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WHY Is This Not A War Crime: The Cancer Of War- US Used Depleted Uranium In Syria!

Everyone that remembers the illegal and horrible war that the US launched against Iraq in 2003, also remembers the FACT that the US military used depleted Uranium munitions against the Iraqi "military" and especially against its civilians... The result of that horrible act that should be a war crime is that Iraq is presently irradiated with depleted Uranium all over the country and the half-life of this horrible chemical is almost 4.5 BILLION years!   The people of Iraq have suffered tremendously thanks to this horrible act by the United States, where thousands of innocent Iraqis are now dying from radiation poisoning, and more and more Iraqi children are now being born with severe birth defects...

Iraq was bad enough for the usage of depleted Uranium against innocent civilians, but now comes a most important report from the Ron Paul Institute website, at, where the US  finally admitted this last week that they did indeed use this same depleted Uranium ordinance against Syrian "targets" (civilians)!  Here is that article, entitled: "The Cancer Of War: US Used Depleted Uranium In Syria" for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Cancer of War: US Used Depleted Uranium in Syria


Despite vowing not to use depleted uranium (DU) weapons in its military action in Syria, the US government has now admitted that it has fired thousands of the deadly rounds into Syrian territory. As Foreign Policy Magazine reports:
US Central Command (CENTCOM) spokesman Maj. Josh Jacques told Airwars and Foreign Policy that 5,265 armor-piercing 30 mm rounds containing depleted uranium (DU) were shot from Air Force A-10 fixed-wing aircraft on Nov. 16 and Nov. 22, 2015, destroying about 350 vehicles in the country’s eastern desert.
Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman John Moore said in 2015 that:
US and coalition aircraft have not been and will not be using depleted uranium munitions in Iraq or Syria during Operation Inherent Resolve.
Now we know that is not true. 

Numerous studies have found that depleted uranium is particularly harmful when the dust is inhaled by the victim. A University of Southern Maine study discovered that:
...DU damages DNA in human lung cells. The team, led by John Pierce Wise, exposed cultures of the cells to uranium compounds at different concentrations.

The compounds caused breaks in the chromosomes within cells and stopped them from growing and dividing healthily. 'These data suggest that exposure to particulate DU may pose a significant [DNA damage] risk and could possibly result in lung cancer,' the team wrote in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.
We should remember that the United States is engaged in military activities in Syria in violation of international and US law. There is no Congressional authorization for US military action against ISIS in Syria and the United Nations has not authorized military force in violation of Syria's sovereignty either. 

The innocent citizens of Syria will be forced to endure increased risks of cancer, birth defects, and other disease related to exposure to radioactive materials. Depleted uranium is the byproduct of the enrichment of uranium to fuel nuclear power plants and has a half-life in the hundreds of millions of years. Damage to Syrian territory will thus continue long after anyone involved in current hostilities is dead.

Copyright © 2017 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.

NTS Notes:  I knew that the US was in fact diabolically targeting innocent Syrian civilians for years under the falsehood of 'attacking ISIS targets', and now they also have admitted that they have indeed been using depleted Uranium munitions in those attacks for years...

Yes, this should be a war crime.. There is no need what so ever to use depleted Uranium against any targets, and that usage will indeed now irradiate areas of Syria just as badly as what has happened in Iraq...

And for those who still somehow think that the US was using these munitions to 'target ISIS', they need to again have a reality check.. I have stated clearly for years now the fact here at this blog that there is NO 'TERRORISTS', period, end of story....These "terrorists" that we all hear about have been proven to be Mossad/CIA operatives under the guidance, control, and financing, of the US and the Israeli governments.... Therefore for the US military to claim that these munitions were ONLY targeting"ISIS" is supreme and utter bullshit!

I am indeed sick and tired of the incessant war crimes committed by the US military and government... But I do wonder what diabolical act they will commit next against innocent civilians...

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Important Health News: Americans Wake Up To The Dangers Of Vaccines And Begin Rejecting Dangerous Medicine!

Many readers at this blog are fully aware of how this winter has been absolutely BRUTAL to yours truly in regards to my being in a constant fight against a severe viral infection and sinus/throat infection.... I have indeed been a bit "under the weather" for well over a month now, and only in the last week have I actually been feeling like my old self... Lets face it, for this "virus" and infection that I caught well over a month ago has ben a lingering pain in the ass, and I am finally so glad to be almost over this damn thing...

Just last week, I ran into a colleague at work that said I "did not look too good" and I explained to him that I have been fighting this damn infection/cold/virus for over a month and that I was actually on the mend, even if I did not look it.... He then said to me that I "should have gone out to get my "annual flu shot"".... I was astounded and asked him if HE had his "flu shot" and he replied that every single member of his family and friends ALWAYS go out every year at this time to get their "flu shot"!  All I could do at this point was to say NOTHING and just turn around and walk away in disgust... I have been writing for years on the dangers of vaccines and other so called 'medications" that absolutely do NOT work, and from this experience I see that I need to keep up the fight and get the truth about vaccines and other so called "medications" to anyone that reads this blog....

Once again, I have found a fabulous report that this time shows that maybe people are actually using their brains in regards to 'vaccines" and other so called "medications".... And right now, I want to present the following report, from the "Stillness In The Storm" website, at, that is entitled: "Americans Wake Up To The Dangers Of Vaccines And Other Medications"... It is a reprint of an original article from Natural News, at, and is a must read by everyone, and especially those who still do not understand the reality about vaccines, and I have it right here in its entirety... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Americans Wake up to the Dangers of Vaccines and Begin Rejecting Dangerous Medicine

(Vicki BattsA new report from the CDC Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices has revealed that fewer Americans are getting vaccinated than ever. According to the committee, adults in the United States are not getting as many vaccines as they would like.Related 10 Vaccine Facts Everyone Should Know | That The Mainstream Media Still Refuses To Report

Source - Natural News

by Vicki Batts, February 17th, 2017

Recent data from a new Pew Research Center survey has also revealed that parents of young children are growing increasingly skeptical of the safety of immunizations, like the MMR vaccine. While the majority of Americans still approve of vaccination, the numbers are beginning to shift. For example, 17 percent of Americans supported parents’ right to choose.

Young adults, in particular, appear to be leading the charge in this new development. Adults younger than 30 were reportedly less inclined to believe that the risks of the MMR vaccine outweighed its benefits compared to older age groups. Roughly 79 percent believed MMR benefits outweighed the risks in the under-30 set, while older age groups averaged around 90 percent.

Related Major Yale Study Shows Vaccines Tied to Multiple Brain Disorders

Questioning the validity of vaccine science

Part of this is attributed to the growing number of people that are beginning to question vaccine safety and efficacy. While there has been no shortage of scrutiny for those who dare to contest the mainstream belief that vaccines are unequivocally safe, there are plenty of reasons why more Americans should be free to make their own decisions — and question the government’s protocols.

One of the most questionable aspects of vaccines no doubt lies within the fact that onlymanufacturer-funded and designed studies are required to prove a product’s safety and to win FDA approval. You can see already where that would be problematic.

A paper on the topic of industry funding of clinical trials was published by JAMA in 2003. The paper notes that industry-funded clinical trials are often subject to a host of issues that correlate with businesses protecting their corporate interests, whether they be financial or otherwise. For example, withholding the reporting of data is also not uncommon, though it is certainly frowned upon.

