Thursday, April 19, 2018

Poll Taken In US Shows How Ignorant Most Americans Are To What Is Really Happening In Syria!

It has been so amazing to switch on the Talmud-vision these days and watch the Jew spew media "network" liars froth at their mouths with the continuing lies that Syria must be attacked for the fraud "chemical weapons" attacks that have now been proven once again to be false flags and caused by the US itself..... I find it disheartening at times to think that the American public has to put up with this crap and I have hoped that most Americans have awakened to the lies and bullshit coming from the Jew spew media... Honestly, can Americans be this gullible?

Well..... I came across the following report that comes from the Blacklisted News website, at, that I definitely want to share with my own readers... For according to this report, apparently a new "poll" was just conducted in America and its findings claim that Americans support the invasion of Syria!   Yes, this is indeed alarming, and first I want to present that article right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: April 19, 2018


The first even marginally trustworthy poll of American “registered voters” regarding the April 14th U.S.-and-allied missiles-invasion of Syria, shows an overwhelming 66% supporting the invasion (36% “Strongly” and 30% “Somewhat), and only 23% opposing (8% “Strongly” and 11% “Somewhat”).
When the 1,995 U.S. registered voters were asked further, in this Morning Consult / Politico poll, “How confident are you that the airstrikes in Syria will prevent the Syrian government from using chemical or biological weapons again?” only 30% are “confident” (8% “Very” and 22% “Somewhat”) and 57% are not (21% not “at all” and 35% “not too”). Obviously, all of the 30% who are “confident” on that are also believing that the Syrian government has been “using chemical or biological weapons” and the 57% who aren’t “confident” are expecting the Syrian government to continue using such weapons; but the only other option that the pollster offered was “Don’t know / No opinion” and perhaps any respondents who disbelieved the U.S. government’s allegations that the Syrian government has been using such weapons would have to be among the 12% who said “Don’t know / No opinion” (or else such respondents would have quit answering at that point, which was 3 questions into a 7-question poll: the stupid polling organization excluded even the possibility that a respondent believed the Syrian government’s denials that it had used such weapons — that’s how little consideration was offered regarding even the merest possibility that this invasion had been punishment of a non-guilty nation by guilty invaders: zero).
This invasion, like the one a year earlier, occurred when the U.S. and its allies said that Syria was guilty but didn’t provide any evidence of that, and when Syria and its allies said that those charges were lies and that the ‘rebels’ whom the U.S. and its allies supported had actually set up the incident in order for the U.S. and its allies to invade and overthrow the government. These invasions were lawless — based upon no legal process other than brute accusations, like in any common lynching or other mob-‘justice’.
The fact that this poll did not show close to 100% contempt by the American people regarding what the U.S. government and its two allies, UK and France, had just done, indicates not only that the American people are astoundingly ignorant that the U.S. and its allies are international outlaws and warmongers (which makes sense for a nation that invaded and destroyed Iraq 2003, Libya 2011 and has been trying to do it since 2011 in Syria), but that they are also astoundingly misinformed as to which side in this war is guilty, and which side is not. (Hint: It’s certainly not Assad, who is simply defending Syrian sovereignty over Syrian territory.) According to the standards that were set in place by the Nuremberg Tribunals following World War II, in which invasions for any other purpose than national self-defense are war-crimes, it’s not only the lie-based invasion and destruction of Iraq 2003, and the 2011 invasion and destruction of Libya, that constitute international war-crimes — there’s simply no power that’s enforcing international law: not policing, not prosecuting, not judging, and not legislating, at all, any such thing. The international outlaw regimes, U.S. and its allies, are simply international gangsters, and the American public overwhelmingly are bored about the whole thing, don’t really care whether they are the Nazis of today (and the U.S. government is even proud to be it, not only under Trump, but under Obama before him — all accepted, not resisted in any way, by the American public).
Poll-findings like this implicate the American public, and not only the American government, in such mega-crimes. Even the clear-cut national experience of having been lied into Iraq 2003 hasn’t taught the American people that we live in a gangster-regime. And now this regime has destroyed even the last vestiges of the authority that the U.N. once had.
Ironically, the core voter-base for the war-criminal U.S. President Trump seem to have strongly opposed the latest invasion. But, to judge from this latest actual poll in the matter, the American public strongly supports that invasion. Apparently, Americans can’t learn from even the most blatant experiences, such as having been lied into destroying Iraq in 2003 — a country that, like Syria, and like Libya, had never attacked, nor even threatened to attack, the U.S.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, if this "Poll" is indeed accurate, then most of the American people are truly beyond hope and most are now nothing but brain dead dumb ass sheep that have allowed their crooked and evil Jew spew media to brainwash them into supporting the death of innocent people..

However, I will state that this 'poll" just like so many others before it, is most probably nothing but a pack of lies and that the numbers presented have been 'altered' to make it appear that the American people do support such a criminal invasion.... We have seen so many times before where these "polls" have indeed been nothing but a bunch of bullshit and lies..

I am hoping for the latter and that the American people are not this stupid.... However, as I have long noted by my hundreds of visits to the US, I have found that most Americans are indeed oblivious to what is happening in the rest of the world..... Heck, on my last trip when I mentioned Syria to some people down south, I got that "deer in headlights" look of ignorance!

IMHO, I believe that this "poll" has indeed been altered and that the real figures for the support for an 'invasion" of Syria are much much lower.... I am still a believer that most Americans cannot be this stupid... Right?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Updates On Situation In Syria: Massive US Built Tunnel System And Chemical Weapons Lab Found In East Douma!

*I did of course spend some time yesterday doing the "family" thing as well as visit my sick mother... The good news is that she is actually getting a bit better and she has begun to eat properly again!  Yes, she is one heck of a stubborn mule and she will be around for a bit longer......

I figure it was time to end these reports on Syria with the usual "The Syrian War To....".... That title was getting a bit nauseating to some readers and even myself, and it was about time I just bypassed that title for everyone should get it by now that the "war" in Syria is indeed a fight between good and evil.... And we all know by now who the "evil" is!

I have been watching the latest reports over these last few days about the continuing military situation in Syria, and the news continues to be fantastic for the good guys, the Syrian government forces (SAA) and their Russian allies, as they continue to wipe out the last of those so called "pockets" of resistance and free their nation from the evil US/Israel/NATO scourge....  And I figure I would start this report from the Southfront website, at, with a great video that I found the other day that shows how the battle for freeing East Ghouta started from mid-February all the way to the final victory over the US backed "rebel" scourge last week... Here is the link to that article here:

OK, We can see by that attached map how the SAA and their allies showed their mastery in siege warfare and basically attacked and shrunk the pocket in East Ghouta by attacking through the rural countryside from the eastern side of the pocket and collapsed the pocket into three smaller pockets.... The SAA also prevented a massive slaughter of civilians by these US backed "rebels" by allowing these criminals and murderers to leave but without their heavy weaponry... It was indeed a massive success and a great victory for the Syrian people..

And I found the following report most interesting, for apparently the Russian military has proof of the REAL perpetrators behind the fraud "chemical weapons" attack of last week as they have uncovered a "rebel chemical weapons" facility in their clean up operations in East Ghouta... Here is that report here:

OK, WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the findings in that report?   It shows definitive proof that the real criminals that were using "chemical weapons" against the Syrian civilians were indeed the US backed rebels!   And I can guarantee that the vast majority of the American sheep will never see a report such as this one, for the Jew spew media is still out there slamming their empty heads with the bullshit lies that Assad "gassed" his own people!

