting and should be a message for all Canadians that our government does not answer to the Canadian people that were foolish enough to elect them...

I find these two videos very masterfully done, and yes, they do show how the "Holocaust" card has been played again and again, even when it comes to the Israeli attacks of 9-11.... Again, as a Canadian, I cannot even question the authenticity of that part of "history" but only recommend that readers take the time to explore all the real facts and come to their own conclusions.... Until the Canadian government stops sucking up to their Jewish masters and repeals the fraudulent "hate crime" laws that have muzzled free speech in Canada, I will not state my perspective on the authenticity of the entire "Holocaust" here...

These two videos are indeed a "must see" by everyone, and I hope that people do take the time to copy them and spread them around for everyone to see..... The truth about Israel, their massacre of Americans in the 9-11 attacks, and their "Holocaust" must be told...

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Will Greece Leave The Criminal EU And Tell The Criminal Jewish Bankers To Shove It? Syriza's Original 40 Point Manifesto

Again, my apologies to all readers of this blog first and foremost...I have been busy the last few weeks with a lot of personal and business matters, and I have definitely fallen a bit behind in keeping up with what has been going on in the real world the last few weeks.... I am constantly playing "catch up" and I am trying to post articles here when I do find the time... Hopefully most of those matters will clear up shortly, and I will be back and up to speed....

Just a few days ago, someone asked me my opinion of what has just happened in Greece, where the criminally corrupt  regime that did nothing more than kiss Jewish butt and bent over and accepted the criminal IMF and Rothschild bankster's demands for "austerity" measures was thrown out of office and replaced by the "left wing" Syriza party.... The fact is clear that the Syriza party definitely wants to make radical changes to Greece and their original plan was indeed to get rid of the "austerity" measures that have bankrupted Greece, and very possibly leave the European Union itself....I figured that for at least one article I would delve into the situation in Greece and give my own opinion of what I believe may and actually should happen in Greece right now...

Right now, I want to present an interesting article that comes from the Zero Hedge website, at that lays out the entire Syriza Party manifesto of plans that they would implement for Greece if elected... I have that article right here, and I do want everyone to pay attention to several points laid out in their manifesto, including their plans to both nationalize their banks (take them away from the Jewish criminals) and to leave NATO itself... Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Syriza's Original 40 Point Manifesto

Tyler Durden's picture

The daily bulletin of Italy’s Communist Refoundation Party published today the apparently official program of the Greek coalition of the left, Syriza. Here the 40 points of the Syriza program.

  1. Audit of the public debt and renegotiation of interest due and suspension of payments until the economy has revived and growth and employment return.
  2. Demand the European Union to change the role of the European Central Bank so that it finances States and programs of public investment.
  3. Raise income tax to 75% for all incomes over 500,000 euros.
  4. Change the election laws to a proportional system.
  5. Increase taxes on big companies to that of the European average.
  6. Adoption of a tax on financial transactions and a special tax on luxury goods.
  7. Prohibition of speculative financial derivatives.
  8. Abolition of financial privileges for the Church and shipbuilding industry.
  9. Combat the banks’ secret [measures] and the flight of capital abroad.
  10. Cut drastically military expenditures.
  11. Raise minimum salary to the pre-cut level, 750 euros per month.
  12. Use buildings of the government, banks and the Church for the homeless.
  13. Open dining rooms in public schools to offer free breakfast and lunch to children.
  14. Free health benefits to the unemployed, homeless and those with low salaries.
  15. Subvention up to 30% of mortgage payments for poor families who cannot meet payments.
  16. Increase of subsidies for the unemployed. Increase social protection for one-parent families, the aged, disabled, and families with no income.
  17. Fiscal reductions for goods of primary necessity.
  18. Nationalization of banks.
  19. Nationalization of ex-public (service & utilities) companies in strategic sectors for the growth of the country (railroads, airports, mail, water).
  20. Preference for renewable energy and defence of the environment.
  21. Equal salaries for men and women.
  22. Limitation of precarious hiring and support for contracts for indeterminate time.
  23. Extension of the protection of labor and salaries of part-time workers.
  24. Recovery of collective (labor) contracts.
  25. Increase inspections of labor and requirements for companies making bids for public contracts.
  26. Constitutional reforms to guarantee separation of Church and State and protection of the right to education, health care and the environment.
  27. Referendums on treaties and other accords with Europe.
  28. Abolition of privileges for parliamentary deputies. Removal of special juridical protection for ministers and permission for the courts to proceed against members of the government.
  29. Demilitarization of the Coast Guard and anti-insurrectional special troops. Prohibition for police to wear masks or use fire arms during demonstrations. Change training courses for police so as to underline social themes such as immigration, drugs and social factors.
  30. Guarantee human rights in immigrant detention centers.
  31. Facilitate the reunion of immigrant families.
  32. Depenalization of consumption of drugs in favor of battle against drug traffic. Increase funding for drug rehab centers.
  33. Regulate the right of conscientious objection in draft laws.
  34. Increase funding for public health up to the average European level.(The European average is 6% of GDP; in Greece 3%.)
  35. Elimination of payments by citizens for national health services.
  36. Nationalization of private hospitals. Elimination of private participation in the national health system.
  37. Withdrawal of Greek troops from Afghanistan and the Balkans. No Greek soldiers beyond our own borders.
  38. Abolition of military cooperation with Israel.  Support for creation of a Palestinian State within the 1967 borders.
  39. Negotiation of a stable accord with Turkey.
  40. Closure of all foreign bases in Greece and withdrawal from NATO.
That could stir things up a bit
Source: The Greanville Post