Bias can exist in industry-funded studies in a variety of ways, and it would be tough to argue that clinical trials of vaccines are somehow immune to something that is rampant in other parts of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Healthy user bias” is a common issue when it comes to vaccine science. You see, healthy people are more likely to be vaccinated than people who already have signs of certain diseases or conditions. Doctors often do not recommend vaccines to people who have pre-existing conditions, like immune system disorders. These people, even in the absence of vaccines as a whole, would still be more prone to disease.

In vaccine studies, groups of unvaccinated people are often compared to vaccinated people. The issue is that these studies are essentially comparing sick, immuno-compromised people to people that are perfectly healthy. Even if neither group was vaccinated, it’s clear who would be less likely to catch the flu.

Related De Niro & RFK, Jr. Hold Press Conference To Expose Massive Corruption in Vaccine Industry

In the British Medical Journal, Dr. Peter Doshi of Johns Hopkins University explains, “Since at least 2005, non-CDC researchers have pointed out the seeming impossibility that influenza vaccines could be preventing 50% of all deaths from all causes when influenza is estimated to only cause around 5% of all wintertime deaths.”

By selecting already-healthy individuals for vaccination, one can almost guarantee the impression of efficacy, even though it doesn’t really prove anything.

Beyond the myriad of issues surrounding the actual trial-and-approval process for vaccines, and their overall validity, there are also many concerns about what is actually in vaccines. Many people are concerned about the potential for the aluminum in some vaccines to cause adverse neurological effects, among other things.

Do citizens have the right to question what they’re being told by government agencies and the media? Absolutely, and most independent research indicates we should probably do so more often.

Stillness in the Storm Editor's note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Do you think this article needs a correction or update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at Thank you for reading.

NTS Notes:  Yes, apparently a lot more Americans are now seeing the reality that vaccines and  other so called "medications" absolutely do NOT work, and in fact do more harm to our immune systems than good...

It is therefore no wonder that the Jewish elite criminals in control of America have now "doubled down" and are pushing state and local governments to impose "mandatory" vaccinations on their citizens... I for one am truly shocked that so many Americans have fallen for this trap and actually want to live and raise children in any state that forces fraud vaccinations on their citizens!

Yes, once again the reality is that vaccines absolutely do NOT work, period... They actually weaken our immune systems and allow the growth and outbreak of the very diseases that they are supposed to 'fight' against....

And about my colleague who goes out and gets his 'Annual flu shot'... I cannot help people who do not want to help themselves... I used to try to intercept people who were about to get "vaccinated" to give them the truth and to try to stop them from making a horrible mistake... But what I got in most cases was ANGER and many would just laugh in my face.... I therefore have stopped this method and have gone back to writing in the hope that people will read and actually think... Again, you can only do so much, and some people are indeed beyond hope...

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The Global Warming Fraud: Chemistry Expert Explains Fact Carbon Dioxide Can NOT Cause Global Warming!

I figure I would start my long list of outstanding articles today by taking a shot once again at one of the biggest frauds in Human history... I am of course talking about one of the biggest swindles out there, which is of course the fraud called human caused 'Global Warming", or as the scam artists behind this swindle like to call it these days: "Climate Change"...

I have long been pointing out a reality that few people actually understand, and that is the FACT that Carbon Dioxide is NOT a so called "Greenhouse gas" as our criminal governments, the Jew spew media, and of course the laughable "scientific experts" like to claim... It is in fact an essential part of life on this planet, and in spite of the rhetoric, it is actually quite good for our plant life that CO2 levels increase in our atmosphere.... I have had no qualms over the years in debating this as fact, and today I came across a most wonderful article that vindicates once again what I have been saying for all these years...

Right now, I want to present the following most important article from the Principia Scientific International website, at, that absolutely blows this CO2 as an instigator of "Global Warming" all to heck... Here is that article, entitled: "Chemistry Expert: Carbon Dioxide Can't Cause Global Warming" for everyone, and especially those who are still brainwashed by the "Global Warming" lies, to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Chemistry Expert: Carbon Dioxide Can’t Cause Global Warming

Written by Dr Mark Imisides (Industrial Chemist)
Scarcely a day goes by without us being warned of coastal inundation by rising seas due to global warming.
Why on earth do we attribute any heating of the oceans to carbon dioxide, when there is a far more obvious culprit, and when such a straightforward examination of the thermodynamics render it impossible.
Carbon dioxide, we are told, traps heat that has been irradiated by the oceans, and this warms the oceans and melts the polar ice caps. While this seems a plausible proposition at first glance, when one actually examines it closely a major flaw emerges.
In a nutshell, water takes a lot of energy to heat up, and air doesn’t contain much. In fact, on a volume/volume basis, the ratio of heat capacities is about 3300 to 1. This means that to heat 1 litre of water by 1˚C it would take 3300 litres of air that was 2˚C hotter, or 1 litre of air that was about 3300˚C hotter!
This shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you ran a cold bath and then tried to heat it by putting a dozen heaters in the room, does anyone believe that the water would ever get hot?
The problem gets even stickier when you consider the size of the ocean. Basically, there is too much water and not enough air.
The ocean contains a colossal 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 litres of water! To heat it, even by a small amount, takes a staggering amount of energy. To heat it by a mere 1˚C, for example, an astonishing 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules of energy are required.
Let’s put this amount of energy in perspective. If we all turned off all our appliances and went and lived in caves, and then devoted every coal, nuclear, gas, hydro, wind and solar power plant to just heating the ocean, it would take a breathtaking 32,000 years to heat the ocean by just this 1˚C!
In short, our influence on our climate, even if we really tried, is miniscule!
So it makes sense to ask the question – if the ocean were to be heated by ‘greenhouse warming’ of the atmosphere, how hot would the air have to get? If the entire ocean is heated by 1˚C, how much would the air have to be heated by to contain enough heat to do the job?
Well, unfortunately for every ton of water there is only a kilogram of air. Taking into account the relative heat capacities and absolute masses, we arrive at the astonishing figure of 4,000˚C.
That is, if we wanted to heat the entire ocean by 1˚C, and wanted to do it by heating the air above it, we’d have to heat the air to about 4,000˚C hotter than the water.
And another problem is that air sits on top of water – how would hot air heat deep into the ocean? Even if the surface warmed, the warm water would just sit on top of the cold water.
Thus, if the ocean were being heated by ‘greenhouse heating’ of the air, we would see a system with enormous thermal lag – for the ocean to be only slightly warmer, the land would have to be substantially warmer, and the air much, much warmer (to create the temperature gradient that would facilitate the transfer of heat from the air to the water).
Therefore any measurable warmth in the ocean would be accompanied by a huge and obvious anomaly in the air temperatures, and we would not have to bother looking at ocean temperatures at all.
So if the air doesn’t contain enough energy to heat the oceans or melt the ice caps, what does?
The earth is tilted on its axis, and this gives us our seasons. When the southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, we have more direct sunlight and more of it (longer days). When it is tilted away from the sun, we have less direct sunlight and less of it (shorter days).
The direct result of this is that in summer it is hot and in winter it is cold. In winter we run the heaters in our cars, and in summer the air conditioners. In winter the polar caps freeze over and in summer 60-70% of them melt (about ten million square kilometres). In summer the water is warmer and winter it is cooler (ask any surfer).
All of these changes are directly determined by the amount of sunlight that we get. When the clouds clear and bathe us in sunlight, we don’t take off our jumper because of ‘greenhouse heating’ of the atmosphere, but because of the direct heat caused by the sunlight on our body. The sun’s influence is direct, obvious, and instantaneous.
If the enormous influence of the sun on our climate is so obvious, then, by what act of madness do we look at a variation of a fraction of a percent in any of these variables, and not look to the sun as the cause?
Why on earth (pun intended) do we attribute any heating of the oceans to carbon dioxide, when there is a far more obvious culprit, and when such a straightforward examination of the thermodynamics render it impossible.
Dr. Mark Imisides is an industrial chemist with extensive experience in the chemical industry, encompassing manufacturing, laboratory management, analysis, waste management, dangerous goods and household chemistry. He currently has a media profile in The West Australian newspaper and on Today Tonight. For a sample of his work visit