And... I came across this interesting video that shows a very interesting discovery of a major and quite intricate tunnel system that was constructed in East Ghouta by the "rebels"... Here is that video:

Again, I am not in the least bit shocked at all by these discoveries by the SAA... I can guarantee that the massive tunnel system was used for the shuttling of "rebel" forces between strong points in their "defense" of the East Ghouta pocket, and cost millions of US dollars to construct... But what the heck, for the US government has been abusing US taxpayer money for decades for their illegal wars, right?

And... I figure I would take another shot at the bullshit of that "chemical weapons" attack that the US Jew spew media is continuing to harp on even though any 'evidence' that they may have to try to convince the US sheep that it was authentic has now totally fallen to pieces... And I came across the following video where Faux (Fox) News anchor, Tucker Carlson, interviews the former British Ambassador to Qatar, Peter Ford, and Mr. Ford flat out calls the entire "chemical weapons" attack a fraud... Here is that video:

Well, there you have it... More updates on the present situation in Syria... The good guys are now launching their operations against the Rastan pocket located in northern Homs, and with no possible escape for the US backed "rebels" in that pocket, the result will be much the same as what we saw in East Ghouta; A major victory for the SAA and their allies!

More to come


Monday, April 16, 2018

Those With One Foot In Hell - The Real Terrorists Are America's Leaders!

I am like everyone else today, in trying to make sense of WHY in the hell the US government launched their "cruise missile" assault on the innocent nation of Syria two days ago, when all of the evidence clearly shows that there was NO "chemical weapons" attack by the Syrian government and in fact by all appearances it was absolutely 100% a staged event and a false flag.   It boggles the mind as to the mentality of the psychos in charge of America and how they are pushing the world closer and closer to a real apocalypse!

I have long been a supporter of the great writings by John Kaminski, who of course writes over at his website at And his latest report is absolutely a must see by everyone.... I am therefore presenting John's newest article, entitled: "Those With One Foot In Hell - The Real Terrorists Are America's Leaders" right here for everyone to read for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

How does it come to be that our government can act so irrationally?

It’s a sham, you know, this fight with Russia. They have staged this long running passion play for the sole purpose of maximizing arms sales all over the world. For more than a half century, it has been a resounding success.

In World War 2 Patton’s U.S troops were held back so the Soviets could grab half of Europe, and thus began the very profitable Cold War which has essentially been in place ever since.

Throughout the Vietnam era Nelson Rockefeller provided trucks for the Soviets who immediately shipped them to Southeast Asia for use against invading American troops. America provided the USSR with whole industries, and the Russians stole many of their factories from the smoldering ruins of Germany.

Why does no one ever ask why America and Britain sided with a government that by then had killed 50 million of its own citizens and instead went to war against a leader who was beloved by his people and loved them back?

There is an easy, obvious answer, but you and your buddies are afraid to give it for fear of what it will cost you. Because of that fear, we lost the future.

Our leaders are no better than scarecrows with heads made of straw. They are masters at sucking money from the corrupt.

No politician on either side of the aisle can be trusted on the important issues of the day because they all have sacrificed whatever degree of integrity they might have once possessed in order to even attempt to join the process of government. Some of them — Gowdy, Gabbard and Jones — ask relevant questions, but none of them and nobody else asks the big question — how can little Israel run the giant United States? And why has it run us into the ground?

We have sold our souls to the Jews, and for what? Food you can’t eat, air you can’t breathe, water you can’t drink, medicine that makes you sicker, and lawyers who’ll screw you and split the pot with the judge and the opposition. And then there are our leaders who get huge amounts of money from the very rich which they hide in Grand Cayman, like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, but nobody made more money than the Clintons, except maybe the Bushes, the Rothschilds and the Queen.

The real cost of warfare

Wars happen all the time simply because it is the most lucrative form of business, next to drug smuggling, which the government also controls. 

What keeps us from killing each other is our agreement that working with each other is more productive than working against each other. But this means nothing if it’s all not voluntary. 

When it is not is when mass murders accumulate and individual liberty is lost in the inevitable barrage of imposed security measures. Working for peace is nowhere near as profitable as greasing the skids for war.

It’s hard to believe, or maybe it isn’t. But the facts on the ground are this: the terrorists in Syria are paid, either directly or indirectly, by the tax money Americans give to our government. Yes, you are paying for the gassing of Syrian children by people your government has hired for the job. So how do you feel when the crime is blamed on someone else? Do you participate in the lie? Or do you object to it?

You see that the drive for dictatorship, the ultimate control, to be derived from the knowledge that virtually all humans are undependable. They are willing to steal from the business that employs them if they think they won’t be caught. This is what causes these draconian new laws, that and a corrupt government, which are paid by businesses to look the other way when laws are broken.

Hard days are coming. Goldman Sachs just determined that conventional medicine is not a profitable business model. We can only guess what the future will be?

Here’s what the forecasts say

The Jews have lost. The people Jews tried to turn into robots possess something the Jews, because of their awful training as youths, can never have, can never appreciate and never acquire. And that would be something most humans naturally possess, which is precisely to care for another living thing that they have never met because they see that this person/animal/plant desperately needs their help, and providing that help can be one of the greatest pleasures of your entire life. This is something the Jews can never comprehend, because they are taught in a blood primal sort of way that non Jewish humans are merely barnyard animals to be abused and slaughtered. Consequently, the Jews fantasize about making lampshades out of the shriveled skin of roasted goyim, which is something that never happened to them, even though they say it did.

There can be no good Jews as long as there is tolerance of septuagenarian rabbis having sex with 9-year-old boys in Brooklyn bathhouses or gutless Israeli soldiers shooting children for sport while their parents wait in vain for Jewish permission to go to a hospital. All Israelis have one foot in Hell as their leaders swindle the world and blackmail or murder those in a position to stop them.

This is something the white supremacists have that blocks them from achieving their objective. Whites claim to be the only race that claims to be concerned with the welfare of other races. The rest of the world obviously does not agree with this claim. It is this same kind of Jewish exceptionalism that neocon politicians trumpet ad nauseam. It has been adopted by the U.S. and has alienated every other nation on the planet. It has also made all American politicians to lie to their own people.

Defaming the memory of the living

A significant aspect of the Jewish destabilization template has been getting Americans to feel contempt for their own leaders. It has not been a difficult task. Back in the day, before intensified media scrutiny made such hijinks more difficult, JFK was linked romantically to the great beauties of the day, from Marilyn Monroe to the wife of a Mob boss. Bill Clinton’s fondness for women resulted in the deaths of 54 state troopers who conducted him to his activities. Barack Obama was totally gay and married to a man yet not a word was said by Big Media because it was all part of the destabilization program, making perverted couples seem normal. Yet Donald Trump’s roll in the hay with a stripper is considered cause for impeachment.

Trump’s whole term thus far has been an exercise in the destabilization template. Stripped of all his appointees, dogged by a special prosecutor pursuing a totally fabricated issue, and abandoned by most members of his own party, this flamboyant casino mogul will likely not last long if the Democrats regain control of Congress in the next election.

Of course if keeps slinging missiles around, none of us may last that long.

But we know about media by now. The Jews own virtually all avenues for broadcast and publication and have not so slowly erased negative information about themselves from the data base of the world.

And it’s not that we were ever so noble. Dictatorships appear because people are unruly, and if they are unproductive they need to be controlled. Apparently no one except Adolf Hitler has ever realized that to make a people productive is to assure they won’t revolt because they will be too heavily invested in their own success.

Criminals above the law

The real terrorists are America’s leaders. They all work for the richest Jews in the world. 

The minute they stop reporting what they are told to say, they’re out of a job. The minute politicians don’t follow orders, they get a bullet or a plane crash.

