Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's True Colors Revealed: Zionist Globalist Shill!

Living in Canada, I have been watching closely as our neighbour to our south, the United States of America, has rapidly fallen into destitute and where its own government is teetering on the verge of collapse, or martial law. There has always been some solace in the idea that our Canadian political system is more robust and that our leadership is not under the Zionist yoke.

However, the following article that I found through www.rense.com and from the website: www.canadianfreepress.com reveals the truth about Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and how he is nothing more than a Zionist shill bent on the destruction of freedom and democracy and a shill bent on the instalment of his Zionist masters' "New World Order" and one world government. Here is that article, with my comments to follow:

Enlightened Sovereignty

Canadian Prime Minister Delivers Global Governance Plan

By Dr. Charles McVety Tuesday, February 9, 2010

During the January 2010 World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the current Chairman of the G-20, presented the upcoming agenda for the G-20 and G-8 meetings to be held in Ontario in June. Many were shocked to hear this Conservative leader declare that “we also know markets need governance. For the new global economy, the G-20 is what we have.” Harper went on to speak as an avowed Keynesian committed to a one world global economy, creating a world “we have been trying to build since 1945”.

He went on to warn the world that national self interest sovereignty must be opposed to stave off a greater crisis than the current recession. For the next several months leading up to and including the G-20 meetings, Stephen Harper will be attempting to convince the world to find global unity of purpose and adopt what he calls “Enlightened Sovereignty”.

As Chairman, Harper reviewed the progress of the G-20 establishing unprecedented cooperation at their first meeting in Washington, November 2008 and then establishing the necessary institutions in London, April 2009. It was at these meetings where the leaders of 90% of the world’s economy agreed to walk in lock step to combat the global stock market crash. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared that the one world system was now in place but needed governance. In London the Financial Stability Board was established with the stated objective “overseeing and regulating all systemically important financial institutions” around the world. Harper added “We established what we christened the Framework” and that “National systems should be subject to international review.”

This now apparently homogenous group of leaders, acting in harmony and unison is described as “true Keynesians” by the Prime Minister. John Maynard Keynes’ 1940’s macroeconomic strategy is the path the G-20 chose as all twenty governments are implementing his theory of massive deficit spending to jumpstart the economy. The result is unprecedented national debt that threatens to cripple our future and even destroy capitalism. Keynes was well known for agreeing with Vladimir Lenin on how to bring down free market based societies. Keynes wrote “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” As our debt spirals out of control our leaders could be leading us down the path of destruction.

John Maynard Keynes was of dubious character in many ways. He was horribly racist and anti-Semitic. As a Nazi sympathiser, he shared Hitler’s view of eugenics as the Director of the British Eugenics Society. Keynes made many vulgar slurs using the N-word to describe African-Americans and striking out a Jewish people stating that “[Jews] have in them deep-rooted instincts that are antagonistic and therefore repulsive to the European”. Keynes was also well-known for living a promiscuous lifestyle having sex with both men and women.

Massive government infusion the markets by borrowing trillions of dollars and inserting it into the economy

Keynes’ world views were equally troubling. After the stock market crash of 1929 the world searched for answers to resolve the apparent failings of the capitalist system. Some turned to Communism, others like Hitler turned to Socialism. On the surface Keynesian theory allowed for continued capitalism with periodic massive government infusion the markets by borrowing trillions of dollars and inserting it into the economy. In 1944 this theory was implemented at the Bretton Woods New Hampshire, Conference as Western leaders met to establish the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Also on the table was Keynes’ one world currency he called the Bancor. Recently China’s economic leader Zhou Xiaochuan has asked the world to revisit implementation of the Bancor.

What is most surprising about Prime Minister Harper’s statements and actions is the fact that he has been a life long opponent of Keynesian economics. Harper used to be well known for opposing deficit spending and he wrote his Master’s thesis against political manipulation of the economy. Somehow he had an epiphany on the Road to Damascus and has been converted to Keynes’ global economic system. He promptly scrapped his balanced budget and replaced it with a massive deficit spending plan. In Harper’s speech he explains “If I may be indulged in a personal recollection, what I saw at the Washington Summit made a huge impression upon me. Nations whose interests have been often at odds, nations with different traditions of governance — rivals, even former enemies — found themselves addressing common problems with a common will. In this globalized economy, they recognized that a flood engulfing one would soon swamp them all. So, even though these twenty-some leaders all represented sovereign states, they agreed to common, synchronized actions to chart the same course toward calmer waters.”