NTS Notes:  I will NOT gloat... I will NOT gloat.....

I feel so vindicated these days by everything that is now coming out via the alternative media that absolutely backs up EVERYTHING that I have said here at this blog for years about this Global Warming scam.... And yes, indeed it is a scam..

Lets also do a reality check here... One fact that this article overlooks is the fact that CO2 is molecularly all wrong for trapping heat on this planet... What few people realize is that CO2 itself is a coolant (everyone remember 'dry ice'?), and was used until most recently as one of the primary refrigerants for cold storage (until the mass usage of Freon and "Green" Freon products).....

And what this article does show is the FACT that the real driving factor behind our atmospheric heating and therefore the "Greenhouse effect" is WATER VAPOUR.... H2O unlike CO2 is indeed a gas for trapping heat on this planet....

OK, now for a reality check once again... All of this talk about "Carbon taxes" to somehow 'Save our planet" from the fraud of "Global Warming is... PURE BULLSHIT!!!   Carbon taxation that almost all of our crooked governments want to impose on gullible and idiotic people is exactly that, another TAX to fleece YOU!  

Up here in Jew occupied Canada, the Trudeau regime in Ottawa is indeed about to impose a nationwide Carbon tax fraud scam on every single gullible Canadian... And most Canadians will indeed bend over and swallow this new tax without much uproar thanks to their ignorance of the truth about this Global Warming hoax.....

I for one hope that everyone takes this and other material at this blog that covers this fraud and gets it out to everyone to read the real truth... Hopefully it is still not too late, and with more people properly informed about this swindle, this new Carbon tax scam will be defeated!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 19th, 2017


Yes another week gone by, and time again for my weekly rant...

First, I have once again come under some increasing fire from those in the "flat earth" community, and apparently more and more I have been their bullseye target for my stance that they are idiots.. Yes, I am not going to hold any punches here, for I absolutely see these morons as complete idiots who cannot understand basic science and mathematics...

Sadly, I once again feel it necessary to show here more proof that the world is indeed round...I have taken a look at the conjectures put forward from the so called "flat earth society" with their amazing claim that the planet is a disc with the North Pole at its centre, and I have to laugh... Their distorted picture of the world has this planet spread out in a large disc with the outer rim this magical and mythical "ice wall" barrier making up the Antarctic continent...Beyond that point, anyone that gets over this mythical "ice wall" would "fall off" this planetary disc!  Yes, that is their basic belief....

I have had so many questions about the Flat Earth idiots idea of a planetary disc, especially how there is this supposed "ice wall" making up this Antarctic barrier... What about explorers to Antarctica?  What about the travellers to the South Pole?  Their answers shows the extreme nonsense of their beliefs... Many of them claim that NO ONE has ever been allowed to Antarctica, and that the south seas are patrolled by the UN and the "Illuminati" to prevent anyone from venturing to their magical Ice wall barrier.... Yes, the limits of stupidity does not stop there, for many of them claim that the seas are patrolled by thousands of these magical ships controlled by the same UN/Illuminati that prevents anyone from seeing this magical "barrier".... I honestly have to do a massive face palm when I hear this nonsense...

But it gets even better... For the flat earth idiots actually claim that our sun, that Yellow dwarf star at the centre of our solar system is NOT at the centre of our solar system some 93+ million miles away, but is actually some type of spot light some 3000 miles (4800 kilometres) above their Earthly disc.... Beyond the facts presented through mathematics, geometry, and trigonometry that clearly shows the distance to our sun being that 93 million mile distance, I have been intrigued by this "3000 mile" idea and the idea that the Sun is a "spotlight" above the surface... All observable measurements, the movement of the planets, the simple usage of trigonometry and parallax for measuring spacial distances, etc, etc, show that we do indeed revolve around a star of some 865000 miles (1.4 million kilometre) in diameter at some 93 million mile (150 million kilometre) distance....And yet here we have the flat earth idiots trying desperately to sell the notion of a small spotlight revolving above their flat earth.....Sometimes these morons can even give me a headache!

Lets be honest here once again... Besides the fact that these flat earth idiots are this ignorant of reality, they are dangerous to the real truth movement... I need not remind everyone again that they have been working diligently to hijack a lot of the real sciences in this movement including the exposure of the Apollo Moon hoax and fraud... All that anyone needs to do is to go over to Youtube and type in "Apollo moon hoax" and yes, they will see a lot of recent videos placed in there that have been written and forwarded by this 'flat earth' idiot group... I have long said that this is being done on purpose so as to 'poison the well' and try to lay claim that anyone that sees the frauds of NASA is somehow a 'flat earth' believer.... Yes, this is indeed both dangerous and deceiving....We must therefore be careful, for these idiots are definitely being pushed out there on purpose to destroy real truths...

OK, Onto more important matters....The Jew spew media bashing of Donald Drumpf has definitely gone into overdrive this last week as more and more people are finally waking up to the reality that Drumpf has been right all along in pointing out that these liars in the so called media are exactly that...Liars and misfits that are spewing out garbage and falsehoods.... And many did indeed laugh when Drumpf stated that the "media" was the fake news when he first stated that claim last year, and now they are no longer laughing but see that he was absolutely right all along...

And what has the Jew spew media done to correct their mistakes? Nothing, and in fact they have gone to great lengths these days to put out even more bullshit propaganda and lies..... The President did his news conference for example last Thursday and laid out the facts and the truths about the media lies, and rather than admit they are indeed lying and should change their policies, the media answered the charges by calling Drumpf basically a lunatic and that his news conference was 'all over  the place'...... Basically they have been exposed by the US President and they cannot handle the truth. The question therefore is... How much longer will the American public continue to put up with the media bullshit before they DEMAND these criminals be forced to actually tell the truth?

I do feel that I once again have to answer critics here.... I am NOT a believer in Donald Drumpf, for I stated a long time ago that he is just another Jew controlled lackey and even after his selection in the fraud US Presidential "race", I stated that given time he will expose his true colours as being such a Jew butt kisser... And lo and behold but just last week, here we had Drumpf being all cozy with that ultra psychotic mass murdering freak, Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) and doing exactly what that psychotic Jewish freak wanted, which was to go after Iran for its non-existent nuclear weapons program.... It was disgusting to see, and did indeed show the reality that Drumpf is doing exactly what his Jewish masters want him to do... And sadly those pricks want Drumpf to go after Iran and have that innocent nation destroyed.... Therefore, once again I am saying to my critics to get it straight that I am NOT this believer or supporter of Drumpf, for I see him for what he is, and that is not this great saviour for America...