The political system in the United States very much resembles the permanently stalled narrative of Israel and the Palestinians. Nothing will be resolved; the dictates of the Deep State and the bottom line of the oil companies proceed on course like a giant ship cruising through the ocean that cannot change direction.

Syria is an obstacle to a pipeline that Deep State lunatics still believe can save the cyanotic petrodollar. It doesn’t matter to them how many people must die in order to complete the plan. The United States government is in shambles. There is no more talk of freedom, only security, only enemies. And only feeble false flag episodes whose explanations always fall apart under intense scrutiny.

It’s really disgustingly pathetic that our government should feign concern over chemical warfare victims when Washington was behind whomever did it, if it happened at all, which it most likely did not. Our president bombed anyway. This was a serious crime, the kind committed by U.S. leaders over and over across time.

Donald Trump has just lit a match in a roomful of dynamite. Is he trying to start World War III so America can lose? But then it doesn’t matter who wins or loses WW3, because if it happens at all, we all lose.

NTS Notes: I do have my differences with John from time to time, but this report is absolutely one of his best...

The only thing I found a bit wrong in this report is this perception of a "Deep State" in  control of America... I have been saying for a very long time that there is NO "Deep State" when in all actuality it should be properly called the "Jew State".... And yes, the Jewish criminals are the ones that are in full control of America.

Yes, John is absolutely correct in stating that the American government is the REAL terrorists... They have been using their fraud "terrorist" organizations around the globe for both regime changes and to create the artificial and absolutely bullshit "war on terror"....The fraud of "terrorism" is a psychological weapons being used to strike fear into gullible people and its about time people woke the fuck up and got angry.  For as long as people act like dumb ass sheep and are oblivious to the truth, then we are in serious trouble.

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: This Is Horrific - Report Shows At Least 18000 Syrian Children Were Victims Of Organ Harvesting!

The war in Syria goes on.... In spite of the evil France, UK, and US (FUKUS for short) brutality launched last weekend against that innocent nation based on the LIES of "Assad gassing his own people", the fight for the freedom of the Syrian people from such horrific scourge does continue...

Many people who have been reading this blog for years are well aware of my reports from years back about the ghoulish and horrific actions by the criminal state of Israel where they would send "doctors" out to harvest the organs of "victims" from countries such as Haiti that suffered horrendous natural disasters or other nations that were suffering the consequences of warfare.... These reports also focused in on the reality that the Israelis were absolutely harvesting the organs of the Palestinians as well.... But since those reports, there has been almost zero information coming out as to whether or not these psychos were continuing this evil practice...At least until I came across this one.....

I was sent the following video,that actually comes from 2014, from a most astute e-mailer who said to me this morning to look at this and if possible write an article and post this video for all to see.. For according to the following video, apparently these same monsters were harvesting organs from as many as 18000 Syrian children back in 2014....  Here is that video for all to see, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am surprised that I missed this report from 2014... But better late than never.....

Yes, the video does NOT name the perpetrators of this evil action by name, but from past experience and seeing that "the tribe" has been involved in almost 100% of previous cases of illegal organ harvesting, we can safely conclude that we know who the criminals involved are...

This is indeed a horrific development in this sick and evil war against Syria that everyone should be made aware of... We have seen so many times where the psychotic state of Israel has been busy going all over the world and stealing (harvesting) the organs of so many victims... And now we see a report coming out where these same ghouls may be involved in the Syrian "refugee" camps as well....

I will try to keep on top of this story, and try to find out if this practice has been going on since this report from 2014,  and will look for further proof of Israeli involvement in this crime.... There may be some that will try to argue that it is not the Israelis, but some other party that is busy stealing organs of children... But knowing that they were busy everywhere across the planet stealing organs in those cases, who else would be doing such a thing in these "refugee" camps?

If anyone has any information about the harvesting of organs from Syrian refugee camps, and if they are continuing to this day, let me know....

More to come


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Sunday.... And I have so much on my plate and to discuss so lets get to it...

First, I have been spending a lot of time this last week visiting my sick mother who is supposed to be recuperating from her hip bone surgery, but instead appears to have given up on life now and is now approaching death... I was shocked this last week to see how far she has now declined in her health and her stubbornness in not wanting to eat anything that may help in her recovery.... Someone told me a while back that most elderly people can sense that it is "their time to go" and that is when they start to stop eating and refusing any proper care..... I am therefore preparing for the day that I get that phone call that she has passed.....

Second, It is now April 15th and where the fuck is spring time?  It has been so terribly cold up here in central Canada these last few weeks with near record low temperatures overnight... And on top of that, in most places here there is still about a foot of snow to be seen on the ground... Yes, the evidence should be clear to even the most stupid numbskull out there that the planet is NOT "overheating" as the idiots behind the Global Warming fraud continue to harp, but that we are now starting into that Solar Minimum that I and others have been saying is coming.. And this is only the beginning for I can safely say that winters over the next decade at least will be considerably longer and our summer time temperatures will be very much a lot cooler.... And fuck this "Carbon Tax" bullshit that the Canadian government is wanting to shove up our asses.  That is absolutely 100% a tax to fleece the Canadian taxpayers and the governments can continue to try to sugar coat it as much as they like, but the facts are that any money generated by that fleecing will go to line their coffers....

OK, Now onto the news on everyone's minds... The senseless and idiotic "missile attack" that the criminals in the US government launched two nights ago.... I am so ashamed at what I saw and witnessed yesterday in talking with both family, friends, and even the general public, about what has just happened in Syria, for it does appear that the brainwashing is so complete now and these fools are under the sick impression that attack was necessary to 'stop Assad from gassing his own people".... I spent way too much try to argue with many of these idiots about WHY would Assad do such a deed when he is winning everywhere across Syria, and all I got was that usual blank and wild eyed stare like watching "deer in headlights"..... Yes, the propaganda pushed out by the Jew spew media is so over the top and so complete that all I can see are brainwashed fools that are now beyond help...

And again, WHY gas people at all?  Gassing has always historically been such an inefficient method of murdering people when the best way is to simply take a gun and put a bullet to someone's skull..... I thought long and hard over the last while about why the Jew spew media would constantly want to promote this falsehood of "gassing of civilians" and it dawned on me that it has to do with the lies of the Jewish Holocaust of World War II, and especially where these monsters have been indoctrinating so many millions of fools over the last 7 decades with this fraudulent idea of killing people by "gassing them" in non-existent "homicidal gas chambers".... It appears that with that severe brainwashing and indoctrination, most fools out there are absolutely abhorrent to the idea of "gassing" of innocent people, and therefore these criminal Jewish freaks are out their now using this "Assad gassed his own people" as the necessary psychological weapon of choice to get public opinion on side for attacking and killing Syria...Yes, readers, "gassing" is the weapon of choice for psychological warfare!

I did take a close look at that "missile attack" by the French, UK, and US forces (Which appropriately can be called "F.U.K.U.S" or just "FUKUS" for short) and I have to laugh at the Jew spew media and the US government "reports" that are still claiming that the attack was "successful".... I have instead turned to other news reports from the alternative media as those sources are calling that "attack" an unmitigated military disaster.... Yes, the facts are now coming out that FUKUS has failed miserably and that only some 32 out of the 103 'Tomahawk' cruise missiles actually came anywhere near their targets.... And we can thank the Syrian S-200 and S-300 missile defense forces for shooting down many of these missiles, while there appears to be some indication that the Russian electronic warfare countermeasures took care of the rest of the 71 missiles that failed..... It can safely be said therefore that in terms of "success" that the US is claiming, they are so sadly mistaken....