NTS Notes: I read all 40 points enclosed in this manifesto, and all I can say is..."Bravo, Greece"....And I do agree with the last comment that this 40 point program will indeed " stir things up a bit"....

The fact is again that Greece has been ruined by the criminal actions of the evil IMF and the Rothschild criminal banking cartel... To nationalize their banks would indeed, if properly implemented, take them out of the hands of these Jewish scoundrels and possibly end Greece's debt subservience through horrific "austerity" measures...

The Syriza party does need to take it one step further than what is laid out in their manifesto, and that is definitely to tell the criminal Jewish bankers to take all of their debt and shove it up their asses... Greece needs to take the Icelandic approach and arrest all of these scoundrels for their crooked actions against the Greek people first and foremost...

I also do agree with Greece getting out of NATO, and possibly the entire EU... What people are not aware of is the fact that Greece has now been making peaceful gestures with the Russian Federation and has opened new trade talks with the BRICS nations to the chagrin of the criminal EU and NATO itself.... The fact is that the European Union has been ruined and turned into a mess by the criminal Rothschild scoundrels and the Greek people rightfully want no part of that disaster...

There is more to this story coming out of Greece, and I will try my best to keep up with new reports when they do come out and to present them here... Stay tuned....

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Turbulent Times Show …. FINALLY!!!!!

Yes, Whitewraithe and I did a show on Blogtalk radio tonight at 7pm CST.. 8 PM for those on the American right coast and for those still recovering from the latest bout of "Global Warming"…

It went over pretty good, but it was only one hour long... We are still learning to master these shows and eventually they will be up to two hours in length...

Here is the link for the show that we just concluded tonight:

Thanks for all for your patience, and I will inform everyone hopefully with enough notice when we do our next broadcast...

And as usual…

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Russia Counters US Big Lies With Hard Truth

*I have been extremely busy the last few days with a lot of work related issues and some family issues to take care of...I am therefore doing my best in trying to put up new articles here when I do find the time... Thanks for your patience...

By now, the reports of US and NATO forces DIRECTLY involved in the civil war in Ukraine has reached everyone and even the Jew spew mainstream media can no longer avoid this issue... The facts are simple that NATO and the US are definitely in defiance of international law and have sent their armed thugs into Ukraine to fight against the innocent civilian population of the eastern provinces...  It is disgusting and I truly am surprised that not much has been done to go after our criminal governments for such an overt act that could indeed lead to war against Russia...

Yes, it does seem that the criminals in the US and NATO are indeed pushing for war with Russia, and have continuously tried to fill everyone's heads with the lies that Russia is the "aggressor" when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine... However, everyone that takes the time to simply do their own research and uses common sense can see otherwise....

Right now, I want to present a great new article from Steven Lendman, through his blog at, that shows how all of the lies being reported about Russia is just that.. Nothing but pure lies to falsely vilify Russia and try to promote the idea that a war with Russia may be needed!  The article is entitled: "Russia Counters US Big Lies With Hard Truth" and the facts presented do indeed blow all of the lies coming out of the Jew spew media and the criminal government in the United States to hell... Here is that article for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Russia Counters US Big Lies with Hard Truths

Russia Counters US Big Lies with Hard Truths

by Stephen Lendman

US Big Lies proliferate with disturbing regularity. Obama is a notorious serial liar. His January 20 State of the Union address the latest example.

A previous article said it combined demagogic rubbish, duplicitous boilerplate, pure fantasy, colossal arrogance, and a contemptible assertion of US supremacy. 

Boastful empty rhetoric substitutes for responsible leadership. Obama's legacy reflects permanent wars on humanity at home and abroad.

More murders by drones than all his predecessors combined. Death squad diplomacy worldwide.