One other policy that has perplexed me about Drumpf, and it is in regards to Syria.... I have watched like everyone else where Donald has stated again and again that he wants to see the fraud of ISIS destroyed... And yet now a full month into his Presidency and guaranteed he has been brought up to speed on national security issues, he should be fully aware by now that ISIS is and always has been a complete hoax and operated by the CIA..... If Donald was indeed a man of his words and honestly wanted to see the fighting in the Middle East ended with ISIS "destroyed", then all he has to do is to pull the plug on the funding for the CIA to continue to operate that fraud!   Pull the plug on the funding and I again can guarantee that ISIS would be gone within a month, let alone a week!  BUT instead here we have Donald Drumpf doing nothing of the sort, but instead wanting this last week to look for ways to have the US more directly involved in the war against 'ISIS' and having more 'cooperation' with the Russians in that fraudulent fight!   Either Donald is truly this naive and the CIA is continuing to pull the wool over his eyes, or once again he is a Jew controlled lackey and will abide by their wishes to use ISIS to foment destruction in the Middle East... Personally, I am leaning on the latter...

And about the war in Syria.. The Syrian government forces  are continuing to make major gains against the fraud of "ISIS" including the reports over the last few days that shows that they are about to gain back the major ancient city of Palmyra....That and the gains against 'ISIS' at Al Bab in Aleppo Province, and Daraa in the south, means that once again this 'ISIS" is indeed on the run and the Syrians are pushing forward towards victory and gaining their nation back.....

However... We see new reports where the US is indeed rehashing their plans to send US combat troops directly into Syria to 'fight ISIS".... And yes, this is indeed troubling and shows how the US is trying to save their plans to have Syria destroyed by directly intervening into the nation just to save their fraud terrorists from their destruction.... And again, everyone must be reminded that the US has never been invited into Syria and if they are stupid enough to send in the troops, it will be the same as an invasion of that sovereign nation itself..... I do hope the Russians see what is happening here, and will not allow the Americans in........And again, for those who believe so greatly in Drumpf; How can the President approve this stupid idea, if he is for de-escalating the situation in Syria and actually for 'destroying' ISIS?

I for one am very sick of all this Russia bashing that we find every time anyone turns on the Jew spew media.... As I stated in my last article, I have seen nothing wrong at all with a Russian ship sitting in the Atlantic some 30 miles off the coast of the United States in international waters... And in spite of all the outcry and Russia bashing by the liars in the media about it being a "spy ship", honestly who cares?  It is doing nothing wrong when you consider that all seafaring nations have their own "spy ships" and always listen in on both friend and foe.. Heck, one of the worse nations for spying from ships at sea has always been the United States itself, especially with their ships and submarines all around the Russian Federation in international waters, and even off the coast of China in the South China Sea... Therefore all of this sudden hype over this lone Russian "spy vessel" off the coast of the United States is pure gibberish and propaganda... I am truly surprised that any American with a few brain cells cannot see how the liars in the media are indeed trying to whip them up in a frenzy and more hatred for Russia......

I look at Ukraine these days, and all I see now is a powder keg almost ready to explode... The Minsk agreements for ceasefire between the breakaway Donbas republics and the US puppet regime in Kiev are as good as dead as we find more and more signs that the Ukrainian army is now ready to launch their major offensive against these so called 'rebels" who's only crime was to vote for their self determination in a referendum, and that vote was clearly to separate from Ukraine itself.... Yes, the Poroshenko regime in Kiev has long seen these people as traitors and rebels, and now that regime is poised to attack and try to crush this 'rebellion'..... If and when that attack occurs, it will be a blood bath, because the Ukrainian army will be attacking primarily civilians, and they will commit the same heinous crimes of genocide that they committed 2 years ago before the Minsk agreement was put into place to stop that slaughter.....  The big question remains as to how the Russians will react when they see these innocent civilians being slaughtered......

One last aspect about this Ukraine debacle that the Jew spew media is avoiding is this.. WHY is that criminal Senator John McCain not in jail for his actions over the last week?  I showed in an article just the other day how two "pranksters" out of Russia did the world a favour by showing McCain's true colours and how truly evil that bastard was, by impersonating the President of Ukraine, Groysman, and asking McCain via a phone call what he could do to help Ukraine.. John McCain came flat out and said in that phone conversation that he would send weapons to Ukraine to "fight Vladimir Putin in eastern Ukraine"!....  By this action, John McCain committed outright treason against the US government by talking directly to a foreign power without the consent of the US government!  So, readers, in spite of this phone call being done by pranksters, WHY is John McCain not up on charges and in a jail cell for this action?  Yes, as I said in my article, these two pranksters have done the world a favour by exposing exactly what this John McCain is truly all about....And it is no wonder that the Jew spew media is avoiding this major issue!

Well, not much more can be said by myself that has not been said about the ongoing disaster at Fukushima Japan...Just two weeks ago, several major Jew spew media outlets broke their multiyear long silence about the truths that Fukushima is indeed not only out of control but in major aspects actually getting worse... And yet as quickly the alarm was sent out concerning the truths about Fukushima, suddenly there is again almost ZERO coverage in that same Jew spew media about this disaster.... This again shows how truly fickle and fake the so called 'mainstream" media is...... Sadly, the Fukushima disaster is indeed getting worse as the reports paint a truly frightening picture that the reactor cores are in fact releasing much higher amounts of radiation, and that the cores and their surrounding structures are all falling to pieces...... I again wonder what it will take before our governments truly pay attention?  A complete planet threatening catastrophe?