Just yesterday, Penny over at "Penny For Your Thoughts", sent me a most interesting email where she states that there is strong evidence of a link between the fraud "gassing" that took place in Douma and that other fraud that took place in Salisbury UK earlier last month (The Skripal "poisoning") where apparently there is evidence that the same chemical agent, "BZ" were in play. (Read Penny's most interesting article here)   It did seem a bit peculiar last week when the Russian media reported that the Syrian government forces that were in the process of liberating the Douma pocket came across several British soldiers illegally operating with the so called "rebels".  It did not shock me at all that the Jew spew media here failed to even take note of this finding, and Penny put forward the hypothesis that some of the gassings" that we have been seeing across Syria may be the dirty work of the UK itself.... I have also seen some reports that this recent "missile attack" was launched to PREVENT evidence that the UK has been involved in Syria's false flag gassings from coming out for the world to see!   Honestly, the May government in London may have a LOT of explaining to do if this evidence does indeed pan out...

I am indeed wondering like everyone else what what is next for FUKUS and their stupidly idiotic plans for more "missile strikes" against the innocent nation of Syria?  Apparently what is not being talked about, and I mentioned it in one of my articles yesterday, is how the US is so "quietly" moving up thousands of combat troops into northern Jordan as well as positioning thousands more around the illegal US "base" at Al Tanf in southern Syria... It should be obvious to even the most brain dead observers that these forces will indeed be used for offensive ground operations against Syria... All that is needed now for the US to begin their long planned ground operations and full invasion of Syria is another "excuse" that may come in another "false flag" somewhere in Syria... Maybe another fraud "gassing"?   When we consider how the gullible people have so easily swallowed the bullshit of the one at Douma just last week, I would not put it past these criminals to try again!

And of course with the "gassings" bullshit and the recent "missile attack" that has been a massive failure, there has been almost zilch news coming out about the real situation in Syria... But safe to say that the Syrian government forces and their Russian/Arabic allies continue to win all over that country... The East Ghouta pocket is now no more and the SAA is beginning to move their forces to tackle the "pockets" of resistance north of Damascus.... The good guys, Assad's forces, are indeed on the offensive right across Syria and have been defeating the US backed "terrorists" and "rebels" everywhere... Therefore once again I have to ask anyone with two brain cells to rub together to show me WHY in the hell President Assad would even bother with this insane notion of 'gassing civilians" simply because he is WINNING?

One other thing that I find so interesting and yet so disturbing is how the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, can go on US national television and lie his ass off about Syria and how he is justified in ordering that recent "missile attack".... That idiot knows full well that the Douma "gas attack" is complete and utter bullshit, and yet he is absolutely bowing down and kissing the hind parts of his Jewish masters and going right ahead and continuing with the lies..... And it did alarm me that he had the nerve last week to use his "social media" platform to insult the intelligence of the Russians and pushing for possible open warfare with that nuclear armed country.... I find it insulting to me that there are still so many out there that are claiming that Drumpf is "forced" to listen to his masters, the so called "Dark State" that controls America, when the reality is of course that there is NO "Dark State", period.... This "dark state" is a fraud and a cop out, for the real "dark state" is and always has been the criminal Jewish pricks that have long controlled America and were the ones that made sure their puppet Drumpf became the US President back in 2016....  So please, spare me this "dark state" crap, for anyone with any intelligence can quickly point out exactly who controls America and has for well over a century now.

AND... While the world is of course diverted by this ongoing insanity in Syria, we have the goddamn Jewish freak in Israel continuing their murderous campaign against the Palestinians in the largest open air concentration camp on planet Earth called the Gaza Strip.... The peaceful protests by the Palestinians in that prison were indeed marching well within the set boundaries of the Gaza Strip and well away from the so called Israeli "border" well through the middle of last week, and had to endure the continuing assault by the IDF, who as of a few days ago murdered as many as 32 innocent people while wounding thousands more.. It should be obvious to anyone that the psychos in Israel are still hell bent on wiping out ALL of the Palestinians and will continue to indiscriminately shoot to kill every chance they get..... I am no fool, and have long stated that the Israelis are indeed psychotic and want ALL of Palestine for their greedy and selfish selves.. In the sick and twisted mentality of these freaks, they wrongfully believe that their "god " gave them all the land of Palestine, and that the Palestinians are nothing more than "subhuman" and an "inconvenience" that must be destroyed... Yes, as long as Israel does exist in its present form, there is no room for a free Palestine, and therefore the only choice left for the Palestinians is to fight back and fight back hard or face extermination.

Someone said to me that last Thursday (or was it Wednesday?) was "Holocaust Memorial Day" and that the world should be paying "homage" to the "6 Million" that supposedly "died" during that "Holocaust".  Gee, I must have missed the memo, for I missed that day (Gosh darn it).....But again, I have yet to see a proper investigation taking place anywhere to even verify the validity of that "historical event" and instead I find even more nations on planet Earth passing stupid "hate crime laws" to prevent that investigation from taking place.  Everyone with any common sense should be asking themselves as to "WHY no investigations allowed?"... Yes, we are stuck with the indoctrination to this day and the false belief that we must support the "poor Jews" while they fleece us all and continue to cry "wolf"..... And again there have been so many that ask me why I do not tackle the "Holocaust" here at this blog, and my answer is still the same in that Canada has its "thought police" out there and if I even wrote ONE article exposing the real truths about this "Holocaust", I would be under their scrutiny and possibly be seeing jail time..... All I can say is for anyone that want the truth about that "event" to do their own research and come to their own conclusions..... And do not be blinded by the thought that research is somehow "evil"......

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment... I will of course touch on the other issues of the day in what is called my "last minute tidbits"........Anyone else find it amazing that the US is now wanting to seek "peaceful" relations with North Korea especially with reports on how the US may open an embassy in North Korea itself?  Yes, all of that rhetoric over the last few months about how "evil" North Korea is was nothing but pure fear propaganda for the sales of weapons!......... I see that the Houthis in Yemen are continuing to resist the evil Saudis and have actually launched some successful counter offensives in Yemen itself.  And we find the Houthis launching even more ballistic missiles against targets in Saudi Arabia to boot.  I again must applaud the Houthi efforts, in spite of the continuing genocide of the Yemen people through slow starvation......Anyone else notice that Ukraine has been building up a massive amount of troops and ordinance along their "border" with the breakaway Donbas republics?  Yes, Ukraine is absolutely preparing a "final assault" to conquer and brutalize those republics, and that assault may be coming very soon.  I again do wonder what the Russians will do when the Ukrainians do attack?..........It is interesting that with all of the news about Syria, the fraud Skripal "poisoning" in the UK is being swept under the rug.  But the evidence is crystal clear now that it was indeed a false flag and that the British government was deeply involved in the fraud.  It is therefore no wonder that the criminal May government was so quick to jump on the attack Syria bandwagon to avoid any investigations into the Skripal affair..........I am still trying to figure out what the criminal Macron government gets in return for their "support" in the illegal attacks on Syria?  Some say it has to do with money from Saudi Arabia and possible purchases of French weapons by the evil Saudi Arabian government in return.  I also do wonder how the French citizens feel about their criminal government's involvement in the brutalizing of another innocent nation!.........Do not get me started on the ignorance and stupidity of the Justin Trudeau Liberal regime here in Jew controlled Canada.  Lets put it mildly here:  The man is an absolute moron who should not be this nation's Prime Minister, period........I could not help but to notice how the Jew spew media periodically over the last few days tried to blame the "missile attack" against Syria against Iran.  Yes, somewhere in the sick and twisted equation these freaks are trying once again to vilify Iran as part of the psychological warfare planning to get the gullible people on board with the planned attack against that nation........Anyone else notice that with all of the focus on Syria, that so called "trade war" rhetoric against China has quietly disappeared?  Yes, the reality is that the US cannot possibly get into a 'trade war" with China, for the US government is so dependent on the Chinese continuing to buy US debt.....And of course while the media continues to focus on Syria, the economy here in central Canada continues to nose dive.  There is almost no consumer spending at the moment as most people here are completely tapped out and are suffering from horrendous debt loads.  And sorry, but the worst is yet to come.......The death toll from that bus crash near Tisdale Saskatchewan involving the Humboldt Broncos Hockey team continues to grow and now sits at 16.   I do feel badly for the families of that tragedy and for the city of Humboldt Saskatchewan, but after everyone finally gets over the pain and suffering, life does go on........Anyone actually pay any attention to those bullshit "hearings" last week involving that criminal Mossad agent, Mark Zuckerberg, in Washington DC concerning his spy program called "Facebook"?  Yes, the man is a consummate liar who should be in jail for using his fraud "social media" platform to spy and collect data on so many suckers.   Again, if anyone actually still has a "Facebook" account, my recommendation still stands that they should close it immediately and never look back......Arsenal is playing Newcastle United this morning, and luckily the season is now coming to a close with less than 5 games left to play.  It has indeed been a painful year for the Gunners and many of their supporters including myself.......I figured out a solution to the Syrian "problem".  Send in the Kardashians as the US's secret weapon to fuck up the minds of the Syrian people to the extent that these trolls and trollops have destroyed the minds of most Americans. It would be better than using bombs, and missiles against civilians, right?  Honestly, the Syrians do not deserve such torture!