Policies benefitting monied interests only. Force-fed austerity during harder than ever hard times since the Great Depression. 

Overall unprecedented abuse of power. Obama calls it leading "with persistent, steady resolve." 

Including using Kiev's military as a proxy force against Donbas self-defense forces fighting for democratic rights everyone deserves.

Subordinating Europe to America's imperial agenda. Controlling NATO's killing machine. Risking the unthinkable.

Possible nuclear war. Washington bears full responsibility. Blaming Russia for its own crimes. Donbas freedom fighters for defending against Kiev aggression.

On Monday, Security Council members discussed Ukraine. US neocon envoy Samantha Power recited a litany of Big Lies.

Outrageously accused Russia of "supporting, training and fighting alongside (Donbas) separatist forces."

Providing no corroborating evidence whatever. None exists. "Russia's end goal remains the same," she claimed.

"(T)o seize more territory and move the line of Russian-controlled territory deeper and deeper into Ukraine."

Russia's "end goal" is peaceful conflict resolution. No territorial ambitions whatever, 

Plenty of evidence proves it. Plenty more shows Washington wants war without mercy continued.

Supplying Kiev with heavy weapons covertly. Training its military. Directing its war on Donbas.

Increasing numbers of US forces deployed near Russia's borders. US combat troops operating in Ukraine.

Evidence shows direct US involvement in Donbas fighting. Don't expect Power to explain. 

Instead she blamed area self-defense forces for Kiev's Saturday false flag Mariupol attack. Killing 30. Injuring scores of others.

Ludicrously claiming Moscow wants control of Mariupol. A port city. To "provide Russia with another means of supplying separatists."

"And controlling the city would be another step toward creating a land bridge to 'illegally' occupied Crimea."

"Russia continues to try to play the international community for the fool, and blame the violence on the Ukrainians."

Power consistently substitutes Big Lies for hard truths. She mocked Sergey Lavrov's candor days earlier saying "(t)he worsening situation in Ukraine was the result of constant attacks conducted by the Ukrainian government troops, which breached the Minsk agreement."

Power lied claiming otherwise. So does John Kerry. Blaming Russia and rebels for Kiev crimes.

Including its Saturday Mariupol false flag. Kerry calling the incident part of "(t)he separatists' new offensive, not just in Mariupol…but along the ceasefire line."

Ignoring Kiev's Sunday launched aggression. Washington's direct involvement. Kerry reciting a litany of Big Lies claiming otherwise. 

Russia's UN envoy Vitaly Churkin countered Power effectively. Kiev wants war, not peace, he explained. 

Criticized Western Security Council members for "unscrupulous diplomacy." Said Russia "condemns all attacks on civilians, and we grieve for all civilian casualties." 

"In contrast to Kiev, where (Poroshenko) once announced mourning or grieving for some civilian casualties" while systematically slaughtering them.

"Along the frontline they deployed forces and equipment, including heavy weaponry." 

"New mobilizations were announced. They put in new orders to military factories." 

"At the same time, instead of measures for the economic reconstruction of Donbass, a policy of suppress(ion)" remains ongoing.

Churkin denounced Washington and rogue Western powers for "egging on the Ukrainian hawks and covering (up) their inhuman deeds."

"The only thing that will lead to is an even greater catastrophe," he warned.

It's unfolding in plain sight. Because of Washington's hegemonic ambitions.

Waging global wars. Ravaging and destroying one country after another. Ukraine very much in the eye of the storm.

War without end continues. Kiev has done nothing to engage Donbas freedom fighters in "inclusive national dialogue," said Churkin.

Instead, it uses "military means." Aiming to subjugate millions of Donbas residents wanting to live free.

"Apparently peace…is not in (the) interest of Kiev's 'party of war,' " he stressed.

"Official Kiev is sabotaging another" Minsk contact group meeting. Proving it wants war, not peace.

Russia fully complies with Minsk terms, said Churkin. It's "in contact with the sides, the leadership of Ukraine, and the rebels and representatives of interested countries, including in the Normandy format."

Kiev's military bears full responsibility for mass slaughter through "indiscriminate shelling" of civilian areas," Churkin stressed.

"We always condemn all attacks on civilians. And we mourn all civilian victims."

"Unlike Kiev, which declares mourning and commemorations for civilian victims while picking which civilian victims in which regions to mourn." 

"Are the people of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Republics some kind of second-class citizens?"

"It is impossible to ignore the fact that the tragedies of last few days are quite traditionally being used by Kiev to fan the flames of hysteria." 

"The accusations against militias pop up instantaneously, giving an impression they are being 'prepared in advance.' "

"But as soon as the propaganda trick has come to an end, the interest in it falls very rapidly." 