Well, there you have it.... I figured I would concentrate on some issues that have been bugging me this last week, especially the flat earth bullshit and their dangers to our intelligence......But I cannot cover everything that is going on in our sick world, and as usual, I will touch on those matters that I may have missed here in my "last minute tidbits".......Still no word as of right now about that earthen dam at Oroville in northern California that is in severe danger of collapsing.  I again will state that this disaster is the fault of the Californian state government and the US federal government for not keeping proper maintenance on that facility and allowing the dam to fall to disrepair.  Now the idiots that failed to maintain the infrastructure may pay dearly for their folly.  I do indeed feel for the people who live in the valleys below the dam that may still see their livelihoods destroyed if that dam bursts!........Alarming news about US retail and the impending retail collapse, as apparently Warren Buffet, one of the primary shareholders of "Walmart" America, is bailing on the retail giant.  Considering how Walmart has now been losing money in both the US and even here in Canada, I would indeed be alarmed by this action by Buffet.  Does he know something that we all should know?......Once again, no one needs to tell me that the economy is tanking, for I can see it clearly here in central Canada by the continuing rise in major store closures.  When the expected Depression does finally come, it may indeed dwarf the so called "Great Depression" immensely..........Yes, the "TPP" fraud trade agreement has not "died" as expected, and has indeed morphed into something almost as diabolical.  And yet with all the attention turned elsewhere, the criminal Canadian Trudeau regime in Ottawa just quietly passed a new crooked "trade agreement" with the Rothschild controlled European Union!  This is so shocking, when you consider that the EU is not only a fraud, but its member nations are about to follow the example set by the UK and vote to exit the "union".   I do wonder what the hell Justin Trudeau was thinking in signing such a "trade" agreement!........Still no change in the ongoing war in Yemen, especially with the escalating Famine situation for the Yemen civilians.  Yes, while the Jew spew media continues their bashing of Drumpf, this human catastrophe created primarily by the US itself, is sadly overlooked..........Record snow fall on the eastern seaboard of both the US and Canada, and yet the numbskulls in the Global Warming retard community are still trying to say that this winter has been the 'warmest on record'?  Honestly, I do really want to know what these rejects from clown college behind the Global Warming fraud have been smoking all these years?...........Someone again asked me this week what I thought about the "Pizzagate" scandal.  I said that even though I never covered much of that issue here at this blog, if the "Pizzagate" allegations prove true, then I and others will be vindicated when we have always stated that the criminals in charge of our nations are ALL sickos, homosexuals, pedophiles, child molesters, or child sacrificing freaks.  It also will prove that no one can even get into politics unless they have horrible 'skeletons' in their closets!.   If "Pizzagate" does prove to be factual, I also feel for the child victims and their families......I saw more articles coming across the alternative media outlets this week showing proof that indeed none other than George Soros, Dr. Evil himself, has been behind every single "uprising", "riot", or "protest" that we have been seeing with ever increasing frequency in America.  I again must ask why the US government itself has not gone to international lengths to have this arch criminal arrested for his ever increasing crimes against humanity and his desire to overthrow governments!.......Even MORE reports came out this last week showing direct links between poisonous vaccines and them actually causing the diseases that they have long been claimed to "prevent".   This does not surprise me at all, and once again vindicates my long stance that nobody in their right minds should ever, ever, get a vaccine shot!..........Arsenal has a bit of a short break this week from Premier League action, with a game tomorrow against Sutton United for the FA Cup.  They are still in 4th place in the Premier League table, with any shots at the title now a pipe dream.  I hope that this coming off season there are major changes to the organization and the team make up.  Some say Arsene Wenger should finally step down as coach, and I do concur.......And finally, I guess without any other targets at the moment, it is again time to bash the Kardashian idiots.  Apparently, that other troll, Khloe Kardashian, has been out there making claims that women can have a 'body like a Kardashian' in only 30 days.  This is absolute garbage and an insult to all women. No woman's body is perfect, and the reality is that to attain this "Kardashian" body is not through hard work, but by paying thousands for plastic surgery and liposuction.  This again shows what a mirage these frauds truly are and how they have always been deceiving gullible people. But hey, in spite of their lies, and especially their fakery, America still has a stupid love affair with this family of skanks.  I still wonder why?

More to come


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Russian Spy Ship Some 30 Miles Off American Coast! Honestly, Who Cares? And WHY Should This Be Such A Big Issue?

Many people asked me over the last few days if I actually watched that Presidential Press Meeting back last week on Thursday... OK, I will admit that I actually did turn it on while at work and listened in, and I found nothing wrong with what President Drumpf said, and I fully agree with his assertions that almost ALL of the Jew spew media outlets in America are the real FAKE NEWS.... I have long stated that the liars in the Jew spew media are out there as paid trolls and idiots to try to brainwash the public with their nonsense, and Drumpf was only backing up that fact...

One thing that I did hear was Drumpf's comment when one of the Presstitutes asked him about this Russian spy ship that was "only" (Gasp!) some 30 miles off the American coast... President Drumpf's comment was that it was "not good" and if he had the chance he would "shoot the ship".... I listened in amazement and at the time, I dismissed it due to the fact that ship was absolutely in international waters, and therefore had every right under international law to be there...

But over the last few days, I periodically have turned on the Jew spew media for a few laughs, and just the other night one of the shill commentators was on one of their lying "news shows" and started accusing the Russians of having that ship there as "provocation"..... After watching this idiot go on and on about how 'bad' Russia was, without actually having a clue what he was talking about, I figured I would get an article out to cover this issue here...

Well, lo and behold, but great bloggers do think alike, and my fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow, who of course hails from the great unknown regions (lol) of British Columbia, got ahead of me on this one, and put out an amazing article that covers this "Russian spy boat" stupidity in the Jew spew media splendidly.... First, I want to present the link here to her article, at her website "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, for everyone to take a look at here:

OK, I did fire off a comment at Greencrow's site to put in my own two cents worth about this ridiculous issue, and I did notice one other amazing comment there that covers some of the facts about this "spy ship", and I want to present that comment here:

Ed(itor) said...
The author at the link is a retired US Army intel officer (Lt. Col.) once assigned to work with special forces and Green berets who now resides in Virginia.

"... “It’s lawful [and] similar to operations we do around the world,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters Friday.

The Russian spy ship left her homeport in the Barents Sea near Norway, part of Russia’s northern fleet, around New Year’s Day, according to American defense officials. Following a port call in Jamaica, the Russian ship then began its voyage north along the east coast of the United States.

The deployment of the Russian intelligence-gathering ship was likely planned for months before it set sail in early January, according to U.S. defense officials. They said it apparently was not tied to the Obama administration’s Dec. 29 order that Moscow shut down two of its “vacation” properties, which the U.S. government said were used to intercept American communications. One was on New York's Long Island and the other was at Maryland’s Eastern Shore....

This is fun for the feebleminded warmongers of the world . All major powers, ALL MAJOR POWERS operate big, roomy cargo type ships as SIGINT collect platforms around the world. WE DO IT as Captain, USN Jeff Davis told the world from the Pentagon. Do the names USS Liberty and USS Pueblo mean anything to you? Do they strike a bell?

This ship, the Russian Navy vessel Viktor Leonov is engaged in lawful and non-threatening routine SIGINT collection operations. If we had any sense we would invite them into Norfolk for a liberty port call. The restaurants, bars and whores down there could used the business....."

NTS Notes:  I fully agree with Greencrow on her statements made at her article, and I will put in my own two cents here..

First of all, I need not remind everyone of the reality that 'spy ships' have been off the coasts of other nations for well over a century now... They are perfectly within their rights to be there as they are indeed in international waters, and there is NO international law that stipulates that any nation cannot sit there legally and "listen in" on other nations!

Second, the United States itself has always sent their own spy ships off the coasts of other nations, especially Russia and China, and we never hear any outcry from the liars in the Jew spew media about those ships being there, right?   And we cannot forget how almost 50 years ago, the USS Liberty that was indeed a US SPY ship was in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sinai in international waters listening in on the Israeli 6 day war assault on Egypt.... And we all know how the criminal Israelis did indeed illegally and purposely attacked THAT spy ship!

OK, What I see happening here is absolutely the Jew spew media is once again trying to find anything they can to vilify Russia and to fool the American people into the false belief that somehow the Russians are 'bad' here....

Honestly, I do hope the American "sheeple" are not this stupid and will not fall for this bullshit... As I have said clearly in regards to this Russian spy ship issue:  WHO CARES?  This should not be an issue at all!