More to come


Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Canada's Stupid Reaction To The Ilegal US Strikes Last Night - Thanks Justin Trudeau For Being The Idiot You Are

I have been watching and reading about the world's reaction to the heinous crime that the US committed against the innocent nation of Syria last night..... And there was a wide range of both "congratulations" and "condemnation" to the actions by the US military....

First, I want to present the link to a report from my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, from her website "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" ( that gives a pretty good assessment of how the world feels about this "missile strike".. Here is the link to Crow's report here:

OK, I am actually quite happy that the Syrian people are now UNIFIED with their support of President Bashar al-Assad in standing up against this atrocity committed by the US and their so called "allies" in the UK and France... It does show that in the long run that strike last night is indeed a major defeat for the US in trying to "overthrow" Assad!

But I was wondering what the criminal Justin Trudeau Liberal regime in Ottawa would say about this heinous attack?  Surely even these idiots would see that this attack was very much unjustified considering there is still NO evidence that Assad "gassed" his own people, right?

Well, it did not take long for Justin and his idiot cronies in Ottawa to show much much they are also nothing more than Jew butt kissers and will absolutely suck up to the criminality of the US government and its actions... For according to the following link, good ol Justin came out this morning stating that "Canada fully supports the actions of the United States" in this heinous and illegal crime against Syria... Here is that link:

Honestly, congratulations Justin on showing how much of a fucking idiot you truly are... So much for Canada being an independent "peace keeper" that the world has always thought it to be...

If Canada was indeed a 'sovereign nation' with our own abilities to think and rationalize, then the government would have awaited the full investigative reports on the fraud "chemical weapons" attack in Douma and have found there to be NO evidence at all that Assad "gassed" his own people.. And with that the so called "Liberals" would have rightfully CONDEMNED that atrocity committed last night by the US...

I honestly am one pissed off Canadian today... I thought I lived in a free nation, but after seeing the truth and reality over these years, I understand the truth that this nation like so many others are nothing but slave states to criminal Jewish interests..

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Assessing Last Night's Missile Attack, And Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, I woke up this morning and the world has not gone to heck, at least for now.... The US/UK/France "missile attack" of last night appears to be over for the moment, and right now there have been NO follow up attacks on the sovereign and innocent nation of Syria... Therefore it is time to assess the damage done from this attack and to try to make some sense as to WHY the US criminal President, Donald Drumpf, ordered this heinous and most illegal and illogical attack..

One thing that I do want to make clear and everyone can easily observe it for themselves... I decided to turn on the LIARS in the Canadian Jew spew media and just listen to their lies, bullshit, and excuses for this criminal action by the US government against Syria... And from the moment that I turned on the Talmudvision to listen, I found something peculiar and I decided to take out a piece of paper and do some tallying...

It was remarkable that over the space of just ONE hour this morning, listening to the Jew spew media on the Talmudvision, I counted the number of times these lying sacks of shit from the Jew spew media said the term "chemical weapons"... And it was shocking... In that one hour the term "chemical weapons" was said over and over again some 97 times!  Yes, almost every 1/2 minute, and more rapidly at times, these fuckers were brainwashing the listening audience with that term and I can guarantee it was done purposely... For reality has shown that if you repeat a lie enough, people will allow their minds to be brainwashed into accepting it as true!

Well, here we are the "day after" this heinous crime was done by the US... And every report that I have seen online and via the liars in the Jew spew media states that the US launched some 103 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles at "targets" in Syria.... And the Jew spew media was again and again showing the launching of those missiles from the US Aegis Missile Frigates to give the viewing audience the usual "shock and awe" effect.. BUT... Guess what?  I have seen many reports, especially those coming from the alternative media as well as sources such as Russia Today and Sputnik News, where the actual missiles that hit their targets was only around 32.... Which means that ONLY 32 out of 103 actually did any damage if there was any damage at all... To show how badly this 'strike' actually was to the US military, I have the following link to a report from Sputnik News online, at, that gives an excellent analysis of this "missile strike" ... Here is that link here:

Everyone must remember how last April the US launched a similar strike against that storage base in central Syria using "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, and out of the 59 that were launched ONLY around 20 or so were able to hit any targets at all!   That was proven with subsequent reports as being fact and shows that with proper defense systems, these missiles can easily be destroyed before they can do damage...

Now fast forward to yesterday and we find the reports that the US strike was a complete military FAILURE... Yes, if only around 30% of these missiles came anywhere near their expected targets, then the Syrian air defense systems are in fact the real winners here and Syria has just won a major victory against the evil actions of the US!  But will you hear any of this via the Jew spew media?

I will state it here clearly.. .The Syrian air defense systems are equipped with S200 and S300 anti missile systems, and even though in many ways they are obsolete compared to the newer S400 batteries that Russia is presently in the process of deployment in Syria, these older systems proved their worth and basically just gave the US military a severe black eye....

I applaud the defensive actions of the Syrian forces in repelling this heinous action by the US... But the question does become ... Where do we go from here?  And what is next?

I want to share this interesting report that I came across this morning, and it may answer the question as to what the US is planning next for their destruction of Syria... For according to the following article from the Marine Times out of the US at, apparently while so much Jew spew media reports are still focusing on last night's attack, the US has been "quietly" moving thousands of forces into Jordan and directly towards the Syrian border.. Here is that link:

This is ominous news, for tied with the reports that the US has some B1 Lancer bombers now stationed (illegally) at the Al Tanf forward base in southern Syria, apparently there will be more strikes coming against Syria AND as I have long stipulated the US may be planning to use the Al Tanf positions for some ground assaults into Syria itself!

Yes, I have seen so many reports that are claiming that this "attack" by the US was a "one off" affair, but I will state it clearly that we have seen only the beginning... Criminal US President Drumpf has indeed received his marching orders from the Jewish freaks that are in control of America (the real Deep State) and being the evil bastard he is showing himself to be, he will follow these orders even if the US citizens demand a stop to these attacks!

Wake up, America, for you are indeed sleep walking right into a global conflict...