"After some time has passed, very often one finds that the (truth) is very far from what was said initially."

Putin's Friday comments suggests he considers Kiev's regime illegitimate. Largely avoiding calling it a government.

Referring to "official Kiev." "Those responsible." "Kiev authorities." At the same time, calling Kiev's military "not an army, but a (US-controlled) foreign legion, which, of course, doesn't pursue the national interests of Ukraine."

Churkin's comments were similar. Kiev putschists have no legitimacy whatever. Russia perhaps heads closer to saying so explicitly.

Especially with dangerously escalating Donbas conflict. On Tuesday, Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin reported over 50 shelling incidents in the last 24 hours.

Largely indiscriminately targeting civilian areas. Destroying or damaging dozens of buildings.

On Tuesday, RT International cited Russia's Defense Ministry exposing a "low-quality fake" video. 

Showing the confession of a man calling himself a spotter for Saturday's Mariupol shelling.

Close examination of available evidence proves Kiev responsibility for the attack. Wrongfully blamed on rebels.

The video conveniently showed up the day after Mariupol's shelling. According to Russia's Defense Ministry:

"The SBU (Kiev's security service) needed 24 hours to force this story out of a man, which - as we see in the clip - is read by the detainee from a piece of paper located left to the screen."

Kiev's SBU identified him as Valery Kirsnov. Saying he was a DPR rebel spotter. Supposedly sending them locations of Ukrainian military checkpoint positions to attack.

His account was fabricated. Kiev propaganda. "The whole story would be more in place in a spy novel," Russia's Defense Ministry said.

His statement was "notabl(y)" inconsistent, it added. In other words, a Big Lie.

"At 1:42 of his ‘confession’ video, Kirsanov said that he sent his contacts the coordinates of a stationary checkpoint of Ukrainian troops in Vinogradnoe village," Russia's Defense Ministry explained.

"At 2:22 of the clip, when answering the question: 'From where did the fire come?' Kirsanov said with confidence: 'From the direction of Vinogradnoe.' "

"In other words, from the direction where the Ukrainian military checkpoint was stationed."

Vinogradnoe is 3.5km from Mariupol's shelled area. The minimum Grad rocket range. The weapons used in Saturday's attack.

A previous article called it Kiev's latest false flag. Three in January. Likely more to come. Perhaps a Ukrainian 9/11 wrongfully blamed on Russia and Donbas rebels.

Kiev wants US-dominated NATO more heavily involved. Perhaps something big is planned to turn Donbas into more of a killing field than already.

Will large numbers of US combat troops get involved? Will Obama bomb Donbas like Syria and Iraq?

Target area freedom fighters with drones? America didn't initiate war through its Kiev proxy to quit. 

Odds favor escalated fighting ahead. The reliable Colonel Cassad site calls war in Ukraine "an armed insurgency against the fascist regime in Kiev and the regime's subsequent attempts to suppress it."

With full US support and encouragement. Including funding, training, heavy weapons and direct US involvement on the ground.

Heading perhaps dangerously closer to Russia's border. If conflict crosses the line, all bets are off.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

NTS Notes:  I truly as a Canadian are sick and tired of the false rhetoric being promoted about Russia by our own government in Ottawa, along with the liars in the Canadian Jew spew media....

The facts are again that the people of the Donbass region of Ukraine did vote last year in a peaceful referendum to end their association with the criminally corrupt regime in Kiev... That referendum was peaceful, without any incidents, and was perfectly legal under international law... However, again the criminals in Kiev refused the results of that referendum and have labeled those who voted peacefully to end their association with Ukraine, "rebels"...... It is so sad that so many innocent civilians have now lost their lives in this useless slaughter being conducted by the Ukrainian army.....

It definitely is time for people to understand that Russia is not the 'villain' as these liars constantly try to proclaim.... People do need to wake up to that fact because again these psychos in our governments are gunning for a direct conflict with the Russian Federation that could lead to nuclear armageddon....

Another great article to spread around and get people to wake up to the truth about what exactly is happening in Ukraine and again the fact that Russia is NOT the villain in this "conflict"...

More to come


Monday, January 26, 2015

Proof Positive Of American Soldiers Fighting (Illegally) Right Now In Ukraine!