More to come


Friday, February 17, 2017

THIS Is Interesting: Russian Pranksters Show World What Can Happen When Ordinary Citizens Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together

I want to present a most interesting article from a fellow Canadian researcher that hails from the wilds of British Columbia... I am of course talking about Greencrow, who of course writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at This article is absolutely hilarious and shows how a couple of phone pranksters hailing out of the Russian Federation have done us all a service by using their prank calls to expose some truths about the criminals in charge of our planet today.....  It is a must see by everyone, and I have it right here for your viewing.. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Russian Pranksters Show World What Can Happen When Ordinary Citizens Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together

Lexus and Vovan did have multiple officially confirmed pranks before, i.e. negotiating with Poroshenko as "President of Kyrgizstan" , negotiating with President of Belarus as "son of Yanukovich", with Elton John as "representative of Vladimir Putin", etc. etc. 

When ordinary citizens aren't brainwashed and zombified by Western TV, "Fake News", fast foods and vaccines...they can be absolutely dangerous to the neocon, globalist cabal.  This has been revealed recently by two Russian "hooligan" pranksters, who, operating out of Russia...have been able to make phone calls around the world--and cause folks in high places, like NATO, The US Senate, and the office of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, not to mention aging celebrity Elton John, to crap their pants.  Below are two videos of recorded conversations, the first between the pranksters and the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.  Watch it for hilarious begging on the part of "Poroshenko" to join NATO...and patience of Stoltenberg as he gently tells the Ukraine PM that it will happen "when Hell freezes over".  In the above video, the prankster duo insist that since Poroshenko, despite boasting to the contrary, has NO communications with world leaders...they have to do it for him...and would like his [Poroshenko's] appreciation for their efforts in the form of a bottle of alcohol, perchance?

Phone Prankster Poses as Poroshenko, 
Negotiates with Head of NATO - Actual Recording 

Most amazingly, Wayne Madsen has a post today where he discusses the prank call made to US Senator (and former candidate for US President) John McCain.  Shockingly, McCain is caught on record offering lethal weapons to the "Ukraine leadership".  Hey, isn't talking without permission to foreign leaders an offense in the US?  Isn't that why General Michael Flynn had to resign???

Pranksters get Senator McCain 
to commit to sending "lethal weapons"
to the Kiev Junta in Ukraine

McCain told the fake Groysman that he favored sending lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin in eastern Ukraine. McCain also said he sent a letter to President Trump urging increased sanctions against Russia.  Here is a further quote from the Madsen post:

The most interesting aspect of the call is McCain's interest in the pranksters warning that Putin ordered the Russian secret service to reveal details of McCain's being "recruited" as a "collaborator" by Russian intelligence during his time as a prisoner-of-war of the North Vietnamese. McCain appears to be genuinely concerned about such a revelation and asks to prankster to keep him informed of further details. McCain asks the prankster to provide further information on the POW story to him through the Ukrainian ambassador in Washington. 

Most informed truthers know about the story long circulating that McCain...instead of mouldering away in a North Vietnam prison cell...was actually feted in the Russian outpost city of  Voronezh...where he...wait for it..."sang like a canary" to Russian intelligence officials. This is just a rumour, mind you...but McCain seemed very interested in it during the prank phone call...and didn't regard the bringing up of this "false rumour" as a red flag and "time to hang up the phone".

Watch how the Main$tream Media Deep Sixes this Blockbuster Story

The main take away from this otherwise humourous and innocent diversion from the normal, depressing "downward spiral down the planetary swirly geopolitical news stories" is that we can be assured that the average zombified North American will never hear about it.  This is the kind of story that the Main$tream Media invariably "Deep Sixes".  There will be a total blackout on it.  Why?  Because: first of all they don't want to prosecute someone like aged John McCain for being a total idiot (and risk him again "singing like a canary").  Secondly, they don't want to wake up the sleeping zombified sheeple to the realization of what absolute dolts are running the show at the top. Lastly they don't want to give any remnants of normal, intelligent citizens in western society any ideas for peaceful resistance and activism.  And towards this end, they don't want to reward the Russian pranksters with any more notoriety.

NTS Notes:  I indeed have watched the videos... IMHO They are fabulous and very revealing...

I especially like the part where that arch criminal, Senator John McCain, puts his big fat foot in his mouth and breaks every US law imaginable with his outright desire to send weapons, especially deadly weapons, to Ukraine in clear violation of US law!.... That video also exposes some truths about his blatant lies about his so called time as a "POW" in "Vietnam"..... I am surprised that the US government has not used this video as a means of having this criminal put into a cold jail cell.....

As Greencrow states.. These two pranksters have indeed done the world a service by exposing the actions of criminal John McCain, and exactly what the leaders of "NATO" really think of Ukrainian President Poroshenko's want to join their organization..... Yes, these pranksters have indeed exposed what kind of idiots and fools run our planet today!

So, as Greencrow says... The Jew spew media is running away and wanting to bury the truth about what these pranksters have revealed.... They do not want the common people to wake up and see what fools are actually in control, and to give the people any hope for resisting their tyranny....

In terms of notoriety for these two pranksters? I hope that they continue to do it, for they have done a service for us all!

More to come


Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Upcoming War Against Iran: US And Israel's Leaders' New Claims About Iran's Non-Existent Nuclear Weapons Program Are Worthless!

OK, Apparently the most evil and diabolical criminal on planet Earth today, Benyamin Miliewkosky aka "Netanyahu" was indeed in Washington yesterday to "visit" President Donald Drumpf.... And apparently this arch criminal and mass murdering freak of nature was at it again, trying to push Donald Drumpf's buttons and show exactly WHO is really in control of America, and America's foreign policies...

In fact, a fellow real truth seeker, Greencrow, wrote a most excellent piece the other day that takes a shot at this Drumpf/Miliewkosky fiasco, and right now, I want to present the link to that report here for all of my own readers to read for themselves:

Yes, I do agree with Greencrow in that the mass murdering freak, Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) is the real one controlling America's policies, and is once again trying to direct that policy towards a confrontation with the innocent nation of Iran....

But once again, we are being sorely misled by the criminals in our own governments, the Jew spew media, and the Jewish power elite, in terms of the reality about Iran.... All three facets are again trying to regurgitate the same lies about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program.... And of course as Greencrow points out, the Israelis are deflecting all recent criticisms of the REAL ISSUE which is Israel's criminal and illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, by having attention focused exclusively on Iran....

And for those who wonder what the Iranian response is to all of this sudden saber rattling and push for a war against their nation... Well, I want to present that answer here, thanks to the Aletho News website, at Here is the link to that article here for everyone to read for themselves:

OK, Lets face the reality here... Obviously the US President is either naive or he is again just another Jew controlled stooge... We all had hoped that with Drumpf in the White House that all of this fraud rhetoric about Iran's phantom and non-existent nuclear weapons program would have been put to rest...  But over the last few weeks, we have seen an alarming increase of American false accusations against Iran, and more and more the war hawks in Washington wanting a war to "take out Iran"...

The reality is that once again the Israelis are trying to dictate American foreign policy and they are the ones that want this war against Iran for Israel's "protection"... The reality being that Iran has long represented one of the last bastions of opposition in the Middle East against Israel's diabolical plan for their "Greater Israel" project that calls for expansion of the criminal and satanic Jewish state at the expense of Israel's neighbors....