More to come


Friday, April 13, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Breaking News As US Launches Illegal And Unjust Attack On Syria

I spent much of this evening visiting my mother and taking care of other business... I finally sat down at my computer about an hour ago only to find out some of the most heartbreaking and horrific news imaginable.... The US and their fraud "coalition" of the UK and France have just launched a heinous and most illegal attack on Syria based on the LIES of a fraud "chemical weapons" attack in Douma!  It is indeed a most shocking event and could indeed lead us rapidly into world war III.....

To first give everyone some of the best information about this attack, I want to turn to the following report from the Russia Today online news service, at Here is the link to that Russia Today report:

And here is the report from the Southfront website at about this atrocity here... Note the videos of this attack in this report:

OK,  I for one am one pissed off real truth seeker... The criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, is claiming that this "strike" was in retaliation for that "alleged chemical weapons attack" in Douma, and apparently this nutcase has indeed launched this strike even before the OPCW has had its chance to properly investigate what really happened in that suburb of Damascus....

And here we have those other criminals, May and Macron, also getting involved in this heinous attack... I do wonder how the citizens of France and the UK are now feeling about their own crooked governments also launching an attack against an innocent nation before any evidence has been found that will prove its guilt....

I honestly do not like what may happen over the next 24 hours.... How will Syria and Russia react to this strike?  How will the Chinese and the Iranians as well?   We may not have long to find out...

And I have been wondering how my fellow Canadian truth seekers, both Penny and Greencrow, feel about this heinous act?   Well, first here is the link to Greencrow's report about this strike from her 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies" website here:

And Penny over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" is also as pissed off as the rest of us... Here is the link to her report here:

Both Greencrow and Penny are absolutely disgusted as I am... And I do agree with Penny's assertion that Drumpf is indeed a monster for ordering this illegal and illegitimate strike against Syria...

Honestly, I do not like where this is going... The US and its "allies" are now fully aware that the Douma "gassing" was a massive fraud and yet here we have them launching this attack based on lies...  IMHO, the US got its marching orders from the criminal Jewish elite (the real Dark State) that controls America and Drumpf obediently followed their commands to attack....

Yes, we may indeed be on the cusp of armageddon.... I will try to get some sleep tonight and follow up this report tomorrow hoping that I will wake up and that there is a tomorrow.....

I hope for the best for Syria and the Syrian people.. They deserve better than this...

More to come


Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Excellent Video Summary Of Real Situation In Syria

*First, I was once again spending time visiting my mother who of course is still recuperating from her hip bone surgery... And sadly she is in very rough shape right now and my entire family is worried that she does not have long to live.... I will therefore be spending a lot of time over the next while with a tremendous amount of family business and of course doing visits to her in the hospital, and will post material here if and when I do get the chance or a break!

I for one am glad that the world is not in a state of war... At least for the moment... It does appear that the US has indeed at least temporarily "backed down" from their stupid position of wanting to attack Syria in spite of there being NO evidence that Bashar al-Assad "gassed" his own people....  And apparently even now there are indeed several "independent" investigative organizations making their way to Douma in Syria to determine "who is at fault" with this latest fraud 'gas attack'.... I for one am hoping that that there is indeed some "independence" with these investigations and that the evidence clearly can be shown to the entire world that Assad absolutely did NOT do this "atrocity"....

Meanwhile, I have been watching a lot of videos and reading a wide assortment of articles coming from so many sources across the Internet these last few days, and some readers have also sent me their thoughts on the Syrian situation as well... One email that I received today in fact asked me to look at a pretty good video and asked if I was willing to put it up at my site as well...... I looked at the video and it does an excellent summary of the Syrian situation indeed and is one that everyone can share with others...

Therefore I want to present the following video, courtesy of Youtube user "The Truth Factory", that is entitled: "The Truth About Syria" for everyone to view for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments as usual to follow:

NTS Notes: I have been watching several of the videos from the Truth Factory over the last while, and the lady does do a very good job in the narration as well as summarizing matters in a logical manner....

And lets face it... There is NO logical reason what so ever for Bashar al-Assad to have ever gassed his own people.... The Syrian government forces are WINNING all over Syria and have now freed almost 2/3 of the entire nation from the evil US/Israel/NATO scourge.... Therefore to 'gas' anyone would be the most stupid idiotic thing for the President of Syria to do... And from what I have observed in his speeches and his statements, the man is not stupid at all....

One other factor that many people so quickly forget is this... The Syrian government disposed of ALL of their 'chemical weapons" stockpiles over two years ago under the guidance of both the UN and the Russians... Therefore with NO chemical weapons at all, how could they do this 'gassing'?

Let us no longer be fooled here...The US is LYING when it comes to this latest "chemical weapons" attack, for the facts should be crystal clear that if anyone actually did "gas" civilians, then it was those fraud 'white helmets" and other fraud 'rebels" that did the deed using chemical weapons given to them by the cabal!  

I will continue to bring forward reports here when I can about this ever changing situation in Syria.. But for the moment I am indeed glad that we are not in the midst of a world war due to the evil machinations of the US government and of course the psychos in Israel...

More to come


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: US Attack On Syria Is Futile But Serves A Purpose

Honestly, even at my age, I cannot contemplate or fathom the idea of Armageddon where everyone on this planet is killed thanks to the criminality of our crooked and most evil governments.... I had hoped that with this insane illogical push for war against the innocent nation of Syria by the maniacs now running the US Government (and please spare me the nonsense of this bullshit "deep state" crapola, when they are absolutely 100% the Jewish elite) the American public would be up and arms and wanting to launch a new revolution to bring sanity back to their republic... But fat chance of that due to the incessant brainwashing of the gullible American sheep by the equally evil and most compliant Jew spew media.....  And therefore as a result this new and insane war against Syria based upon pure and utter bullshit of a "chemical weapons" attack appears to be close to a reality.... We could indeed be into World War III by the end of this week with the world as we know it coming to an abrupt end.....

I have found a multitude of different articles over this last day at least with everyone's opinions about what could indeed happen over the next few days with the US military now frothing at the mouth like a bunch of rabid dogs wanting war against Syria... And to me, this upcoming war is the stupidest and most futile thing imaginable by these monsters..... Therefore I do want to share this article that I did pick up from the Aletho News website, at, entitled: "US Attack On Syria Is Futile But Serves A Purpose"... This article does raise some key points and does indeed show who gains from this madness and the destruction of Syria... Here is that article in its entirety here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