I released an article on Friday that questioned whether or not the forces of the criminal NATO organization was sending troops directly into the fighting in Ukraine... It must be known that according to NATO's own charter, they are NOT supposed to be involved in Ukraine due to the fact that (a) NATO itself is for "defensive" purposes and was formed as a defense against former Soviet "aggression" against Europe... and (b) Ukraine is NOT a part of NATO itself, and according to NATO's own charter, NATO forces are not supposed to be involved in conflicts in non-NATO countries..... However, things are not as it seems, for just three years ago, NATO became an aggressor and an offensive force when it invaded and destroyed the non-NATO nation of Libya!   I have long suspected that the "civil war" in Ukraine, which is not a NATO nation, is not as it seems, and my previous article showed that NATO forces were actually in Ukraine and fighting against the so called "rebels" of the eastern Ukrainian provinces....

Yes, NATO involvement in the Ukraine civil war is bad enough and considering that EVERY single NATO nation has come out and flat out said that their forces are absolutely not in Ukraine right now which is a lie of course, I do suspect that the United States is also directly involved in the Ukraine civil war without the approval of the American public..... And lo and behold, we have these two short videos right here that shows proof positive that Aemerican forces are definitely in the eastern Ukrainian provincial city of Mariupol..The first video is especially telling, where a Russia Today news crew catches up with one of the Ukrainian "fighters" and they are shocked to see that this Ukrainian soldier are actually an US soldier!   First, Here are those short videos, and you can clearly hear in the first video where the "soldier" response to the question by the reporter is in clear American English.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, again as in my previous article on this abomination, where the hell is the general public outcry in all this?   The criminals behind NATO and the US military are definitely directly involved in the civil war in Ukraine fighting alongside the criminal Ukrainian military as it attempts to slaughter the civilians in the eastern provinces there.... This is a clear violation of every sense of international law and shows again that we have been lied to by our own governments....

This is also a very scary situation in Ukraine... The US and NATO sending forces directly into that conflict means that they are also lying their asses off to the Russians who have clearly stated that there should be NO outside influence and NO outside forces sent into that conflict.... This means that Russia could legally and very likely respond in kind by sending in their own forces to assist the civilians in the eastern provinces... That could lead to an escalation and direct war with Russia itself...

It is apparent now that the lunatics in charge of our governments are indeed pushing for a major conflict and want to use Ukraine as the trigger point... War with Russia would be devastating to the entire planet, and I for one want to demand that our crooked governments first come clean about their obvious lies and to stop this madness instantly!

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Turbulent Times Show Delayed Until Wednesday...

Whitewraithe and myself tried our first 'Turbulent Times' show via Blogtalk radio tonight at 7PM CST…And things did not go according to plan.....

We had nothing but technical issues... I was stuck talking to myself basically for 10 minutes before she ended the show thinking that I was not connected!

We will try again tomorrow evening for around 7PM CDT on Tuesday (Not Monday as originally noted...).... Hopefully that will give everyone proper notice...  I will send a note out tomorrow for the definite start of that show....

The call in number will be 1-347-857-2203, and as of right now we are having difficulty in getting associated Skype calls going, and trying to have that alleviated in time for tomorrow night's show....

We are also relaunching our chat room, and it will be active for the Tuesday show....  The site is at, and everyone is welcome to join in there….

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and again I must apologize for the failure of tonight's broadcast.. We are new with Blogtalk Radio, and trying to work the bugs out!!

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*Updated Monday, January 26th --- Whitewraithe is working with Blogtalk to fix the bugs she has in accessing Blogtalk... Hopefully we will have everything in order in time for tomorrow... Again, thanks for your patience!

*Updated Tuesday, January 27th --- Work demands today are requiring that I may have to reschedule the Blogtalk show until Wednesday.  I have informed Whitewraithe and will update this article shortly….

* My apologies for anyone that actually waited yesterday for a show… I was tied up with work until after 8pm CST.. AND Wraithe herself was a bit hoarse…. Show on Wednesday though...

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 25th, 2015


Good morning... It is Sunday, January 25th, and as usual I am sitting back and just now typing my usual weekly rant..  I usually use this rant to cover as many issues of the week as possible and to cover and touch upon some of those issues that I may have missed....

I have gotten into the habit now of using Saturdays as my "down time" and to spend the day on catching up on personal and family matters.... I had a load of different articles prepared to post yesterday, but instead I figured that I would cover the material in my Sunday rant.... So here it goes.....

First, someone asked me to put up either a few comments or an article covering that horrific "American Sniper" POS movie that has been produced by Jew spew Hollywood (or what I like to call "Jew"lywood), and honestly I cannot understand the massive hype that garbage is getting... Lets get right to the point on this here... This movie is based upon the life of one "Chris Kyle" who wrote a book just a few years back called "American Sniper".... In that book, this mass killing freak of nature describes his time in the American military and especially when he was part of the American invasion/occupation force in Iraq... During that time he was called upon due to his superior shooting skills to go and kill innocent women and children who in most cases had the only crime of being Iraqi civilians caught up in the fighting and being in the wrong place at the wrong time....In his book he claims that he personally killed some "160" people, but I suspect the number is actually significantly higher... To me, there is something seriously wrong with the American mindset and the American psyche that they are glorifying this murderer, and I am appalled that the Jew run "Academy Awards" has the gall to give this POS "movie" some 6 "Academy Awards" nominations....