And again, I must remind everyone that I have already written a multitude of articles at this blog covering Iran's "nuclear program" in great detail... And the reality being that Iran is NOT building any nuclear weapons at all, period, end of story...The Iranians have always allowed full international inspections of all of their nuclear power facilities and have indeed abided by every rule of international law... They are again developing nuclear power plants and have no interest in nuclear weapons...

And finally, speaking of nuclear weapons.. Where is all the outcry that should be there about Israel's own clandestine nuclear weapons program?  For decades those bastards have developed a multitude of different nuclear weapons with the means of delivering those weapons across the planet... I do not see the outcry anywhere in the new Drumpf administration about that reality?

So once again we see another aspect of Donald Drumpf that points towards him being just another Jew controlled lackey like his predecessors.... And this issue once again has me further leaning in the direction of Drumpf being just another Jew butt kisser!

More to come


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Exposing Donald Drumpf: Report Says Drumpf Expects Putin To "Return" Crimea To Ukraine (So Much For The Crimean People Deciding Their Future Through A Legal Referendum!)

I have indeed been watching the missteps by the Drumpf adminstration over the last while, and I too am deeply troubled by what is happening in Washington DC these days... Just the other day, the National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned under some very strange circumstances.... The Jew spew media has been all over that resignation and has claimed that it is a signal that Drumpf's administration is "coming apart", but I suspect something very different is happening.....But there are other issues that I found astounding, and I will indeed cover one of them right here in this article...

People so quickly forget how the criminal US government fomented the "Maidan revolution" in Ukraine back in March 2014 that caused the elected government to be overthrown and replaced with a US led puppet regime... That regime has done horrendous damage to Ukraine, and has turned the entire nation into an economic basket case... The Ukrainian people have suffered now for almost 3 full years from that disaster and there is still no recovery anywhere in sight...

And of course we have the Crimean peninsula, which people also so quickly forget their history that BEFORE 1954, was part of the Russian empire and the Russian part of the Soviet Union... In 1954, then Russian Premiere, Nikita Khrushchev, handed the Crimean peninsula over to the then Ukrainian SSR for them to administer.. At the time of that handover, NOBODY thought the Soviet Union would ever fall apart... But it did in 1991, and at that time the future of the Crimean peninsula and its people became an open issue...

In 1991, the people of Crimea did agree to stay with Ukraine through a referendum with the full understanding that at some time in the future they could vote for autonomy, or for them to decide if they wanted to be returned to the Russian Federation.... That agreement was always in place and is both logical and legal...

However, after the 2014 uprising in Kiev that turned Ukraine into a basket case, the people.of Crimea saw that they had NO future with Ukraine proper and decided to hold a LEGAL AND BINDING REFERENDUM to decide their future....They voted in open elections that were fully monitored by the United Nations and many other nations, and the results were devastating for Ukraine.. The referendum vote was an overwhelmingly 97.5% for Crimea to secede from Ukraine and to seek unity with the Russian Federation!

Now according to every international law of the rights of citizens of any nation to decide their futures through proper referendums that are monitored, administered, and certified by international observers, the people of Crimea had spoken and they indeed decided democratically and legally to breakaway from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.....This is all in accordance with international law and should have been accepted by all parties including the criminal US government....

However, we have to this day, the liars in the Jew spew media out there claiming that Russia somehow "ANNEXED" Crimea, and these same liars have never ever told the truth about the Crimean referendum or its results!  This again shows that the Jew spew media is indeed the fake news and how they are using bullshit propaganda and lies to use Crimea as their weapon of choice in the public eye to vilify Russia....

Now that all that has been cleared up and the truths about Crimea told, lets look at what has just happened that I find truly astounding... For according to the following report from Tyler Durden, through the Zero Hedge website, at, apparently the Drumpf administration has now come forward just yesterday claiming that Donald Drumpf himself "expects" Vladimir Putin to "Return Crimea" to Ukraine!  First here is the link to that report for all to see for themselves here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  When I saw this report, I did a 500 MPH palm to my face... How can Donald be this ignorant of real history and the real facts about Crimea and Ukraine to make such a suggestion?

Honestly, someone needs to get the reality of Crimea out to Drumpf and quickly... This push to ILLEGALLY force Russia to hand Crimea back to the criminals in Ukraine is against all international law and flies in the face of the Crimean peoples' rights to decide their own future... They made their choice back in 2014!

I am indeed deeply troubled by what I am watching with Drumpf.... Apparently he is not going to clean up Washington at all and has now fallen victim to these criminal war hawks that want him not to seek peace with Russia, but to have a terrible war instead.... Indeed Drumpf needs to have a reality check about Crimea now!

There are many who have long said that Drumpf is "no good" and that he is nothing but a Jew lackey and "shill".... I am now heavily leaning towards the same conclusions, and have found nothing yet to show otherwise...

More to come


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Real Holocaust Back During World War II:Remembering The Mass Murder At Dresden

Yesterday marks the 72nd anniversary of one of the heinous crimes ever committed by the Jewish criminals... I am of course talking about the fire bombing of the German city of Dresden on February 13th, 1945....  On that fateful day, some 250000+ innocent civilians were murdered when Allied bombers dropped incendiary bombs on that city... It truly was a REAL Holocaust!

To help remember that day, I want to present the following report that comes from Incogman's website, at This article is entitled: "A Real Holocaust Back During World War II" and gives an excellent summary of exactly what happened 72 years ago.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

A Real Holocaust Back During World War II

HERBERT SMAGON DRESDEN HOLOCAUSTAt the very end of the war, for absolutely no strategic military reason at all, at least 130,000 White war refugees were purposefully blown to bits, or horribly burned alive in the allied firebombing of Dresden. It was a truly hellish scene. Unfortunately, few today have even heard of this war crime because mainstream media wants the brainwashed masses to only think of Germans as evil (and by conflation White people as a whole). Detail from a painting by the PC-censored German artist, Herbert Smagon.