With Harper’s new found enlightenment he went on to describe this new “global economy” with hope saying “But ladies and gentlemen, in that brief parting of the veil, I saw world leadership at its best, a glimpse of a hopeful future — one where we act together for the good of all. The world we have been trying to build since 1945. The world we want for our children and grandchildren. It can be done if we act together.”

With new globalist vigour the G-20 Chairman announced that his task this year is to fight against national sovereignty amongst the twenty nations. He first warned of the perils that would follow if sovereignty was exercised. No one wants to see another massive economic crash described as a double dipped recession or even worse a recession. Harper admonished all stating that “In fact, if inadequate regulation is not addressed, I believe the consequences could actually be worse than before this crisis.”

With a heavy hand raised the Chairman then laid out his strategy for this year. “So, when the G-20 resumes in Toronto, the discussion should be less about new agreements than accountability for existing ones. Less about lofty promises than real results. Less about narrow self-interest in sovereignty’s name, than an expanded view of mutual-interest in which there is room for all to grow and prosper. Enlightened sovereignty, then, the natural extension of enlightened self-interest. … This is ‘enlightened sovereignty.’

With national sovereignty dead, the world can move forward together. Harper uses the words of former U.S. Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, the driving force in the creation of the United Nations, who stated ‘to be sure, no piece of social machinery, however well-constructed, can be effective unless there is back of it a will and a determination to make it work.’ The global economic “social machinery” is now in place. All that needs to be done is to develop a world-wide will to subject ourselves to them. Harper went on to appeal “We must find that unity of purpose…. We must bring a sense of shared responsibility…… To be succinct, the real test of the G-20 going forward, is that it develops and sustains among its members a sense of shared responsibility towards the global economy.”

All of these wonderful words of cooperation, shared responsibility, common purpose for the good of mankind, sound so beautiful but eerily familiar. These are the ideals of Communism, Socialism, Marxism and other failed systems of government. In fact Harper spoke well of Communism in his speech saying “Keynesianism is a bit like Communism: according to those who advocate it, neither has been properly attempted.” History warns us not to repeat the errors of our past. Prime Minister Stephen Harper may have good intentions with the “proper” implementation of a Keynesian global economic system promising that we will “chart new beginnings for humanity worldwide” but my fear is that the destruction of national sovereignty and global economic governance will lead to even worse ends than the numerous attempts to implement Communism.

NTS Notes: This should be a wake up call to all Canadians. Canadians have been duped into electing this Zio-poodle, and he is finally showing his true colors, definitely!

It seems that while I have been focusing on the failure of the American political system and how its politicians bow to their Zionist masters, I have badly missed out the fact that Canada's elected Members of Parliament are absolutely no better, and are just as controlled as the Americans. Never again!

I hope that this article gets out to as many Canadian readers as possible, because it definitely reveals Stephen Harper's true colors: A Zionist Globalist Shill!

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Well! We knew it all along, didn't we, mon ami?

Quite honestly there is nothing here that surprises me at all. What p#sses me off is that this smarmy badstart is taking Canada with him. I can see his Chabad masters already whispering into his ear and leading him on.

He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. It is for this purpose that the Rothschild's entertained him years ago and promised him the leadership of Canada.It is for this that during both elections, they had their media keep the voters away from his evil and thinking of frivolities instead.

An embarrassment to us all. Dang I wish the next time he walked by a flag pole with the Canadian flag it snapped and landed on his head.

I have run out of space for images in my blog and trying to figure out a plan cos I cannot pay for more space. So I will be reposting this just as is. I am trying to fix this problem but so far, being the whiz with programmes that I am, not much success.

Anonymous said...

Looking from the south Canada seems farther along the Bolshevik road than the U.S.A.
Our Constitution and habits have got in the way of the central planners.
I see the Constitution as a contract. I think other Americans do too.
It's why AR-15s are selling like hotcakes.