The sad part is that this load of garbage and pure American propaganda BS "movie" called "American Sniper" may win many of those nominations and thus again show how these "awards" are complete and utter crap.. Does anyone remember how that garbage Jew spew movie called "Zero Dark Thirty" won several awards a few years back and was nothing more than pure bullshit and lies about the "killing" of "Osama bin Laden" in that fraud raid in Pakistan back in 2011?  Just a heads up for everyone that still is living in their dream world...Osama bin Laden (US CIA agent Tim Osman) died in mid-December 2001 from natural causes (complications due to kidney failure) and was buried with the usual ritual Islamic ceremonies in the mountains of northern Afghanistan.... That "raid" on the "compound" in Pakistan back in May 2011 was pure propaganda bunk and bullshit... There was no "bin Laden" at that compound, and the entire escapade was a stunt conducted by the United States itself to finally "kill" their boogeyman "bin Laden" and to somehow promote that lying POS President Barry Soetoro as some kind of hero.....I really have had to laugh that some 9.5 years after the real bin Laden died, that these criminals finally decided to put their phoney bin Laden out of its misery....Sadly, too many stupid and ignorant people have fallen for that deception and still believe it to this day!

But getting back to this "American Sniper" POS movie....Joe Cortina put out a most amazing article some 2.5 years back (link here) that is a serious must read by everyone... Joe blasts that "American Sniper" book by this Chris Kyle freak of nature, and calls him exactly what he is... A mass murdering psycho..... I personally have not read that book by this Chris Kyle character (thank goodness) but from what I have read over the alternative media, Joe Cortina is absolutely spot on..... To glorify the murder of innocent people and to some how justify it is just plain wrong, and shows the sickness of the American military and the American psyche that it is promoted so highly in a "movie"..... I personally have had no intention of actually watching that "movie" but in a conversation with Whitewraithe just the other night, she asked me to watch the movie online and to give her my impression first.... I watched a bit of it last night, and all I saw was pure American propaganda at its worst again.... The bottom line here is I am worried about the entire state of American society now considering that there have been so many people that have actually gone and paid their good money to sit in movie theaters to watch this "movie".....Honestly, has the state of America slid this far down the road to ruination?  As far as I am concerned for those who have not seen this "American Sniper" yet.. Save your money and not pay homage to the killing and slaughter of innocent people....

Today is an important day for the declining European Union... Today the good people of Greece are voting in what is supposed to be a "fair" general election for the future of their nation.... Today, the proud people of Greece are voting for all 300 seats in the Hellenic Parliament, and my hopes are that the Greeks finally put an end to the sniveling cowardice of the previous Parliament who did nothing for the Greek people other than to vote for horrific "austerity" measures for the Greek nation that would have permanently put Greece into the enslavement of Jewish Rothschild banking interests.... The Greeks had suffered for the last decade at least under horrific measures imposed by the criminal IMF and of course the European Union that has turned Greece's economy into a wasteland... The criminals in charge of their government have allowed the criminal Jew run IMF to impose one "austerity" measure after another that has crushed Greece under a debt that absolutely can never be paid off....The people have finally had enough as far as I can see, and hopefully they will first throw out all the bums in their Parliament and then push for Greece itself to go the Icelandic way and get OUT of the European Union and at the same time tell the Jewish banking scum to take their "austerity" and put it where the sun does not shine....Greece needs to have a government that does not bow down to Jewish criminal interests and especially to the Rothschild scum....The talk is that the opposition "SYRIZA" party is going to handily win this election and possibly pull Greece out of the EU, but considering how every "election" that we have ever seen seems to be now full of so much corruption and criminal high-jinx, I doubt if this Greek election will be both fair and have the outcome reflect the will of the Greek people....If the outcome shows corruption and cheating, as expected, then there may be no hope for the Greek people other than a violent revolution.....