US attack on Syria is futile but serves a purpose

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | April 11, 2018
The United Nations Security Council turned down a compromise resolution on Syria, proposed by Sweden and seconded by Russia seeking investigation on the alleged chemical attack in Douma. Five countries supported the resolution with two permanent members – United States and Britain – opposing it. Earlier, a resolution on the same lines which was supported by Russia and China was also opposed by the US and Britain.
This is a significant political and diplomatic victory for Russia insofar as only two other countries joined the US and Britain to oppose the Swedish resolution. Six countries abstained.
The big question is whether this development portends an impending US attack on Syria, bypassing the UN. The UN has refused to confirm there has been any attack at all. Russia and Syrian government insist there has been no attack and have approached the Organization for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for an international investigation. The good thing is that the OPCW is deputing two teams of experts to go to Douma later this week. Russia has offered to give them full security protection.
So Trump has a major decision to make. Logically, punishment follows a crime that has been committed and it seems no crime has been committed. This appears to be a false flag operation – that is, a fabrication with a view to trigger a sequence of events. That was how the US invaded Iraq in 2003 and it is an established fact today that Saddam Hussein did not have any program to develop weapons of mass destruction, as then US Secretary of State Colin Power had misled the UN Security Council. (Powell later admitted that he was misled by his own administration.)
One difference in the present case is that Trump has been on record that he wants the American military presence in Syria to end. That stance and the present threat to launch an attack on Syria are contradictory. Because, a US attack on Syria will have serious repercussions, including possibly a showdown with Russia, which would mean a US drawdown in Syria may not be possible in a conceivable future.
Perhaps, Trump is indulging in doublespeak and the backdrop could be the criticality that has arisen over Robert Mueller’s investigation into his collusion with Russia, which has now dramatically expanded in scope. The FBI raid on the office of Trump’s attorney in the White House is a very serious development. Trump is just inches away from being implicated in the charges against him levelled by porn star Stormy Daniels. CNN says, “There could be dark and unprecedented times ahead.”
A US attack on Syria can distract attention from the stormy controversy that may arise if at this point Trump axes Mueller and derails the investigation against him. There are precedents when beleaguered American presidents resorted to diversionary tactic. Bill Clinton fired cruise missiles at Kandahar when the scandal over Monica Lewinsky peaked and he was facing the prospect of impeachment.
That brings us back to the alleged chemical attack in Douma last weekend. Who would have staged a false flag operation? The finger of suspicion points toward Israel’s role. Israel is desperately keen that the US should have a permanent military presence in Syria. To that end, Israel is fuelling tensions that will take matters to a point that a US withdrawal from Syria somehow gets stalled. This is also the impression conveyed by DebkaFile, the Israeli website with links to the intelligence services, which specializes in disinformation tactics.
The coincidental Israeli attack on a Syrian air base on Sunday had all the hallmarks of a deliberate act of provocation. Four Iranian military advisors were killed in the Israeli raid. Israel must be hoping against hope that the Iranians will retaliate, leading to a flare-up where the US would get pitted against Iran at some point. Such subterfuges are typical of Israel’s strategy. The point is, Israel lacks the capacity on its own to tackle the challenge of the expanding Iranian influence in next-door Syria.
Trump has reportedly cancelled a planned trip to Latin America. The New York Times has reported that Trump is weighing “more robust” military strikes against Syria. No doubt, tensions are rising. To my mind, however, Trump may not order an attack on Syria. Maybe it’s wishful thinking — frankly, I am a man of peace and am terrified of war — but I’ll explain why there is reason to believe still that sanity will ultimately prevail in Washington.
First, a US attack on the Syrian regime at this stage of the 7-year old war doesn’t make sense insofar as it cannot stop President Bashar Al-Assad on his tracks from attaining total victory. Bashar’s victory is a fait accompli. Period.
On the other hand, in order for the Syrian regime to be degraded to a point — like in Libya for example — and deposed from power, there has to be a massive western military intervention, including deployment of ground forces in tens of thousands. That seems improbable, given the level of disenchantment in Europe regarding Trump. So, the US has to go alone — at best with the (British) poodle. In such an enterprise, what does US hope to gain? Again, the chaos that follows will be beyond imagination.
Indeed, the risk of escalation is exceedingly high and that is not in the interests of Trump’s ‘America First’. By the way, hey, what about the “trade war” with China? What about the meet with Kim Jong Un? What about Afghanistan? What about Yemen? Above all, will another Middle Eastern war go down well in the US opinion? Will the US Congress support an attack on Syria when American interests are not directly facing threat?
Finally, the US cannot afford to overlook the explicit – and repeated – Russian warnings at various levels that an American attack on Syria will have grave consequences. Trump would know Vladimir Putin is “smart” and means business when he says something to the effect that Russia will ensure that what happened in Libya does not repeat. (TASS )
However, the Syrian conflict is approaching yet another new flashpoint. Make no mistake, Israel will have to pay a price for the killing of the Iranian 4 military advisors. The powerful Iranian statesman, Ali Akbar Velayati has has explicitly stated as much. Indeed, Israel is going to be in real fix if Trump now decides not to attack Syria.

NTS Notes: I do agree with most of the key points presented here.. However, there will be NO price that Israel will pay for their unprovoked attack on that T4 base in Syria last week, for if the Syrians and/or Iranians had "retaliated" then the freaks in that shithole would just simply have had their US puppets retaliate in kind and the full invasion by the US would have already been off and running...  The Iranians are not this stupid and know the sick game that the Jewish freaks are playing here..

The simple fact is that the US has already been ordered by their Jewish masters to destroy Syria... The destruction of Syria was already ordered a few decades ago when the freaks in Israel wrote their "Securing the Realm" papers and blueprints for Israel's domination of the Middle East...

And we cannot forget the famous Wesley Clark statements of almost a decade ago where he said bluntly that the US was ordered back then to have at least 7 nations in the Middle East destroyed by their Jewish controllers... Syria was on that list of seven nations!

The facts should be clear to anyone with common sense here... Syria would have already been destroyed if not for the will of the Russians to come in and prevent that destruction... Russia's intervention has only "delayed" the inevitable for the evil cabal will and has never stopped seeking the destruction of that sovereign nation and its people....

Personally, I am crossing my fingers that the Jew controlled US will be stopped before they launch attacks on Syria based on lies..... The Russians and Syrians are indeed willing to fully cooperate with the UN for a full investigation into exactly who really did this "chemical weapons" attack in Douma... And I found out this morning that the US is now doing everything imaginable to block and prevent that investigation... Obviously someone has something to hide here!

Let us all hope that this madness does not go any further.... Again, I actually do love this planet and I do not like the idea of waking up tomorrow to a world destroyed and made into a radioactive hell.....

More to come


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: It Is Pretty Bad When Even The MSM Is Coming Forward And Questioning Alleged "Chemical Weapons Attack"!

I am truly one heck of a pissed off blogger today..... I have been pouring over the news this morning, and I am deeply troubled and disturbed by the stupid dumb ass American public who are doing next to NOTHING to stop their own criminal government from leading them into what could possibly be a full fledged nuclear World War III.....

Yes, the so called "war hawks" in the US Pentagram (Pentagon) are absolutely lusting for a war against the innocent sovereign nation of Syria, and their entire basis for this "war" is nothing more than that very fraudulent "chemical weapons" attack in the Syrian town of Douma, which now has been 100% verified as being a massive fraud..... But of course thanks to the ignorance of the American public, these war mongering criminals and their "friends" in the compliant Jew spew media are ramming again and again the fraudulent message into the mushed up minds of Americans that "war is necessary" to depose the "evil" Bashar al-Assad..... It has been most pathetic for me to even turn on the Jew spew media to see them frothing at the mouth for a war that indeed could turn nuclear rapidly and end life on this planet as we know it...

But not so fast... For apparently at least ONE Jew spew news outlet has allowed one of their news anchors to come out and question the validity of this latest "chemical weapons" fraud.... And I do want to present the following video where Faux (FOX) news anchor Tucker Carlson started last night's show with an almost 8 minute monologue that openly questions the entire "chemical weapons" attack and asks the so called "geniuses" that are pushing for war against Syria to show the real evidence of this alleged assault on Syrian civilians... Here is that video, and I of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I am truly surprised that the criminal Jews behind "Faux" Fox news allowed Tucker Carlson to say this monologue..... Simply because at other times I have seen where Carlson is in complete lockstep with the criminals and the liars in the rest of the Jew spew media...

This video is indeed an eye opener and an important message for everyone and especially those brain dead Americans that have been so brainwashed and are willing to stupidly back their government for a new war against innocent people.... That is why it is again important that this one be spread around for everyone to see for themselves...

The rush for war is still on.... Criminal US President Donald Drumpf is now in total agreement with the so called Jew (deep) State criminals that are now openly running the US Government and all of its foreign policies... If we are ever able to prevent World War III, then the message that this "chemical weapons" attack is a complete fraud must be repeated and told to everyone, and soon.... For if the US does assault Syria and the Russians retaliate, then there may be NO tomorrow..