I Cried Tears For Dresden

Essay By Louis Beam (2/13/97)
Though I never knew them, though they died months before I was born, I can not help but to still feel the pain of those innocent people of Dresden who suffered so unjustly, unfairly, and totally without fault February 13, 1945. They make me think of abused children suffering for something that they do not understand. Abused children in a small way share with those now departed souls of Dresden the total unjustness of this world. Innocent people would not in a fair world, a decent world, be made to suffer.
They died this night. So many of them. Bombs raining down upon their heads like manna from hell — the heads of defenseless women and children for the most part. Babies in their cribs. Sobbing children in their mothers arms. Little girls without blemish, little boys full of anticipation at the excitement life promised them. The girls became blemished heaps of burnt flesh. The promise was broken by life to the boys. There would be no future for them.
Even now, across time, distance, culture, language, and ocean, I hear their cries. Ten thousand per second raising their helpless, tortured voices for mercy. No mercy. No relief. Only painful death from planes with United States written on them.
Why did my father’s generation do this? How could they kill all these people — then not know about it?
My father a decorated, battle field commissioned, combat hardened infantry veteran of Roosevelt’s army, told me as I lay at his feet as a small child listening that “Hitler was bad but the German people were good.” The Germans were “very smart” they just had a bad leader he said. He was proud of his role as a soldier in defeating Germany. And if soldiers are without responsibilities for their role in history then he had more right then many to be proud of his many decorations.
Then in 1984 after discovering the horrible truth about Dresden I spoke to my father about it. I told him more people were killed there in a single night of fire and bombing then in England during the entire war. He said “that is a lie.” He refused to believe me. I stressed to him that they were innocent people. He became angry with me. I asked him why they were killed. His anger boiled over and he said I was believing Nazi propaganda. I said to him “there are no Nazi’s daddy you killed them all, there are only people who study history” while pulling an Encyclopedia Americana from the shelf. The encyclopedia while only admitting to a numerical fraction of the dead at Dresden was yet sufficient to exceed England’s total bombing dead.
“These were refugees fleeing the communists” I said, becoming angry myself. “Why did Roosevelt order it done?” I demanded of him.
He read it and became silent. He read it again while running his fingers along the words carefully touching the numbers as if to make sure they were there and real. It then dawned on me. He did not know! He had lived through this time and because of a constant flood of propaganda from America’s news media this horrible war crime and others like it had been kept from him.
I could see this troubled him, for it was from him that I acquired the proclivity of taking up the fight for the down trodden, those abused unfairly. He was a kind man and would have never knowingly participated in such cruelty. I left for home then feeling sorry for Dad. I left him to think in peace. My anger at his being a part of those who did this horrible thing abated.
I swear I will not forget the crime against innocent people at Dresden. I will not forget who is responsible. I will not forget! I am but one small life. One dim light in a world covered with the darkness of cruel machinations by evil men. But this little light of mine, I will let it shine! For only by doing so do I serve my reason for existence, for life, for eternity.
I read as a young person that “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Those words became a part of my soul, my life. Love is put to the test when one takes on the suffering of others — when one becomes a voice against evil for those who have none, a target of abuse for doing nothing but standing for justice.
There is no reward save knowing you have done that which is right. And there is hope. Hope that others will make the light that truth is a part of their life, their existence, so that together we become a bright ray for the future. A light unto the feet of all our fellow men who stumble.
In distant Dresden park they lie in their graves now. Rest my unknown friends, you downtrodden and despised of this world. Though we could not speak the same language if we stood before each other, though I never knew your names, and while your faces I can only imagine, you are my departed loved ones. My heart beats for yours. My mind remembers for yours. My tears for yours…


Piles of dead German civilians stacked on funeral pyres lined the bombed-out streets afterward. For selfish Jewry even to this day, dead German victims like this means nothing but payback simply because of Hitler exposing the stinking bastards. They also fully expect Americans today to feel the exact same way, or the creeps will screechingly call you an evil Nazi to everyone around — and idiots will believe them!
THE FINAL DEATH toll of Dresden will forever be unknown. The ever-accurate Germans estimated over 200,000 dead (with an unknown number burnt to ash, possibly upwards of another 50,000). Many cellars filled with bodies were simply burned with flamethrowers and covered over, because the Germans did not have the manpower to clear them out (as a American POW, the Jewish writer Kurt Vonnegut took part in the body clearing operations and his later in-depth research after the war showed the totals to be at least 130,000).
Some people blindly discount these figures as mere Nazi propaganda, or blithely label it “fringe group” or conspiracy talk. Funny how they never do the same over Jewish holocaust claims, eh? Even though evidence is strong that it was definitely over 100,000, historians kow-towing to the Zionist-controlled media will only say it was 25,000 to 35,000. In recent years, Zionists and Shabbos goys in the media have been trying to rewrite history to say it was less than 20,000. This is patently ridiculous.
Maybe we should insist on censorship or even jail time for these Dresden death deniers like they do about people who express doubts about the holocaust?
The one thing we do know is that the city was jam-packed with over a half million refugees fleeing the raping-murdering hordes of Stalin. The political and military leadership of Britain and America knew that when they ordered the combined air fleets to drop unbelievable amounts of incendiaries and high-explosive bombs (to ignite the firestorms) right on top of the huddled masses below.
Strategically and militarily, it meant absolutely nothing in ending the war. By that time, Germany was virtually defeated and everyone knew it. Some in the West now try to say Stalin forced Churchill and Roosevelt’s hand, as if that makes a difference.
From what the Allies did to the Germans after the war, we also know the Jew-manipulated American and British governments expressly wanted to murder as many Germans as possible. Somewhere between 800,000 to 1.1 million German POWs were left to starve and die from exposure in muddy fields after the war. Hundreds of thousands of women were gang-raped and over 500,000 innocent German civilians were herded aboard trains by the Soviets to live short lives of terrible slavery in the colds of Siberia.
Overall, approximately 5 million Germans were purposefully allowed to starve to death over the next few years by the Zionist Jew-controlled occupiers. The original plan to turn Germany back to the Stone age was quietly dropped (look up the Jew Morgenthau’s plan).
Because of the Jew control of the Western media then and now, Americans generally know almost nothing about Dresden or any of what happened to the Germans. The Jew just cannot allow anyone else to be as big a victim as them and works vigorously to downplay any horrors of other races. Especially Whites. You can see this in how they demand people like the Ukrainians not to equate the “Holomador” victims (at least 7 million dead White Gentiles) with the holocaust. They did the same thing over the Armenian genocide of 1.5 million.
This is because Jewry in those countries had so much to do with both events and knowing this, do everything possible they can to keep it from common knowledge in the public.
Another big reason for the Zionist Jew-Israel brainwashing is that they want us to look the other way as they terrorize and kill Palestinians in the present day. Right the hell now. They expect us to “understand” the Jews need their own “homeland” (which is bogus since most of them are not really the descendants of the ancient Hebrews). Plus, the holocaust industry makes tons of money for Jews all over the world — look at the blackmail operations and how many holocaust museums, movies, books, political groups, etc., etc. they have going on.
One of my biggest breaking points over the “Jew Question” was the release of Steven Spielberg’s blatant Jewish propaganda movie, “Schindler’s list.” This movie had so many patent historical lies and anti-White scenes that I was left infuriated. Unfortunately, the Jew holocaust schtick continues unabated to this day. HBO replays Schindler’s list once every two weeks now and the History Channel is always scheduling Jew anti-White brainwashing.
There’s not a minute that goes by where the Jew does not go on about the holocaust. I’m GD sick of it and I’m sick of them. It’s long past the time for these liars to shut the hell up.
For ten years, German government covered up mass grave of bombing victimsand then acted like it was just discovered (German translation).

NTS Notes:  Even today, the real number of victims that suffered from that act of cold blooded murder at Dresden is still under speculation... Our fraud history books claim that some "100000" or so people perished, but after doing some real research over the years, I am leaning on the 1/4 million mark, which may be a low figure of victims...

We must also remember that Dresden had NO military value what so ever... The city was by February 1945 bulging with refugees fleeing the Soviet advances to the east of Germany, and estimates place the number of refugees in the city at the time of the firebombing was well over 1/2 million....

We can now see the truth that the Allied governments had NO reason at all to firebomb and destroy Dresden, and therefore this attack was again an act of cold blooded murder....

Yes, Dresden was a real "Holocaust" .... It is therefore important that the truths about this horrendous attack be remembered and told to everyone!

More to come