I put it as straight forward in my most recent article about what the hell is going on in Ukraine right now, and I am deeply shocked that it never got the viewing or response that it should have... Right now, we all are being LIED to about the true situation in Ukraine, especially about the fighting in the eastern provinces... The criminal US bought and paid for regime in Kiev is right now launching a major offensive using American weapons against innocent civilians in the eastern provinces who's only crime was to vote in a legal and binding referendum to end their association with the criminals in Kiev....Much like the good people of Crimea who voted overwhelmingly in a referendum back in the spring of 2014 to free themselves of the tyranny of the Kiev regime and rejoin the Russian Federation, the people of these eastern provinces had enough and also voted overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine.... The criminal Kiev regime would not accept the results of that referendum and have for the last 8 months or so turned the Ukrainian military loose on the eastern provincial cities and has committed acts of genocide against innocent civilians.... To top it all off, we have had these recurring stories that the forces of NATO would not be involved in the Ukrainian "civil war" simply because Ukraine itself is NOT a NATO nation.  The NATO charter has always called for the "defense" of its neighbors against acts of aggression from outside forces against such nation or against the entire organization... However, and this is important here, NATO was never formed to be an "offensive" pact and thus is not supposed to operate outside of its scope and charter of being "defensive" only.....

BUT over the last few years, the true nature of NATO has now been seen in its true ugly light... First we have had the "war" against Libya a few years ago where NATO was used as an aggressive offensive force to attack and destroy that nation.  That was a clear violation of the entire NATO charter and has signaled to the entire planet that NATO has changed and has indeed become an offensive weapon.... NOW came interesting news out of the Russia Today news service just last week that when the so called "rebels" fighting for their very survival in the eastern provinces of Ukraine reconquered the embattled Donetsk airport, they came across fighters that were NOT part of the Ukrainian army, but were distinctly in NATO uniforms!   I have poured over many articles over the last few days, and NOWHERE have I seen anything coming over either the alternative or Jew spew media that states that NATO has committed its combat troops to the Ukrainian side in their civil war!   What we have here is clearly the criminal NATO organization sending in their forces to help the Ukrainian army destroy and kill the civilians of the east without telling the entire world and especially the Russian Federation.... NATO is clearly lying to the entire planet when they say that they are not "involved" in Ukraine, when in reality they are again circumventing their charter and are being an aggressor..... It is also a dangerous game that NATO is playing because they are now directly poking the Russian bear and could invoke a serious response by Russia itself..... I have said it before in many articles and rants that the psychos behind NATO and the United States are pushing for a war directly with Russia itself, and their violations in Ukraine could trigger such a war.... I am not ready to see billions of people die as a result and I sure hope that others feel the same way.

In other news... The King of Saudi Arabia died last week, and I am troubled by the response we are seeing by so called 'world leaders' for the death of the mass murdering Jewish criminal Saudi King Abdullah.   Saudi Arabia has to me always been one of the most backward of all Muslim nations, where the Jewish house of Saud has ruled that nation with an iron fist and the people of Saudi Arabia have lived under tyranny for decades... Saudi Arabia has always committed barbaric acts against its own citizens where a common method of justice is still the beheading of criminals.... But of course Saudi Arabia has always been one of the major oil producers of the planet, and thus has basically had many nations such as the United States do its bidding when it comes to world affairs.....It is pathetic to see the outpouring coming from the government of the United States and so many other nations, including my own here in Canada, in paying tribute to that mass murdering freak that occupied the Saudi throne and placed the Saudi people under such brutality, but hey... Oil and money talks......The fact is that the incoming new leadership in Saudi Arabia is just as brutal as the previous one, and of course is still Jewish.... The people of Saudi Arabia may have dreams of change, but that change is not coming any time soon....

I again have to ask why the American people would ever allow that mass murdering freak of nature who calls himself "Benjamin Netanyahu" (real name is Benyamin Miliewkowsky) to speak in front of the US government House of Representatives this coming February 11th, in spite of no approval from Barry Soetoro's own government itself?   This action by that sniveling POS John Boehner and a few other Jew butt kissers is clearly a violation of American law, especially in their own government, and smells of treason.... I am very shocked that most Americans are now so chemicalized and dumbed down by the poisons in their food and water that there is not more public outcry by this criminal action by their own so called 'elected' representatives.... This mass murdering psychotic freak of nature who calls himself "Israel's Prime Minister" will go in front of the American government and basically give each and every one of the "Congress critters" their marching orders when it comes to the innocent nation of Iran.....This blood thirsty freak of nature wants again for his American slaves to attack and destroy Iran for the glory of his freak nation of Israel.... The truly sad part will also be when this war criminal starts talking and then gets standing ovation after standing ovation by his slaves and minions in the US Government.....Pathetic is an understatement here.... I truly hope that the American people take a stand against this atrocity and take a good hard look finally at the fact that their own government does not represent their nation, but is totally subservient to criminal Jewish interests....