More to come


Monday, April 9, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Is The Latest Douma "Chemical Weapons" Attack Complete Bullshit? Read This!

I have been following this latest false flag "chemical weapons" attack with a lot of interest... For this one is apparently the "one" that the Jew spew media has been hoping to sell to the gullible American public before they actually use a few brain cells and realize that it was indeed pure bunk....

Well, the following report came my way, primarily thanks to Jim Stone over at And apparently according to the FARS news, at, the Douma medics have received ZERO patients that have any signs of "chemical weapons" attack!   This is indeed dynamite news, and here is  the link tothat report right here in its entirety for everyone to see and share:

NTS Notes:  WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this?   I honestly have been stating for years that each of these "chemical weapons" attacks in Syria are either frauds, or being carried out by the US/Israel backed "rebels" and "terrorists" themselves!

And now we find the actual medics working in Douma coming out and stating that they have found ZERO evidence of anyone suffering from "chemical weapons" attack.....

OK.... So what we have here is a case of "wag the dog" where the rebels and the Jew spew media created this fraud to CREATE a war....... And of course the American President himself right on cue also backed this bullshit as well!

Jim Stone himself came out with this dynamite statement of this atrocity and pure act of criminal arrogance... Here is that report here:


Time to say it: What happened in Syria

A David Hogg style "wag the dog" was launched with actors and (possibly) old footage from other events, or old footage from previous drills, so the media could publish reports of gassed babies. Only, nothing happened at all.
It was all staged by Israel, to hopefully get a knee jerk reaction out of America before any facts were checked. Pumped by the presence of Trump's new war hawk Bolton, Israel had a giddy fit and fired a few missiles at an Iranian supported base in Syria, fully expecting a bamboozled Trump to go along with it and perhaps follow up. That's not what happened. Instead -
Russia had too many people on the ground where the supposed attack "happened" and the medics there said "We are not seeing anyone come in with gas attack related injuries". So Russia blatantly called the attacks fake. And that would be a big time fail, because it is one thing for alt media to call david hogg BULLSHIT, and entirely another for a nuclear armed Russia to call a Hogg style "Wag the Dog" BULLSHIT, yes folks, as it turns out, the attack landed on CNN's cutting room floor as a BIG FAT MEDIA FAIL. A fabrication from start to finish.
"It's not what happened, it's what you can make people believe happened" is now a failing strategy, people are simply too awake now. "Wag the Dog" has run it's course - unless, of course, you are willing to eat a nuke.

Needless to say... At least some of the public apparently are awakened now, as many are indeed awaiting the "evidence" that this "chemical weapons" attack was carried out by the Syrian government... And as usual the liars in the US government and the Jew spew media have NONE!

So where do we go from here?  I would really love to see everyone challenge their own criminals in their governments by showing them these facts.... This push for war must end NOW!

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack, And World On Brink Of Major War!

After posting my weekly rant yesterday I went to spend the day by visiting my mother and of course taking care of family business and needs... But late last night I spent time on the internet reading up on all of the reports of this latest false flag "chemical weapons" attack in the "Al Qaeda terrorist" held area around the town of Douma, and right away I thought to myself..."Oh come on now... People can NOT be this stupid as to fall for this fraud again?"... Well, guess what?  The Jew spew media has been going absolutely nuts since yesterday with reports after reports that "Assad is once again a butcher who gassed his own people".....

I honestly do not know what to think of the sheep out there that simply cannot rub two brain cells together and realize that every single one of these alleged "gassings" that we have heard about constantly for over 3 years now coming out of Syria have ALL been phonies... And in each case the evidence always pointed towards the American run "terrorist" groups doing the deed!    So why would this one from Douma be any different?

I will have to play a bit of "catching up" here on the circumstances behind this alleged "chemical weapons" attack in Douma..... And first I want to bring forward the following link to a report from the Southfront website, at, where the author rightfully calls this latest "chemical weapons" attack a rehashing of the same old news story where the Jew spew media is so quick to jump on this "attack" and of course blame Assad's forces for doing the deed when the evidence clearly points elsewhere... Here is the link to that report here:

OK, I truly am so surprised that anyone falls for this stupid gimmick by these 'terrorists', and again I am shocked that anyone with even a small sense of logic cannot see that this "attack" is absolutely 100% a staged event!....But the following article from Southfront was one that I found especially shocking, for apparently according to the following link, the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf himself, has swallowed the "kool-aid" on this latest chemical weapons attack fraud and has since yesterday blamed "Putin, Russia, and Iran" for this latest attack!  Here is the link to that report here:

WHY am I not surprised by the total ignorance of Donald Drumpf in regards to the responsibility for this "attack"?   Drumpf is 100% in the pocket of the Jewish freaks that control America and is absolutely getting his marching orders from them as well as that failed used furniture freak that is the Prime Minster of the psychotic state of Israel....Many are still saying that it is this "deep state" that now controls America, but I will never call it a "deep state" when the reality is it is absolutely the Jews...

So.....Now we come to the events of last night, where the Russians repeated warned the US that they would not tolerate any actions by the US against the sovereign nation of Syria, simply because the Russians and the Syrians (along with anyone else with two brain cells to rub together) KNEW full well that this "chemical weapons" attack in Douma was indeed another "false flag" operation conducted by the so called "terrorists" themselves....And yes, the Russians put their forces on combat alert as of last night in preparation for a possible strike from the US... Here is the link to yesterday's article about the Russians getting ready for an American strike here:

OK, That was yesterday... I went online this morning, and discovered that the Americans did NOT attack any military targets as of last night.. However, they instead had their Israeli partners get the glory of striking first with a missile strike against the Syrian T4 Military base in central Syria!  Here is the link to a report about this atrocity where the psychos in Israel are claiming that their airstrike was against "Hamas" targets in Syria:

Yes, the psychos in Israel delivered a missile strike against that base, and the following report shows how the Syrians responded to this latest Israeli atrocity:

Apparently from all indications and subsequent reports about this "strike" the Israelis launched these missiles from F-15 fighter aircraft while over either their own airspace or Lebanese airspace....And yes, from many follow up reports, there were as many as 8 missiles launched and only 3 actually hit the T4 airbase...And here is the link to another report from Southfront that contains a few pictures of the "damage" done to the T4 base itself:

To me, this is the psychos in Israel pushing the envelope as they absolutely want to see their puppets in the US get directly involved in Syria... These monsters are wanting to see the Syrians (and their allies) "retaliate" against their provocations so as to get a nice little invasion of Syria by their American minions off and running...

We are right now on the edge of having the entire planet plunged into a major world war thanks once again to this falsehood of a "chemical attack" in Syria... I have been watching the Jew spew news reports still coming in trying to label President Bashar al-Assad as this "butcher and murderer" for this fraud, and apparently these liars are indeed hoping that Americans are that stupid that they will fall for this BS once again!  Honestly, are the American public really this stupid to fall for this?

So... What happens next?  Well according to the following report from my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, apparently the US is now going to make its decision to launch a full scale assault on Syria within the next "24-48 hours".... Here is the link to Penny's report here:

Well, there you have it.. The world sits on the edge of World War III and is going to hold its breath for the next 24 hours or so..... I honestly do not like what I am seeing and truly hope that everyone gets the message and tells as many people as they possibly can about the truth about what has just happened in Syria.... By this time tomorrow we may indeed be in a full out war based on the usual lies and falsehoods and people need to stand up and put a stop to it as quickly as they can....

More to come