Yes, while Americans are lulled to sleep, their own government is again pushing for a war against Iran (again)... Sadly we are again seeing the ramping up of lies about Iran and its non-existent "nuclear weapons" program, and we see the criminal and psychotic state of Israel doing the prodding for war......Again, the real hypocrisy in all this is the simple fact that Iran does not have one nuclear weapon, period, and has no intention of ever building such devices... And yet we again have that psychotic nation of Israel sitting there with hundreds of nuclear weapons and the will to use them to destroy at least 1/2 the planet in their insane "Samson Option"..... But again, these criminal Jews and their control of both governments and media are harping the lies that Iran is such a "threat" and that an attack on that peaceful nation is a necessity.... It is pathetic to see so many people these days still brainwashed by the lies of the Jew spew media about Iran, and many are being fooled into the belief that a war is required that would destroy that nation and kill millions of innocent people...

I cannot understand the mindset of most Americans (and Canadians as well) these days... Our economic collapse is now a reality, and yet all the news coming over the Jew spew media this last week was about a laughable incident that happened in the glorious National Football League just last weekend... Supposedly the game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts has now been "tainted" by allegations that the Patriots "cheated" by "under inflating" their footballs for the entire first half of that snorefest of a game.. I am deeply shocked that this has taken up so much of the "news" for the entire week, and to me I keep saying "Are you kidding me?"..... It shows how pathetic and troubling America has become that while their nation is now a train wreck in slow motion, so much of their time has now been taking up in worrying that one professional sports team may have "cheated" to get to the "big game"..... Honestly to me, who cares about this "deflate-gate" garbage?  Has America slid down the road to its self destruction so badly now that this is "news"?

Well.... I guess that is enough for now.... I know that I may have missed a few headlines so far in this rant, and as usual I will try to touch on those here in my usual "last minute tidbits"...... Al Gore and his phonies behind the "Global Warming" fraud are now calling for the planet to invest some $90 TRILLION dollars to build more "compact" cities to eliminate the need for automobiles and thus cut "carbon emissions".  To me, this stinks of the entire "Agenda 21" plan which has always been to force people out of rural areas, and squeeze them into large and condensed cities only.  I have always said that Al has had an agenda, and we may finally be seeing it.......Why am I not surprised by the reports that show that the Rothschilds themselves bought that phony "Charlie Hebdo" magazine just a month back?  That entire fraud "shooting" stunk to high heaven from the start, and now we are seeing more and more of what it truly was all about.  I hope the people of France now enjoy their crack down on freedoms and their new police state.......Jew run Disney is now banning people from their "theme parks" unless they provide proof of vaccinations? Yes, Disney parks have had a rash of outbreak of Measles, but to demand that everyone that attends their atrocious parks be "vaccinated" stinks to high heaven.  My suggestion to everyone is to avoid these parks and save your money.....Yes, reports came out that Jewish criminal George Soros (who I call Dr. Evil) fully funded the so called riot groups that stirred up so much trouble in Ferguson, Missouri last year.  That figures, because the Jews want their nice little race war in America and are indeed using the blacks as their pawns in such a war.  I have to ask why George Soros is not in jail for this act of crime?  But again, there are laws for the chosen ones which are different than the laws for everyone else.....The Jews are moving now to "criminalize Antisemitism" at the United Nations.  I knew this was coming in the aftermath of the fraud "Charlie Hebdo" shooting, and I sure hope that people do take a stand against this atrocity.   I need not go into detail about the facts that these criminals have to be actually Semites first before they can even scream their lies of "antisemitism".......I saw new reports this week that shows clearl evidence that so called "mental illness" has been badly and falsely misdiagnosed for the last century at least.  I have said in previous articles that the entire world of "psychiatry" is a fraud and that since most of the so called "psychiatrists" are Jews, that most are definitely frauds.  Some people, especially my favorite "commentators" have long said I was "nuts" but now I can show them clear evidence that proves otherwise ;-).......Whitewraithe and I have taken the plunge and have now formed a "Blog Talk radio" show.   Our first show is coming, and I will alert everyone when it happens.  We will have a call in number and the shows will be "live" when possible.  We are also going to get our "Turbulent Times" chat room going again.  I hope that everyone takes the time to tune in, and I do thank them for their patience.......NO Barkley's Premiere League soccer this week, and I am going through a withdrawal.  Arsenal plays Aston Villa next week and thanks to their win last week against Manchester City Citizens, things may be finally looking up for the Gunners......Hey, with no soccer, at least I have the Kardashians.  Yikes.  OK, lets see what is happening in the world of my favorite trollops and skanks.  Actually it appears to be a quiet week for a change.  I again think it is about time that I gave up on my reports on these trolls.  There are so many other so called "celebrities" that are dregs to humanity out there.  Any suggestions for a new target?

More to come